Chapter seven: A forbidden feeling is born


A time where normally everything would be peaceful in the royal castle.

But this night was noisy.


For Rai, they were more annoying than frightening. It was so loud that it was nearly impossible to fall asleep.

But even if they were very loud, he still heard footsteps in the hallway. It almost sounded like someone was walking rather hastily toward his room.

"Who could it be?" Wondered Rai.

Before the person could open the door, Rai opened it first.

The person almost tripped and almost fall but Rai caught the person at time.

"Nunnally? !"

Indeed, it was the eleventh princess in the person but...

"What's wrong?" asked Rai.

She appeared to be scared of something.

"Nunna-" Began Rai.


"Kyaa!" Nunnally let out a small cry.

She ran toward Rai and hugged him like her life depended on it.

He looked her for a moment and asked:

"Could it be...that you're scared of thunderstorms?"

She didn't said anything...Just griped him even more.

"...But there is Lelouch's room near yours. Why mine?"


She stayed in silence but she was trembling.

"...Alright, you can sleep here if you want."

He took her in his arms and bring her to his bed.

He placed her down gently on his bed then decided to sleep on the floor for her to have more space.

But she didn't let go and wet purple eyes met Rai's blue eyes.

"W-Where are you going?" Asked Nunnally.

After seeing her in such a state, Rai decided it would be better to stay with her.

"You should try to sleep Nunnally. Don't worry, I'll protect you from anything." said Rai.

"...I don't want to go to sleep."

"Hmm? Why not?"

Nunnally bit her lower lip.

"I...I had a bad dream."

"Dream?" He asked.

"Yes. A scary dream..." She admitted.

"You..." She began.


"You and Onii-Sama (big brother) disappeared..."

"Everything was dark, I could see nothing. I could just hear Onii-Sama's voice but...but I couldn't hear yours... it was"

Like you never existed in this world...

"" asked Rai.

"N-Nothing. Please forget what I said." Nunnally turned to the other side of the bed and pretended to sleep.

However, even if she said it was nothing, the bad dream still haunted her.

A dark world without Onii-sama and Rai-san?

The thought of it made her tremble in fear.

Rai didn't said anything. He just stared at her for a moment and then put a hand under her chin to make her face him.

"Nunnally..." Sky blue met purple.

"It was just a dream." Rai's face was so serious, it made Nunnally's heart beating fast.

"I..." but then he took a more gentle expression.

"Won't go anywhere." And he kissed her forehead gently.

"I will never leave you."

Nunnally's big purple eyes blinked and she asked:

"Really? !"

He looked her and said teasingly:

"Of course...Unless, lady Nunnally dislike my presence."

Her eyes widen, she shook her head as a no and said quickly:

"Dislike? ! N-No! Never!"

Her grip became more forceful and she started to tremble again.

"Nunnally! I was only joking." Rai was surprised by her outburst.

"I...I want..."


"I want Rai-San to stay by my side forever."

Rai's expression became a bit sad...but just for a moment.

"W-will you?" asked a shy Nunnally.

"Yes, your highness. Anything my princess wish for." said Rai in a very knightly manner.

Nunnally sighed in relief and had a big smile on her face.

"We should sleep, I must give your brother his swordsmanship lesson tomorrow at 10.00 am."

"Alright...Uhm...Rai-San?" She asked.


"Hehehe..." Nunnally giggled.


"I...I'll go to sleep, if you do what you have done before."

Rai stared at her for a moment, smiled a little and kissed her on the forehead.

The moon shone, peeking in-between the clouds that moved up in the sky. The thunderstorms has stopped and night became quiet.

On that quiet night, a young princess sleeping peacefully and a young silver haired boy was watching her sleep.

He couldn't sleep yet. He was thinking of what just happened a few hours ago.

("I want Rai-San to stay by my side forever.")

Such a modest request...Yet was it really alright for him to stay? He wasn't even noble.

Was it really alright for someone like him to stay by her side? The eleventh princess of the holly Britannia empire?

"It's bad to feel this way, isn't it?" he asked himself.

He looked her. She was still gripping him and wasn't going to let go.

He smiled sadly and whispered slowly in her ear.

"I'm not the beautiful person you think I am. But still, I want to protect you."

Then he did something quite bold , it surprised himself.

He kissed her on the lips.

Gently, strongly, yet...

"Cowardly..."He thought sadly.

He stopped and returned the hug.

"Good night, my highness..."

Darkness surrounded both the boy without memories and the princess.

Although one may fail to find happiness in theatrical life, one never wishes to give it up after having once tasted its fruits.

End of chapter seven.