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A low moan echoed through the white-painted room, followed by heavy panting. "Oh, Gods..." There was another moan, louder than the first, then the sound of someone moving, followed by a groan of pleasure.

Yugi held his erection tighter, arching his back and trying to stave off his orgasm. The first one was always the best, and he didn't want to finish too quickly. His boyfriend's lips on his were still fresh in his mind, and he used that intimate memory as a catalyst. "S-Seto!" he cried out, wishing the executive was there with him.

He finally gave up, moving his hand quicker and closing his eyes while the warmth spread from his groin to the rest of his body. Another cry of his boyfriend's name and he released into his hand. He couldn't catch his breath for a few seconds as waves of pleasure overtook him, then he fell back to the bed, taking deep, calming breaths.

It was the first time he had ever done... that. Sexual pleasure wasn't usually something he sought out, but his romantic affiliation with Kaiba was going much slower than any of his other relationships and his body was a bit confused. Waiting and wanting were things he was not accustomed to.

Shame clouded Yugi's mind as he wiped his hand on the sheets, curling up and lying on his side. How could he touch himself in place of another? He had nothing to thank himself for, and sexual gratification was a manner of thanks and payment.

He felt tears running over the bridge of his nose and down his cheek before he realized he was crying. The tears continued until he fell asleep, welcomed by darkness.

Yugi fingered the keys Kaiba had left him, staring absently at the credit card that had also been left on the coffee table. He couldn't believe that the executive would trust him with money so early in their relationship, but he had basically ordered Yugi to buy himself food and clothes and gave him one of his gold cards.

The ex-waiter broke out in a satisfied smile. Kaiba was so... he sighed. He couldn't find the words for the executive's behavior last night. It was certainly the most pleasant way he had ever been treated by a man.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay a little longer?" Yugi asked, glancing at Kaiba's watch. "It's only ten o'clock..."

The executive couldn't help but melt at the look in Yugi's eyes. "I..." The look only intensified. "Maybe another few minutes."

Yugi smiled and leaned forward, pressing his lips to Kaiba's over and over again. "You're the best. So what else could we talk about...? Are you going to tell me a little more about yourself? You know all about me."

"There's nothing really to tell... I was adopted from an orphanage when I was ten... My little brother and I used to be very close, but..."

That caught Yugi's interest. "Why aren't you close any longer? I-if you don't mind me asking..."

The brunette looked uncomfortable for a moment, taking his boyfriend's hand and studying it. "I don't mind. He... found out that I was gay... and didn't take it well. We haven't seen each other in almost two years."

The smaller never thought that Kaiba would be hesitant, or stumble over so many words at a time. "I'm sorry, Seto," he mumbled, squeezing the other's hand lightly.

Kaiba waved it off with a smirk. "It's not your fault. I'm over it." His eyes told a different story, but Yugi didn't pry. "Anyway, back to talking about how gorgeous you are."

An intense blush and a cry of "Seto!" later, Yugi was handed a set of car keys. "I really must be going, angel, but I'm leaving you my car for tomorrow. No," he said a bit louder, placing a finger over Yugi's lips. "You need it more than I do."

With one final passionate kiss, Kaiba was out the door. Yugi wished he could follow him, but he was caught by fear that the other would be angry.

Something else hit him when he thought of going out. What if he ran into his former roommate, or any of his friends? He shuddered, gripping the keys tightly, and shut his eyes. He could feel Ushio on him… in him… touching him in places he didn't want to be touched, but had been touched many times before. His thoughts were cut short when the car key almost broke the skin of his palm.

"Seto," he murmured to himself, hoping his name would bring him a little bit of assurance. Thinking back to the evening with him brought Yugi confidence enough to shove the credit card and his apartment keys into his back pocket and leave the flat. It was cold outside, reminding him further that he lacked a jacket, and forcing him to wrap his scarf more firmly over his mouth and nose. I know what I'm going to buy first, he thought, shivering a little as he went down the stairs.

He spotted a sleek black Lamborghini and smirked, knowing that it was Kaiba's. Who would have such an expensive car and live in an apartment building? That said, they were high-income flats, but the car looked brand new. Thankfully, it was much warmer inside, and Yugi blasted the heat while he took off his scarf.

