Title: Foiled Again

Summary: It was a choice I faced every time I watched her. Leave or pounce?

Word Count: 476

Rating: T

Disclaimer: All things Twilight are the property of Stephanie Meyer. Everything else is mine, including the mistakes. No copyright infringement is intended.

I hissed as my prey escaped me, frustrated that I was again denied the hot taste of blood and the frenzy of the kill. It was all Alice's fault - the human I just couldn't keep away from no matter how hard I tried.

Every time my hunt failed I had the urge to just walk away from her and try to cast off the distraction she'd brought into my life. But every time I started to turn my back I found my quiet footsteps faltering and the urge to watch her from the darkness growing. I gave in, I always gave in.

I moved through the dark, approaching the house with a careful tread. All but one of the lights were out, the golden glow from that one room spread across the garden, a silent invitation drawing me closer. I couldn't position myself to see in, not without revealing my presence, and so I slunk around to the back and pushed quietly through the unlocked door. It closed behind me with a sharp click and I froze, listening. Had she heard my approach?

I heard the crackle and hiss of logs on a fire, and the soft scuff of a page turning in a book. I moved forward cautiously. If she was reading then she'd be absorbed in her fantasy world and I could watch for longer. The thought pleased me; it gave me time to plan my attack - if I decided to make one.

The door to the room stood open just wide enough for me to pass through if I chose to, but instead I just waited in the bright wedge of light, taking her in. She sighed and turned another page of her book, then unconsciously toyed with her short dark hair. Her hand slipped down past her neck, drawing my attention to the vulnerable flesh and the flutter of her pulse.

I struggled to suppress a purr; she always did that to me and it was so hard to fight my body's reaction to her presence. It was a choice I faced every time I watched her. Leave or pounce?

I pounced.

Her whole body shuddered and the book hit the floor with a resounding thud as I pressed my face into her neck. The purr I'd been suppressing burst from my chest. She cried out as her hands reached for my head and then grasped at my shoulders, trying to pull me off of her. My purr intensified and I dug my teeth in.

"Ow, Jasper! You made me jump," she scolded and pulled me into her lap. I twisted onto my back, exposing my soft underbelly, and she dug her fingers into my thick sandy fur. As she stroked me the bell she'd put on my collar jingled softly with each movement.

Her distraction had worked, I'd been foiled again.