Title: Game On

Summary: There's a storm coming. Baseball anyone?

Word Count: 490

Rating: K

Disclaimer: All things Twilight are the property of Stephanie Meyer. Everything else is mine, including the mistakes. No copyright infringement is intended.

Alice stood on the pitcher's mound and wound up, letting fly with blinding speed. I swung and when the bat connected the crack echoed around the mountains. Jacob caught me out; he'd leapt high and snatched the ball out of the air with his teeth. I hurled a curse at him and he growled back at me. The wolves were unstoppable when they were fielding. Whilst it wasn't a wolf instinct to chase and catch balls it came naturally and we suffered, losing four players before we adjusted our style to better avoid their athletic jumps.

Our biggest surprise was Nessie. Jacob had saved up and bought her a small baseball bat. One that fit her tiny hands to perfection. When Alice pitched, gently, Nessie struck the ball with such force that it sailed over the heads of everyone who had moved in closer. Edward ran to catch it and fumbled the ball - I suspect he did that on purpose. As he raced to reclaim it, Nessie sprinted around the bases. She lacked full vampire speed and was only half way round when Edward emerged from the trees. Jacob ran up alongside Nessie and she leapt on his back as he powered around the remaining bases. She launched herself onto the ground and slid into home plate just as Emmett caught the ball Edward returned.

Jacob's tongue lolled out the side of his mouth in a distinctly wolfy grin, and Nessie leapt up and down shrieking with delight. We clapped and cheered with her.

"Can I do that again? Please!" she gasped, ran for her bat, and lined up again. She shot Alice a hard look. "Do a proper pitch this time. That one was for babies!" Alice laughed at her serious expression, the very same expression we'd seen so often on her father's face.

Alice pitched; it slammed into Jasper's waiting hands before Nessie had even flinched. Her little eyes narrowed, and when Jasper threw the ball back to Alice, she focused intently on her.

"Strike one!" Esme called.

We waited. The outfielders had spread out, much further back, and Jacob was crouched a couple of paces away ready to run.

Alice pitched again; Nessie's bat whistled through the air, fractionally missing the second ball. Jasper threw it back and settled into his crouch, ready to catch again.

"Strike two!"

"Don't you dare ease off," Nessie muttered under her breath.

Alice nodded, and wound up again. The crack as Nessie hit the ball sent Jacob running. She grabbed his fur and urged him on. It wasn't the best strike, the ball had shot straight up in the air going in totally the opposite direction to what we expected, but she had hit it. I sprinted to reach the ball and lob it back to Emmett. He stood at home plate, poised, ready to tag her out. Nessie slid off Jacob's back and stopped at third. Her face was triumphant.