There was a note taped to the steering wheel. Yugi, it read, in Kaiba's quick scrawl. This car is yours now, no returns whatsoever. Try to be home at six; I'll come over and take you to dinner. Have a nice time shopping. - Seto

Yugi grinned and started the car. It would be a good day.

He was feeling much better with a new scarf around his neck and a new jacket zipped up to his chin. He put the last of his groceries in the trunk of his car and sighed, looking through his back window at the shopping bags full of clothing, then glancing at his watch. It was only five o'clock, but he figured he should get home before Kaiba got there.

"I could stop for something to drink…" Glancing across the street, he spotted a café from the same chain he had worked at. He shuddered, turning away, and wrapped his arms around himself. "I guess not." He unlocked his door and slid inside, comforted slightly by the warmth, and pulled out of the parking lot at the small plaza.

The freeway was empty, a relief for him, and the straight shot to the residential section of town gave him a chance to think. The executive was being kind… almost too kind. There were only two possibilities: Kaiba really loved him, or he was looking to get something from him. Yugi didn't have anything to offer except for his body, and Kaiba seemed to refuse that on multiple occasions.

But love for someone like him was out of the question. He knew that people with a history of being abused rarely found solid, stable relationships to be in, and Yugi had been abused since he was a child. He vaguely wondered if Kaiba had been abused as well, and if that was the reason he wanted Yugi. A kindred spirit or something.

"I should ask him," Yugi mumbled softly, flexing his thin fingers around the steering wheel. "It couldn't hurt." But it could hurt, badly, and he knew it. He decided to wait until they were closer… if they got closer.

The young male sighed, defeated, as he pulled into the parking space the Lamborghini was in that morning. He had to bring up all the bags and put everything away, not to mention get ready for dinner with Kaiba, and he only had forty minutes. A daunting task, but he had been made to do far more in much less time by his other "caregivers". Another shudder ripped through his small frame; he opened the trunk and started taking out bags to distract himself.

Half an hour later, Yugi was sitting on his couch and staring at the wall. What if he doesn't come? he thought, barely able to deal with the sharp pain in his heart. What if he didn't really want me after all, and I'm just a charity case? He pities me.

He looked down and smoothed out the creases on his black jeans. Paired with an equally new maroon sweater, Yugi was slightly embarrassed to admit that he thought he actually looked good. He experimented with eyeliner and was quite pleased with the result: his wide heliotrope eyes looked the slightest bit more accentuated, and the thin line of black made his thick eyelashes more visible.

The wall-mounted clock (also new) sent out six soft chimes, breaking him out of his deliberation. When Kaiba didn't immediately knock on the door, Yugi's hopeful expression shattered. "He's not co-"

Suddenly, the door bell rang. Yugi blinked, standing up and walking across the living room to answer it, while simultaneously trying to quash his optimism. "Who is it?" he called softly, tugging on the edge of his top.

"It's Seto, angel." Yugi immediately wrenched open the door and wrapped his arms around Kaiba's waist, pulling him into a tight hug. He vaguely felt flower petals caressing the back of his neck as the executive returned the embrace. "Hello to you too," he said, amused.

Yugi flushed, suddenly self-conscious, and pulled away. "I'm sorry."

Kaiba smiled at him. "No need. I brought you these," he murmured, holding out the bouquet of red and white camellia. "Just a little something..."

"Much more than a little. Thank you so much." Yugi looked up into Kaiba's reserved sapphire eyes. "Do they have a meaning, or...?"

The executive's smile grew more pronounced, moving almost into a smirk. "The white ones mean 'I think you're adorable'," he began, touching Yugi's cheek as it turned redder and redder. "And the red ones roughly translate into 'you're a flame in my heart'."

"W-well thank you very much," Yugi repeated, stumbling over his words. "But I'm not adorable."

He was answered with a light kiss on his forehead and another on his slightly parted lips. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Come on," he said kindly, kissing Yugi's lips again. "Our reservations won't wait."

