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"Would you like anything else, sir?" Yugi asked softly, holding the order book close to his chest.

The businessman dropped a fifty on the table, not sparing Yugi a second glance, and walked out of the café quickly.

"I suppose that was a no," Yugi murmured to himself, picking up the bill and smiling a little at the forty dollar tip he received. Even if the customers at the café chain only spoke to him to order, they seemed to appreciate his quick returns and attentiveness.

Yugi sighed, walking back to the front counter. "How have you not killed yourself by now?" Honda, one of his coworkers, asked, smirking at him. Yugi didn't answer, staring straight ahead. "Whatever, fag," the other man said as he walked off.

The young man bit his lip, trying to prevent his tears from spilling over, but had to compose himself when the door opened again.

A tall, blue-eyed, brunette executive strode in, glancing around. When his cold gaze landed on Yugi something not so unpleasant flashed in his eyes, but before the shorter male could identify it, another employee stepped in front of him.

"Hello, Kaiba-san!" Anzu gushed, batting her eyelashes. "Would you like your usual?"

"Yes, I would," Kaiba replied, staring at the little angel behind her. Yugi stared back.

She nodded, beaming. "Pick a table, Kaiba-san. I'll be back with your order!" She promptly strutted over to her friends at another table to gossip about him.

Yugi smiled weakly at Kaiba. "I suppose I'll make it," he said quietly, leaving the door to go to the back. Anzu never did any work, she was just kept around to attract male customers. Kaiba watched him, noting how nervous he looked.

"That kid," he muttered, smirking. Kaiba could admit that he was attracted to the younger male. He went to his normal table at the back; it was slightly lit by a large window but it was dimmer than the rest of the café.

He turned on his laptop, surprised to see Yugi next to him. "I put two sugars in it already," he murmured, looking away when his shy violet eyes met Kaiba's cold blue. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking." He frowned, bowing his head as he prepared to walk away. "Should I make you another one, sir?"

Kaiba smiled slightly. "No thank you, Yugi." The younger male looked shocked that Kaiba remembered his name; he wasn't wearing a name tag on his black apron, and he had told Kaiba some weeks before.

"Alright, sir… If you need anything, I'll be over there." Yugi pointed to the checkout counter, smiling slightly.

Kaiba nodded, looking at his computer screen. "Fine," he said in a dismissive tone.

Yugi bowed again, his eyes shining. He had a strong crush on the man, ever since the first day he walked into the café.

The CEO had been in a bit of a rush that day, late for a meeting, but he insisted to himself he wouldn't be able to stay awake without some kind of caffine. The nearest cafe seemed fine to him; it turned out to be part of a small chain in the area.

Yugi had been the only one working that afternoon; Friday after two was always slow. Kaiba, however hurried his words were, was cordial. It was the first time in years that anyone had been kind to Yugi. He was often bullied because of his short stature and kind nature.

When the young man made Kaiba what would become his usual in twenty seconds flat, the executive smiled genuinely. To Kaiba, Yugi looked like he was in dire need of positive human communication, unlike the people at work and Kaiba's squealing fans. He was cold to them because of the happiness they exuded.

"Thank you. What's your name?" Kaiba asked, looking into the little angel's violet eyes. They were absolutely stunning, swirling with depth and emotion.

"Yugi," was the shy, near silent reply.

"Well, Yugi, I'll be sure to return," Kaiba said gently, watching Yugi smile.

Yugi snapped out of his thoughts when another coworker of his, Ushio, cuffed the back of his head, bringing stinging tears to his eyes. Yugi had to live with Ushio after his grandfather died because the game shop was foreclosed on. Ushio had surprisingly offered to help him out, but it turned out to be for his own sadistic purposes. "You think Kaiba's a fag like you? Keep dreaming."

"Ushio, please stop," Yugi whimpered, covering the back of his head with his hands.

"No," Ushio taunted in the same tone, gripping Yugi's collar and pulling them face to face. "Don't forget who houses and feeds you, fag," he growled.

The younger male nodded. "I'm sorry, Ushio-san." He was pushed away and almost hit a table before collecting himself, glancing at the back where Kaiba was sitting. The CEO was watching the ordeal with narrowed eyes that softened when he looked toward Yugi. Of course, it was imperceptible; he was always a cold bastard in public.

Yugi was terribly afraid that Kaiba had heard the whole conversation and was glaring at him for it. He glanced at Kaiba once more, fear taking over, and rushed into the back room to pull his apron off and throw it into his locker, taking out his scarf.

Yugi ran past Ushio on the way out, stopping short on the sidewalk. He didn't want to go back to Ushio's place, but it was the only place he could go.

He walked there as slowly as he could, his hands in his pockets to guard them from the brisk autumn air. "Why…" he found himself whispering.

Kaiba stood up after Yugi left, confused. He had been about to help the boy, having watched him get pushed around by the older and obviously much stronger man, but the young waiter looked afraid when his eyes met Kaiba's. The executive frowned at the thought, clicking his laptop closed and sliding it into his briefcase.

"Hey, Ushio," he called. The waiter nodded to him, heading over to the table.

"Yes, Kaiba-san?"

The executive cocked his head a bit. "Why were you treating Yugi that way?"

This seemed to be familiar territory for Ushio. "He's a little fag. I was putting him back in his place."

Ushio was used to the patrons of the cafe agreeing with him and smiling knowingly. In Domino, same-sex couples were not so accepted. Apparently Kaiba didn't agree. "You what?" Kaiba hissed, eyes narrowed. Before Ushio could open his mouth Kaiba had him by the collar, much the same way he had Yugi moments before. "Don't you ever touch him again, or I will have you personally executed."

Kaiba definitely looked like he was going to keep that promise so Ushio nodded, stuttering apologies. Kaiba let him go and picked up his briefcase, stalking off without paying.

Ushio glared at his back and grit his teeth. "That fag is going to pay for this."

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