Author's note: Here is chapter six, I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think of it.

Chapter six: A small acknowledgment is born.


Attack blocked.

Attack again

Dodge and knock the adversary's wooden sword on the floor.

"Don't worry Lelouch, you'll get good at it...eventually...maybe..."

"Shut up!"

An usual morning, where the prince Lelouch vi Britannia would take his swordsmanship lesson with his silver haired friend Rai and would constantly fail at it.

However today was a bit different. lelouch seemed troubled about something and wasn't focus at all.

"You seem to be elsewhere today, what is it?" Rai was concerned.

The young prince was looking down.

"Yeah, there is something that's bother me." admitted Lelouch.

Then he turned his purple gaze toward Rai and said:

"Actually, I'll probably need your help about it."

"My help? What do you need my help for?" asked kindly Rai.

"It's about Nunnally." said Lelouch


For some odd reason at the sound of the young princess' name, Rai was tense and felt warm feelings inside. His blue eyes became tender.

Lelouch didn't seem to aware of what Rai was feeling nor that his eyes changed from calm to full of emotions.

"These days, Nunnally seemed to be in a very good mood, more than usual. She kept asking me about what boys like to have for a gift. " explained Lelouch.

"Why would she want to know that?" asked Rai.

"That's what trouble me, I don't know. Then I asked mother about it."

"What did Marianne-Sama said?" asked Rai

Lelouch's face became more somber.

"She laughed and said it was a girl thing."

Suddenly, he snapped in anger and yelled to Rai.

"Now I'm sure of it! There is no doubt in it! Nunnally like someone!"

"...? !"

Nunnally... someone?

Rai was completely frozen, his blue eyes widen in surprise and in hurt.

The thought of Nunnally loving someone was...painful and detestable.

Wait a second...painful? detestable? She can like anyone she want.

Why would he feel like that? It wasn't normal and Rai disliked it.

"Rai? Rai! Are you listening to me?"

Lelouch was waving his hand in front of Rai to bring him back to reality.


"Geez, you weren't listening at all."

"N-No I wasn't...sorry." Rai apologized.

"Anyway, I won't allow that! I won't forgive that guy, whoever he is, for stealing Nunnally's heart!" Lelouch was really in a bad mood. Making angry gestures and frustrating cry.

He grabbed Rai's arm and dragged him all the way toward the castle.

"Aaah? ! Lelouch! What are you-"

"I'm going to find that guy and you come along to help me!"

"Eeeeh? ! Me too?"

"Off to the crime scene!"

-In the castle hallway-


Three hours...

Three long hours for following Lelouch in all the castle for asking all servants if there was noble young boys with their family who were visiting the castle, be it for formality or something else.

To be more accurate, did they approached the eleventh Princess these days?

All answers were negative and Lelouch was even more irritate each seconds.

"Damn it...Who could it be? How come I don't know anything about that guy..." muttered Lelouch.

"Uhm Lelouch...Just one question"

"What? !"

"What will you do to the guy once you found him?" asked Rai.

"Isn't that obvious? I'll beat him up and tell him to leave Nunnally alone!" Answered Lelouch.

"But you can't even beat me at swordsmanship. What are you going to do if he is ten time bigger than you?"

Even if it was true, Rai couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor guy who would have to shoulder all Lelouch's wrath.

Lelouch stared at Rai for a moment with an annoyed grimace. He didn't seemed to have thought about that. Then after a moment of thinking he pointed Rai and said:

"Then you'll beat him up!"

Rai stared Lelouch with incredulous eyes.

"You're kidding right? What if he is older? And-...Uh? Lelouch?"

"...Older? !"

This word was flowing quickly inside Lelouch's mind. More and more. older...guy.

The world was upside down. He felt like fainting.

"Lelouch? Hey? Lelouch? Earth to Lelouch, are you here?"

Rai was waving his hand in front of his friend to bring him back to reality.

"Older...You mean...Like my father? !" asked a trembling Lelouch.

"Uh?" Rai had a bad feeling about this.

"You mean Nunnally has a crush on-on-on-on an old geezer? !"

"Whoa? ! Lelouch, calm down!" Rai tried to make the young prince calm down and it failed.

"Calm down? ! Calm down? ! Nunnally is maybe in love with an old pervert and you tell ME to calm down? !" Lelouch was furious.

"It's probably an old geezer pedophile who only think on doing 'this' and 'that' to her and then-"

Lelouch was making such a fuss and yelling so loud that all the servant were staring at them.