Yugi blinked. A question was in his mind, but he couldn't get it out. "Of course." After running into the living room and setting the flowers down onto the table, he took Kaiba's offered hand and let himself be led outside to his car, nonchalantly looking the executive over. He was dressed in gray slacks (that make his ass look amazing, Yugi thought softly, blushing) and a dark blue button-down shirt; it was simple and yet still professional. "H-how many cars do you have?" he asked, partially in awed curiosity and partially to get his mind off of other, less appropriate thoughts.

"A few," Kaiba answered with a smirk while he opened Yugi's door. He lifted the teen's hand slightly as he stepped in, and when he was sure Yugi was comfortable, he shut the door and walked to the other side. Yugi folded his hands in his lap, looking at them as if they were the most interesting thing in the world, until a gentle finger touched his chin and forced him to look up.

"Seto?" he questioned softly.

"I want to see that adorable face of yours, angel." Kaiba surprised himself with the tenderness of that statement, and how his hand, seemingly of his own accord, stroked Yugi's cheek. It caused a kind of slow burn in his stomach, and he leaned forward and kissed the younger male to satisfy it.

Yugi responded almost instantly. He wrapped his arms around Kaiba's neck and pulled him closer, taking initiative and flicking his tongue across the other's lips. A low groan and the executive allowed him entrance, responding in kind and dragging his tongue over Yugi's teeth. It got much hotter in the car; Yugi started to unbuckle his seatbelt and that prompted Kaiba to pull back.

"Maybe after dinner," he whispered seductively, blue eyes darkened with barely contained lust.

"Mm," Yugi responded as eloquently as he could, moving back into his own seat. "G-good idea..."

The drive was much faster than Kaiba expected. Yugi talked quietly about what he bought that day; occasionally he would get animated and describe an item in detail, but then he would blush heavily and get quiet again. It was cute how flustered he still was around Kaiba, who didn't find it offensive at all, although he hates seeing the young male's vibrant violet eyes turn away from him. He was used to people being nervous around him, but Yugi was blushing much more than anyone else had.

He stopped talking when they pulled up in front of an expensive looking restaurant. Kaiba immediately got out, leaving Yugi slightly confused as to why he parked right in front of the door, until the executive tossed his keys to a man in a red vest and black bowtie. "Valet," he explained as he helped Yugi out of his side of the car. "Did I mention how wonderful you look tonight?"

Yugi blushed crimson, trying to hide his grin behind his hand. "You look very nice yourself, Seto." The executive smiled, leaning slightly to kiss Yugi on the top of his head, before giving his hand a gentle squeeze and leading him through the glass doors.

"Kaiba," the executive said simply when they got to the reception desk. They were led to a private table, surrounded by mid-height walls painted olive. It was fairly romantic, complete with candles and flowers, and a bottle of champagne in ice. Yugi eyed the bottle warily, sitting down and looking at it as if it was going to come after him. The older male chuckled lightly. "You don't have to drink any if you don't want to, angel. I won't force you into anything."

Yugi seemed relieved at that, relaxing a little. He didn't have the best experiences with alcohol; the most it did was dull the pain of whatever was happening to him. He picked up his menu and looked through it, frowning. "I think I'll have whatever you're having," he mumbled after a few minutes, staring at the foreign words. They looked vaguely like English, but the configuration was wrong, and there were accents over some of the letters.

"I'll have to teach you some Italian one of these days," Kaiba mused in reply. "For when we come back."

The teen was suddenly hit with the significance of the situation. "Seto, this is much too expensive. I can't accept this."

Kaiba narrowed his eyes, looking up from the menu and across the table at Yugi. "Of course you can. You're my boyfriend, and I'm going to spoil you."

"I'm not eating here if you don't let me pay you back."

"In sex?" Yugi turned faintly red, but nodded seriously. "I'm not going to have sex with you. Not this early in our relationship."

"Fine," the younger said, crossing his arms over his chest and staring at the executive.

The look of anger that Yugi was sporting was slightly tainted by his innocent face. It looked more like a pout then a frown. Kaiba could feel his resolve breaking. "Gods, Yugi... fine, we can, but just tonight."

