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Bianca's Munna and the Sages

Ivy and I were running full speed to the Gym, searching frantically for Bianca. After finding the correct road, we veered sharply as Ivy led me to the Gym. We were just about to run through the Gym doors when it flung open instead, smacking into my forehead and knocking off my cap. I hissed in pain and rubbed my forehead, stumbling back a few steps as Ivy caught my shoulders and picked up my hat. What with doors lately smacking me?

"Ow," I hissed as I tugged my ponytail through the back strap, adjusting it so it was straight again.

"Blaise? Oh, jeez! Sorry!" Cheren cried as he spotted me rubbing my head. The pain is bearable, with light throbbing now and I notice something golden on his cheeks.

"It's ok. Cheren, what's on your face?" I asked. Cheren touched his face lightly.

"Honey," he growled, smearing the golden substance off with a thumb. I raised a brow and tilted my head to the side, confused. "Don't ask," he tells me, ignoring Ivy's giggle.

"Ok," I said.

"Anyways, I just challenged Burgh."

"Oh! How'd it go?" Ivy chimed quickly.

"He's seasoned, I'll tell you that. God, it was horrible, made me work really hard for the badge," he said, fishing the badge out of his pocket, showing me the shiny object as he holds it between his thumb and forefinger. "But it wasn't that bad. Bug-types don't really pose that much of threat for me…and Tepig, of course," he added quickly.

"Right," Ivy giggled.

Cheren rolled his eyes. "I'm going to keep winning like this against all the Gym Leaders. Then, it's the Pokémon League where I'll battle the Champion. Soon, everyone will admit I'm the strongest Trainer and I'll be truly alive." Cheren eyes get a bit glossy.

"And I'll be right behind you, Cheren," I jeered, knocking him out of his trance. He cocks a brow and stares at me like I'm a joke.

"Better pick up the pace, then." He smirked as I stuck out my tongue. He's just about to leave when I remember why we were here. I grabbed the back of his jacket and he jerks back awkwardly, caught off guard.

"Have you seen Bianca?" I asked. His eyes grew wide.

"No, what happened?"

"I had a brief premonition," Ivy confessed. "Well, more like warning bells going off in my head. It happened a litter after she had left us to go find you," Ivy said, her hands sailing back to her cluster of stones that hang around her neck, her fingers seeking the light blue stone as she grasped it tightly.

"I'll go see if I can find her," he said, readjusting his glasses. He jogged away from us. We're about to follow him when the Gym doors open again. I turned around and spot Burgh.

"Burgh!" Ivy and I exclaimed.

"Ah ha!" he cried as he spots us, a smile playing on his lips. "You're the one that helped me in Pinwheel Forest, correct?"

I nodded.

"Blaise, right?"

I nodded again.

"Have you come to challenge my Gym?"

"Yes, but—"

"Do you mind waiting a bit?"


"I was just informed that Team Plasma has shown up!"

"Team Plasma?" Ivy asked. I waved off her question with a hand, motioning that I'll explain later. Burgh has my full attention now.

"Actually, come along. We should be heading to the dock at Prime Pier."

I turned on my heels and sprinted towards the direction of Prime Pier, Ivy and Burgh not far behind. Prime Pier is the second dock closest to the entrance of Castelia. Most people on the streets steer out of our way, cautious and weary of what's going on…or what will happen.

As we headed to the end of Prime Pier, I spotted Bianca, shoulders shaking and being consoled by someone I don't know. Her sobbing is loud with tiny moments of when she has to breathe. I nearly bumped into her as I skidded to a stop.

"Bianca!" I exclaimed, spotting her red face. She pushed a lock of her hair out of her face as she turns to me, crying harder.

"Iris?" Ivy asked. I can tell by the way Ivy said her name that they're friends.

"Munna…" Bianca said softly, her lips trembling. She sniffled and more tears crossed over her cheeks, dropping to the pavement. She's making soft whimpering noises now.

It took a moment to grasp the idea, but after a moment my eyes grew wide. "D-did Team Plasma take your Pokémon?"

Bianca looked at me through red eyes and nodded, biting her lip hard. "My Munna," she wailed. "Blaise, you have to help me, is there anything you can do? Team Plasma took Munna!" she repeated, crying harder between gasps.

"I heard her scream and tried to run after the thieves but they managed to hide and I lost them so I came back here. This stupid city is so big and crowded…"Iris growled.

The girl looked like she was thirteen. Her hair was purplish—long and voluminous—and her eyes shone an angry, dark brown. Her skin was the shade of a creamy chocolate and she wore a blouse with long sleeves with a wrap around skirt with a bow to the side.

"You did what you could, Iris," Burgh said.

"But it's terrible! Taking others' Pokémon is awful! I mean, it's really nice when people and Pokémon are together! Each has something the other doesn't, and we help each other out!" Iris exclaimed angrily.

"Axew!" a noise agreed. An Axew jumped out of Iris' hair, causing me to take a step back as I regain my composure.

"Iris…" Ivy said softly, hoping to get the girl's mind off her failure.