"? ! Stop Lelouch! You're making a scene in front of everyone!"

"What is going on here." A calm, wise voice came out of nowhere but Rai would recognize Charles Zi Britannia's voice anywhere.

Damn it, this is bad!

"Hahaha (nervous laugh), Nothing at all your majesty. Nothing important at all. Well if you'll excuse me, the prince and I have some lessons to perform."

Before the emperor could answer, Rai grabbed Lelouch's arm and dragged him elsewhere.

-Elsewhere in the castle-

"Have you finally calmed down?" asked Rai

"Y-Yeah...thanks." answered Lelouch

Though it didn't last...

"Now forget about beating the guy up. We will KILL him!"

"What? !" Widen blue eyes.

"Preferably slowly." Serious purple eyes.

"But we don't even know the guy." Said Rai

"I know, I know, wait a second I'm trying to figure a plan out..."





"Ah, I know!" said Lelouch in a rather enthusiastic manner.

-Nunnally vi Britannia's room-

"You know Lelouch, Normally there is a rule about snooping inside a girl's room. Even if this is your sister's room." Said Rai while standing at the front door.

"Shut up and help me!" Said an irritate Lelouch.

Lelouch was searching in all Nunnally's room (while she wasn't there, of course) for a clue about the guy she was in love with. Anything would be useful, a journal, a name, Anything!

But the research didn't end well, he found nothing capable to identify the guy.

"Tch...What a waste of time. We should be already in front of the guy to kill him."

Lelouch shook his head sadly and said:

"Come Rai, let's just...leave..."

Rai gazed his friend and slowly nod.

-Back in the royal garden-

"Hey..." Called Rai.

Lelouch turned around to face his silver haired friend.

"Why is it so bad that Nunnally is in love with someone?" asked Rai calmly

"Why? ! Nunnally is a kid! It's too early!" Answered Lelouch.


"..." Rai stayed silent.

Lelouch stared once again Rai and said slowly with an embarrassed look:

"It's too early for me to lose..."


"Sorry...It's just that...I loved her first." explained Lelouch


"From the first time she breathed and when she first smiled at me. And I knew that she'd find someone one day, but it's still hard to give her away because I loved her first."

Lelouch's sad purple eyes were hidden by his hair.

"You don't have to worry about that." said Rai.

"Eh...?" Lelouch was confused.

"Even if Nunnally is in love with someone, that doesn't mean you' re less."

Rai said with a big grin:

"Don't worry Lelouch, you're still and always will be the most important man in her life. And if the guy she loves doesn't get that, then he is an idiot."

"Rai..." Somehow, Rai's words had made Lelouch relieve.


Just maybe...

It would feel nice...If I could entrust my everything to you.

If just for a moment


"Onii-Sama, Rai-San!"

They both turned around to see Nunnally and the empress coming toward them.

"We were searching for both of you everywhere." said Nunnally to Lelouch with a big smile.

"Is that so? Sorry about that Nunnally." answered Lelouch with a gentle smile.

Then Nunnally turned to Rai and suddenly became nervous and shy.


"Hmm? what is it ?" asked Rai.

"I...I...I made this for you." said Nunnally while giving to Rai the gift she made.

"Oh? It's for me?" Nunnally nodded to Rai's question.

While Rai was taking the gift, Lelouch observed the scene cautiously.

" This is...! It's great, thank you nunnally." said Rai.

"Really? ! I'm so happy!" Nunnally was overjoyed.

"..." Lelouch was still staring at the scene.





This is...

This blush on her face.

This glowing bliss in her eyes.

Her shyness.

Everything has become clear.

"You!" Said Lelouch

"Eh?" asked Rai

"It was YOU all allong!"

"What?" asked Rai once again

Lelouch took his wooden sword and you can tell he was furious from the look on his face.

"You betrayed me!" Yelled Lelouch.

Rai excused himself to Nunnally and the empress and ran as fast as he could while Lelouch ran after him with a high speed.

"RAI NO BAKA! (Rai you idiot!)"

"I haven't done anything!" Said Rai while running as fast as he could, as his life depended on it.

Nunnally stared at the scene and asked her mother:

"Why is Onii-Sama so angry?"

The empress chuckled and simply said:

"It's a boy thing."

End of chapter six.

And so at the end of the day you can still hear the young prince of Britannia's voice:


"EeeK, HELP!" and the pleading voice of his friend.