Yugi relaxed a bit. "Thank you." Kaiba stared at him for a few seconds, making him uncomfortable, before the waiter appeared and he had to give their orders. Yugi took that opportunity to look away. "I'm sorry, but it's the only way," he mumbled when the other man left.

"I understand." Kaiba reached out and touched Yugi's hand, his gaze softening. "It's alright. But you know that you don't have to pay me, or anyone, with your body, yes?"

"I want to pay you with my body, Seto. It's the only thing I have." Yugi was close to tears at this point, turning his hand so he could intertwine his fingers with Kaiba's.

The executive was repentant, deciding to keep silent. They looked in opposite directions, hands remaining together, until the food arrived, and Yugi pulled away. Kaiba's hand instantly went cold and he pulled it back as well, a little hurt.

The rest of the dinner was just as quiet. Occasionally their eyes would meet and Yugi would look away, almost as if he was wary of Kaiba, or... regretting their deal. In twenty minutes, Kaiba hated the silence, and resolved to speak. "Do you want to split a dessert?" he asked softly, to prevent startling the younger, who looked lost enough in his thoughts.

"Sure. What do they have?"

"We could try tiramisu... It's cake with coffee and chocolate..."

Yugi smiled and nodded. "That sounds good." He carefully stayed away from mentioning the caffeine's ability to keep them awake for the rest of the night. "Listen, Seto..."

"Hm?" the executive prompted, looking away from the waiter that had already taken their dessert order.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Trying to force myself on you."

"That's nothing to be sorry for. It's how you were, unfortunately, raised. And I intend to keep my promise after dinner."

"I had a great time tonight," Yugi murmured, opening the door to his apartment and allowing Kaiba inside.

The executive nodded, glancing at the flowers that Yugi had put in a vase on the coffee table. "So did I, angel."

Yugi sat on the couch, patting the seat beside him, and sighed. "I am far from an angel."

Kaiba sat next to him, resting a hand gently on his knee. "You fell straight from heaven, Yugi. I'm just afraid the gods are going to want you back, and I'll be left with nothing again."

The teen cracked a sympathizing smile at that, putting his hand on top of his boyfriend's and leaning in for a kiss. Kaiba kissed back, and it soon got heated, hands roaming along sides and under shirts. The executive gently pulled Yugi's sweater over his head, moaning lightly at the sight of his pale, smooth chest. He placed kisses along Yugi's collarbone, holding his hips gently.

"Bedroom," Yugi managed to gasp out, his hands in Kaiba's hair. The latter smirked, throwing Yugi over his shoulder and carrying him into the next room, ignoring the squeals of delight and the excited laughter. He placed the smaller carefully down on the bed, standing up and looking at him. "What?"

"You are... so beautiful, angel."

Yugi blushed, hiding his cheeks behind his arm. "You just like making me blush, Seto."

Kaiba shrugged. "I do like doing that." He settled himself between Yugi's legs, tugging at his jeans. "Let's get these off, ne?"

Yugi complied, pulling his pants and underwear off and dropping them off of the edge of the bed. "I'm sorry I'm already so damaged," he muttered, waving his hand in the direction of his lower body. His legs were covered in bruises and cuts, and he was a little on the thin side, his hip bones clearly visible.

"You're not damaged," Kaiba said firmly. "And even if you were, I wouldn't care." He kissed the inside of Yugi's thigh; pushing his leg up so it bent at the knee, he kissed the spot again and sucked a little to make his own mark. Yugi thrashed and moaned; apparently this was one of his more erogenous zones. One of Kaiba's hands traveled up to the other's chest, tweaking a nipple gently, while the other brought Yugi's leg closer to his eager mouth. The moans only got louder with his actions, making him grin.

Having never felt this kind of pleasure before, Yugi was in heaven. The other men he had been with intimately took their own pleasure, and he only achieved orgasm when he was forced to; sometimes, no matter how hard he tried or how hard they beat him, he couldn't even get an erection. Now, however, that wasn't a problem. He had never been so hard in his life.

"Seto..." he panted, running his fingers through the other's hair, pulling him closer while simultaneously putting a foot on his shoulder and trying to push him away. It was getting to be too much, and he didn't want to cum just yet. "Stop teasing... Gods..."