"You're right, Iris!" Burgh exclaimed. "Don't worry. We'll get the Pokémon back. Right, Blaise? Ivy?"


Ivy nodded. "Having said that, finding a person or a Pokémon here in Castelia City will be like a needle in a haystack," Burgh admitted.

"We can split up," I tried, but my words went unheard as Bianca shrieked, tugging on my vest violently to get me to turn around.

"A Gym Leader?" A grunt of Team Plasma wasn't so far from us, his eyes wide from shock. With the five us here, all Trainers, the grunt looked surprised and fearful. He started murmuring to himself. "Last time it went so well, and I thought I would grab another Pokémon…" He paused. "Maybe I should rethink my plan."

He shouted suddenly and dashed away from us.

"Iris! Stay here with the young lady," Burgh commanded, already sprinting away.

Iris nodded. "I'll be her bodyguard."

"C'mon, Ivy!" I yelled, following after Burgh. Our feet slapped against the pavement, people once again clearing the way for us. Ivy's stones clacked together and I knew she was following me, her breath as ragged as mine.

Oh, Arceus. My feet are starting to hurt again, I whined internally, but I kept running.

"B-Blaise! Wait," Ivy wheezed, but I didn't stop and I knew Ivy wouldn't. We kept running until we found a bent Burgh, hunched over and gripping his knees. The two of us stopped and hunched over beside him as well, trying to catch our breath.

"That way," Burgh gestured angrily. He paused and sucked in a shocked breath as Ivy did the same.

"Toward the Gym?" she asked. We started running again down the street, each of us spotting a hooded grunt. We stopped in front of them and Burgh confirmed their status.

I couldn't believe their hideout was right before the Gym, in an empty skyscraper.

"This is the place," Ivy confirmed softly to us.

"Nobody is in here," a grunt said quickly.

"Not a single soul," another grunt added. I cocked my head to the side. It was clear that none of us were idiots or fools. Who were they trying to play?

"Neither Team Plasma members are here, nor any of the Seven Sages are hidden inside," the third one tried.

"You have three seconds to step aside," Ivy said, her voice calm but her eyes sparking like a fire. I noticed that her hand was now rubbing the red stone around her neck.

"If you believe me to be lying, let's have a battle and find out," the first one jeered. A corner of my lip lifted up into a smirk as I stuck my hand in my bag, letting my fingers find a Pokéball.

"My pleasure." With a flip of my wrist, I released Pidove. One grunt gritted his teeth as the two others went to Burgh and Ivy.

"I'll take the weak-looking runt," the grunt laughed. He tossed a ball in the air, a Sandile landing before him.

"Pi!" Pidove giggled.

"Air cutter!" I yelled.

"Avoid!" the grunt responded.

Pidove was getting faster and stronger. She lunged for the Sandile and swiped at the air, cutting the Sandile. The Sandile hissed in pain and Pidove chirped.

"Bite!" the grunt commanded.

"Counter attack with Gust!" I yelled.

Sandile flashed his teeth as he jumped, but he was weak. Pidove, seeing his teeth, shrieked and flapped her wings madly, blowing him back as he smack into the building before us. He was knocked out.

"Return! C'mon, Snivy!" I commanded. Pidove chirped happily and returned as Snivy was released from her ball, landing on her feet with ease as she dropped to the ground. The grunt released another Sandile, to my dismay.

"They're making this way too easy," I taunted. The grunt growled.

"Leaf Tornado!" I yelled.


The grunt's Sandile tried to dance out of the way but Snivy whipped her tornado toward the Sandile. The Sandile, consumed by the tornado of leaves, yelled and finally fainted when it rolled to the grunt's feet. The grunt looked down and back at me.

"All I wanted was your Pokémon!" he shouted angrily. I was about to respond when I turned to look at Ivy. She was breathing hard and angry, her Zorua hovering over a fainted Pokémon, ripe with victory like me and Snivy. The two of us watched as Burgh won his battle, too, shortly after we had. The grunts backed away.

"This is bad. Really bad," the grunts muttered. "We need to report to the Sages!"

I watched as they ran in, not bothering to lock the door behind them. We were about to run after them when we were greeted by Bianca and Iris.

"We got lost," Iris explained. "Even when we had the directions told to us through the Xtransceiver, we couldn't figure it out, Ivy."

"They're inside," Burgh told them. "The stolen Pokémon might be in there, too. Let's go." He walked in past us and Iris explained how she wasn't going to be left out this time, telling Bianca to come as well. Ivy and I followed. We pushed open the door with our shoulders, our Pokémon following behind us, and joined Burgh.

I gasped.

It was Ghetsis. He was in between two men—Sages? Judging from their attire?—and the grunts from before.

"My word, if it isn't the Gym Leader, Mr. Burgh," he began.

"What would you say is the guiding principle for the members of Team Plasma?" Burgh interrupted. "'Take what you want from people?'"

"I thought it would be amusing to have an existing hideout right in front of a Pokémon Gym, but we were found more quickly than I'd imagine. Excuse me, Ghetsis."

