This is a bunch of one-shots about some moments involving Thalia and Percy! It can be a slash if you want it to be, but I was thinking more friendship.

Disclaimer: I do not on Percy Jackson and the Olympians or anything that comes with it, including hyperactive dim-witted party-loving centaurs, Rick Riordan does.

Percy's Point of View

I knelt by her side. She had short black hair and freckles across her nose. She was built like a long-distance runner, lithe and strong, and she wore clothes that were somewhere between punk and Goth-a black T-shirt, black tattered jeans, and a leather jacket with buttons from a bunch of bands I'd never heard of.

She wasn't a camper. I didn't recognize her from any of the cabins. And yet I had the strangest feeling I'd seen her beforeā€¦

"It's true," Grover said, panting from his run up the hill. "I can't believeā€¦"

Nobody came close to the girl.

I put my hand on her forehead. Her skin was cold, but my fingertips tingled as if they were burning.

"She needs nectar and ambrosia," I said. She was clearly a half-blood, whether she was a camper or not. I could sense that just from one touch. I didn't understand why everyone was acting so scared.

I took her by the shoulders and lifted her into a sitting position, resting her head on my shoulder.

"Come on!" I yelled to the others. "What's wrong with you people? Let's get her to the Big House."

No one moved, not even Chiron. They were all too stunned.

Then the girl took a shaky breath. She coughed and opened her eyes.

Her irises were a startling blue-electric blue.

The girl stared at me in bewilderment, shivering and wild-eyes. "Who-"

"I'm Percy," I said. "You're safe now."

"Strangest dream..."

"It's okay."


"No," I assured her. "You're okay. What's your name?"

That's when I knew. Even before she said it.

The girl's blue eyes stared into mine, and I understood what the Golden Fleece quest had been about. The poisoning of the tree. Everything. Kronos had done it to bring another chess piece into play-another chance to control the prophecy.

Even Chiron, Annabeth, and Grover, who should've been celebrating this moment, were too shocked, thinking about what it might mean for the future. And I was holding someone who was destined to be my best friend, or possibly my worst enemy.

"I am Thalia," the girl said. "Daughter of Zeus."

Thalia's Point of View

"Grover, take Annabeth and Luke and run. Run until you are safe. Don't come back. I promise that I'll be fine. I promise, " I command the frightened satyr.

"But-but...Thalia, there are too many-" Grover bleats.

"Exactly. Luke and Annabeth are hurt. You're all injured and you need help. Now. I'm not. I can take them, I know it Grover," I insist.

"Thalia, I promised I would get you safely over that border-" Grover begins.

"And you will! But I'll hold off the monsters until you guys are safe," I say, gesturing towards the hordes of monsters that are slowly but surely climbing up the hill. "Grover. Luke and Annabeth mean more than anything to me. They're like the family I never had. I'd rather sacrifice myself then let them get hurt."

"But Thalia-"

"Grover. Stop wasting time. Take them to the camp. Don't worry about me," I say exasperatedly.



"Be careful." Grover begins to half-carry half-drag a weakened Annabeth down the hill, her long blond hair matted against her bloody neck, her grayish-blue eyes lackluster. Luke limping slowly after them. He sees me not coming and turns the other way, starting back after me.

"Luke! What are you doing!" I scream at him, tapping my bracelet to expand Ageis.

"What am I doing? What are you doing, Thalia Grace? Get over here now!" Luke yells, his shaggy bangs falling into his stormy gray eyes.

"Luke. Please. Think of Annabeth. She needs you right now. I can manage these monsters. Go!" I shout. Luke is torn between Annabeth and I. Until Annabeth calls out.

"Luke...Luke..." she cries weakly. Luke gives me a sorrow-filled look, and turns, limping as fast as he can towards Annabeth and Grover, who are already inside the camp's magical barriers. Sadly, I wave goodbye.

A small knife sprouts from my shoulder, and I scream in pain, watching in horror as blood spurts down my arm, dripping onto the ground. I whirl around and begin fighting, fighting for my life. There are so many of them that a wave of dust explodes over me every time I stab, the deadly monster disintegrating. But they are winning, and soon I'm covered with injuries. My weapons have been taken away from me, and the monsters begin to torture me, hurt me beyond anything I could imagine.

"LUKE!" I scream.

"THALIA!" his voice is distant, but it carries in the strong wind to my ears.

As the monsters begin to tear me to shreds, I ask for help, one of the things that I have almost never done.

Father, if you hear this, please. Help me. I can't do this. Please. Help me.

A fresh wave of pain wracks my body, and I scream in terror. I fall to my knees, defeated, ready to die. As the Minotaur raises his double-sided axe above my head, I realize that I don't want to die. I try to run, but something holds me in place. I look down at my feet in terror, watching as dark brown tree bark creeps up my legs, up my body. I scream and try to get free, struggling desperately. The bark has made it to my neck, and it's forming over my chin. As it covers my face, the scent of pine overwhelms my nostrils, the dark shell blocking out the sunlight.