"Anything for you," Kaiba murmured, spreading Yugi's legs a bit wider and pulling back. He wasn't worried about hurting Yugi at all. Hell, he wasn't even worried about using lube. Yugi had asked for sex; he didn't specify what kind of sex. The executive was simply going to give him the best blowjob of his life.

"You're overdressed," Yugi sighed, letting his head fall back among the pillows when he ceased being touched. Again, Kaiba complied, unbuttoning his shirt and dropping it on the floor, then pushing his dress pants to the floor as well. Yugi allowed himself to stare at Kaiba's body, particularly... his groin area. The sight of his fairly large erection was enough to get Yugi hot and panting.

Kaiba propped himself up on his elbows between Yugi's legs, placing a delicate and tempting kiss on the shaft of Yugi's cock. The younger male whimpered, using all of his willpower not to close his legs, and arched his back and hips toward Kaiba's mouth. The executive glanced up at him for a second before moving all at once; Yugi cried out when his member was engulfed in a wet heat.

"Seto, yes!" Yugi moaned, writhing in ecstasy. Kaiba hummed in appreciation, one of his hands sliding down to grip his own aching erection. The other took the bottom half of his boyfriend's cock and began stroking it at the same pace. He paused his mouth's movements to tongue the head, gratefully lapping up the precum that had collected there.

Yugi screamed when the tip of Kaiba's tongue swiped through his slit, the combination of pain and pleasure surprising but not unwanted. The humming started again, vibrations running through Yugi's cock and dragging him to the edge of release. "I'm... I..." he began to whisper through his panting. Kaiba nodded as best he could, stroking himself faster and sucking harder. Yugi arched his back as he came, moaning a broken rendition of his boyfriend's name until warmth washed over him. He bucked softly, unevenly, as his body forced itself to catch its breath.

Kaiba pulled his mouth away, groaning into his arm and shooting his own load into his hand. "Yugi..." he mumbled when the pleasured trembling stopped, resting his head against Yugi's stomach. The teen stroked his hair softly, smiling down at him.

"This was your plan, wasn't it?" he asked, amused. He couldn't say he wasn't disappointed, but he also couldn't say he wasn't completely and utterly satisfied.

"You said sex. You didn't say what kind," Kaiba replied. "I still refuse to take you until we're both sure that you're ready."

Yugi nodded resignedly. "You're very considerate."

The executive snorted lightly, standing up. "My staff would disagree." He left the room for a second, coming back with a towel and wiping his hand off. "I think I'm just falling in love." Yugi stiffened and Kaiba held his hands up, indicating he understood. "I won't say it tonight, and you're not obligated to respond. I'm just letting you know that you're going to be spoiled rotten for the rest of your life."

"Come here," Yugi whispered, opening his arms to his lover. Kaiba obeyed, climbing on top of the bed and laying his head on the smaller male's chest. "Thank you, for everything."

Kaiba made himself more comfortable and closed his eyes. "I'm here for you and you alone, angel. You mean more to me than anything." Yugi made a disbelieving noise, beginning to stroke the executive's hair. "I'm being serious."

"I'm sure you've said that to a lot of people, haven't you?"

Unable to think of the right wording, Kaiba remained silent for a few moments, before deciding to be honest. "I'm not a virgin. Far from it, actually. I have been in love before... at least, what I thought was love, but this is different. When I'm with you, I feel... right. Complete."

Yugi twirled a chocolate lock around his finger. "I feel the same, Seto. I've never been in love, but..."

"I understand." Kaiba placed a couple quick kisses on Yugi's stomach, smiling when the younger released a soft moan. "I'm content with being by your side."

"Or on top of me, as it were." The executive laughed, wrapping his arms around Yugi's hips and holding him close.

"Yes. Or that. Now sleep, angel. I know you're tired."

Yugi's hand stilled. "Are you going to be here when I wake up?" he asked softly, as if afraid for the answer.

Kaiba nodded against him, stroking the small of his back with cool fingers. "I promise." The younger male reached over and turned out the light before resuming the caressing of his boyfriend's hair, falling asleep more easily than he ever had.

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