"Indeed, Bronius. No matter. We already have an exceptional headquarters," Ghetsis assured the man on his right. He turned to us.

"Are you aware of the legend of the founding of the Unova region?"

Iris stepped forward. "I am. It's the black Dragon-type Pokémon, correct?"

Ghetsis stepped forward as well, starting to pace. "The truth is this…The black dragon appeared before his hero who sought the ideal way to knit the world together which was full of warring people. This dragon of black shared his knowledge, bared his fangs to those who oppose him and his hero. Together, the power of the dragon and the hero brought unity to the hearts of civilians and the land, thus creating Unova." He paced to the other side and turned his gazed back to us, his eyes glowing with determination, a sight that triggered fear in me as I tried to appear calm and tried to hide this growing fear.

"We shall bring back the hero and the black dragon to Unova once more!" he shouted. I gritted my teeth, and looked away, trying my best not to say anything. He was feeding us information, information we needed to attain a grasp on what was going on.

"If we win people's hearts and their minds, we can just as easily create the world that I—I mean, Team Plasma—desire." He took his place back between the two sages.

"In Castelia, there are many different kinds of people," Burgh said slowly. "Everyone's lifestyle, culture, and ways of thinking are different. There's something about what you are saying that I don't understand. One thing we have in common is that we care for our partners, the Pokémon. Even people meeting for the first time can discuss the subjects of Pokémon. Talking, battling, and trading. You are responsible for making me rethink the relationship I have with Pokémon. And I thank you. I made a promise, swearing myself to dedicate myself to Pokémon even more strongly! What you're doing, are you not going to strengthen the bond between Trainer and Pokémon even more?"

I looked at Ghetsis sideways, peering at him underneath my hat and through the corner of my eyes. His shoulder shook lightly and he released a hearty laugh. Shivers ran down my spine as I saw Ivy slowly grasp a clear stone. Ghetsis cocked his head to the side.

"You, Gym Leader. You are hard to figure out—more intelligent than I'd thought. I quite like intelligent people. You'll enjoy hearing this…From every corner of this world I have summoned knowledgeable people for our King's benefit."

My ears perked. King? I stared at Ghetsis straight on.

"You could call them the Seven Sages. Well, then! We will give in to your opinion for now and leave you be. Return the girl's Pokémon!" he commanded. A grunt released a Munna, and upon spotting Bianca, dashed her way, rubbing against her cheeks.

"Mun!" it cried.

"Oh! Munny, I'm so glad to see you! Thank you!" Bianca cried, hugging her Munna against her. Iris jumped in anger.

"Bianca!" Iris started. "Why are you thanking Team Plasma? They take people's Pokémon!"

Bianca turned to face Iris, clenching her Munna tightly. "It's just, I'm so h-happy that my Munna is safe."

"The friendship between human and Pokémon can be so touching. But in order to liberate them from fools, we will revive the legend of Unova region and win the hearts of all. Farewell…" Ghetsis said. I snapped my head in his direction and Ghetsis eyes meet mine. We stared at each other briefly and his eyes flashed in anger upon recognition. Then, in a flash of darkness, he was gone. He had just simply disappeared.

He remembered me.

"Burgh! What have you done? Why are you letting them get away?" Iris shouted, racing to face Burgh. She was angry, accusing Burgh and jabbing a finger to his chest.

"Gah," Burgh grunted. "What do we do if anything's happened to other stolen Pokémon?"

"Nothing for now, Burgh," Ivy said softly. "There's nothing we can do now. We'll just have to see and wait for more to come."

"It's okay. No one was or got hurt and more than anything, I got my Munna back. Thank you so much," Bianca added. Iris turned to Bianca.

"Well, if you're happy…"

"What is everyone planning to do now?" Burgh asked. Bianca's eyes lit up.

"Oh! It would be sensational to sight-see around Castelia, but…"

"Don't you worry! I'll just keep on being your bodyguard!" Iris offered.

"Iris—" Bianca began.

"That would be great! Iris is a phenomenal Pokémon Trainer, but just not at home in the city. People and Pokémon need to help out another. A little give-and-take!" Burgh laughed. A corner of my lip lifted into a smile.

"Oh! Ivy and Blaise! Thanks for looking for Munna!" Iris added.

"It's no problem. I'm glad I could help," I said.

"Here, I have a few of these. Take them!" Iris said, spilling Yache berries into mine and Ivy's palms. I gave her a thank you as I let the berries slide into a pouch in my bag.

"See you!" she exclaimed as she pushed Bianca out of the building.

"Where are you heading?" I asked Ivy. She smiled and her fingers sought out a pink stone around her neck.

"I'm meeting Blake for an early lunch. I'll see you later," she said, heading out toward the door.

"If you see Cheren make sure to tell him what happened in case he doesn't know, so he won't freak out."

"I will." After a moment, she left.

"Well Blaise," Burgh began. "I'll be waiting in the Gym. Don't disappoint me," he laughed.

I raised a brow, smirking at him as he turned to exit.

"I won't."

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