The last thing I hear before the bark completely encases me is Luke, Annabeth, and Grover screaming, "Thalia!"

I become faintly aware of things. People are talking quietly. Sunlight trickles in through my eyelids. I take a shaky breath, my lungs expanding as I gulp down some cool, clean oxygen, then cough, and open my eyes.

A boy with dark brown, almost black, hair leans over me, his sea-green eyes meeting my electrifying blue ones. And he smells like sea salt. He looks like he's just seen a ghost, his skin turning a pale sheen, his freckles becoming more prominent.

I start shaking and stare at him wildly, my eyes pleading for answers. "Who-?"

"I'm Percy," he says softly. "You're safe now."

"Strangest dream..." I whisper, not believing this was real. I look out over his shoulder and see more faces, the fine details blurry in the eyes of someone who has been in darkness for so long.

"It's okay," Percy says gently. I realize I'm leaning on his shoulder.


"No," he assures me. "You're okay. What's your name?" I star into his eyes, the irises gleaming like a sea after a bad storm. He frowns slightly, his lips puckering a bit, and then his eyes widen in shock.

I tense immediately. Who says I can trust this kid? Peter, or whatever his name is. I just woke up from a bad dream, and I don't know where I am. And where are Grover, Luke, and Annabeth? Are they safe? The fear and confusion instantly make me haughty and cold as I answer his question.

"I am Thalia," I say, looking him straight in the eye, watching his pupils dilate. "Daughter of Zeus."

Percy's Point of View

Despite the little surge of shock I feel shooting through my body, I stretch out my hand and offer it to Thalia, who takes it. A small shock runs through my fingers. Definitely Zeus's child. She stands up, getting onto her feet shakily, wobbling slightly until I grip her wrists and steady her.

All the while, Annabeth's words keep running through my head: Percy, you know who you remind me of the most? Thalia. You guys are so much alike it's scary. I mean, either you would've been best friends or you would've strangled each other.

Thalia's already pale skin becomes more so, making her freckles more prominent. She looks a little green.

"Whoa, you okay?" I ask. "You definitely need some abrosia and nec-"

"Grover! Luke! Annabeth! Oh, gods, are they alright? Did they get over the border to that camp? I'll die if they didn't make it-" she says, her eyes widening.

"T-Thalia?" Annabeth croaks. " it"

"Annabeth!" Thalia exclaims, running over to her and hugging her tightly. "Are you okay? Did...did..." She looks at Annabeth more closely. "A-annabeth? Y-you're...grown up."

A few tears fall from Annabeth's eyes. "Thalia, you were in that pine tree longer than you remember."

"W-what?" Thalia asks, astonished.

"Thalia," Annabeth says, looking her in the eyes, a cloudy gray meeting an electric blue. " were turned into a pine tree by your dad to save your spirit. Six years ago."

"No," Thalia replies, slowly backing away. "No, no, no. I'm twelve. I feel twelve. That...that can't have happened six years ago."

"You're supposed to be eighteen," I say. "You look somewhere in between. Maybe fourteen? Fifteen?"

"This can't be true!" Thalia cries.

"I'm afraid it is, my dear child," Chiron says, trotting foreward.

"Who...who are you?" Thalia asks.

"I," Chiron answers, "am Chiron. The head trainer at Camp Half-Blood."

"Camp Half-Blood," Thalia muses. "Is that where I am?"

"Yes," Grover replies. "You're safe, Thalia."

"Grover!" Thalia says joyfully, flinging her arms around his neck. "It's so good to see you."

"It's good to see you too, Thalia," Grover says seriously. "We thought we would never see you again...after...well, you got turned into a pine tree."

"Yes," Thalia says dryly. "I've heard. Where's Luke?" An uncomfortable ripple moved across the crowd. "What? Was it something I said."

"Luke...Luke isn't here right now," Annabeth says, her eyes downcast.

"Oh. Okay then," Thalia says, slightly surprised.

"Annabeth," Chiron says gently. "Take Thalia to the Big House. She needs ambrosia and nectar."

"I'm on it," Annabeth replies, leading Thalia towards the Big House. The crowd parts down the middle to let them through, the atmosphere half reverential half scared.

"I'll go too," I say, mostly to myself. I start to walk away when Chiron grabs me.

"Percy," he murmurs. "Be careful. She does not know about the prophecy; remember that she has been imprisoned-" there is a rumble of thunder in the air "-excuse me, encased in a pine tree for six years."

"Don't worry," I reply. "I won't tell her."

"Just be careful Percy," Chiron says. "I do not think I have seen two half-bloods more alike than you and Thalia. Two children of the Big careful, Percy. Be very careful.

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