Title: Fight

Summery: Edward and Bella are in a secret relationship, what happens when everything blows up at a family dinner?

Word Count: 500

Rating: T for language

"I didn't plan this!" I screamed, at him as he slammed the door behind him, offended he would accuse me of that.

"Really? You didn't do this to ruin not only my life but my families?" he screamed back, and I could feel the tears prickle.

"Can you look me in the eyes and say, you didn't want to ruin everything I have ever done in my entire life? Well? Can you?" he yelled.

"YES!" I screamed back, how could he doubt my love? I have loved him since day one, I have only wanted him, but we had met to early, been born the wrong time, I have told him this multiple times, and how unfair it is.

"Then say it Bella, say it to my face!" he yelled once again, as my tears leaked freely now, his anger now obviously directed towards me.

"I love you Edward, I never meant for you to get hurt!" I yelled at him as I pushed myself up against the basement wall and sunk down, chanting 'I never meant for you to get hurt' hoping he's just listen to me for once.

There was a loud sharp knock at the door by the stairs and I jumped and looked to it, Alice appeared, she looked angry, but her stare wasn't directed at me, it was Edward.

"You. Here. Now." She said to him sternly and we exchanged confused looks, not understanding,

"I said NOW!" she yelled making us both jump before Edward looked to me with a glare, I tried to glare back but it just ended up sad, he left the basement with Alice.

I still couldn't believe this, he knew I loved him! I guess he didn't love me back, trust is a big part of any relationship but in ours it's even bigger, having to keep our relationship a secret, only Alice knew.

And now his entire family knew.

I stayed in the basement crying, trying to think of any logical explanation for what went down tonight. Nope. This took at least 10 minutes.

I heard screaming coming from the other side of the door, before it silenced, seconds later it opened revealing a disheveled crying Edward. Edward crying, what an odd sight, he was always so strong.

"Bella I-" he stopped chocking on a sob, he looked away and wiped his tears, before he sighed heavily and rushed to me, he lifted me off the ground by my upper arms, his eyes were so intense it was impossible not to look into them, so true…sincere.

"I'm… so sorry" he broke down and started crying, I couldn't help it, I pulled him to me, and held his crying form, he was forgiven.

"I-I don't know what came over me…It's just the thing with Tanya… my dad…I'm sorry…I love you so much…I was afraid of my heart breaking…again."

"I understand Edward; I love you so much, nothing could change that, I promise, your it"

I sealed it with a kiss.