Chapter eight : A holy pledge is born.

She don't know when it had happened.


When did she began to love Rai-san to the point of obsession?

Was it his beautiful silver hair like the glowing moon? His cool gentle blue sky eyes?

Or was it because he was so nice?

It was a different sort of love than what she had with her brother. Her mother said it was the special kind of love.

For Nunnally, it was a gentle yet painful hot feelings inside her chest. She couldn't understand it well, why was it painful?
Love was supposed not to hurt.

She was hurt however that didn't mean she would surrender to the pain easily or give up this undying feeling.

Rai-san is...Always with us, gently and strongly.

When he is smiling gently at her, she love him. Always folding Origami together, she love him.
He would play the knight for her anytime, she love him. When her tears would change into a smile, she love him.

Inside her mind, the love she bear for him is overflowing.

She was still a child at body and mind. But she still knew that what she felt was more than just childish thoughts.

This strange like she has for him.

This strange possessiveness.

That was beyond everything she felt until now.

She liked him so much.

So much she could hardly stand it

She could hardly stand it

Even more when she saw him talking, laughing, smiling with others noble girls.


What an annoying day, Thought Rai.

Today, the emperor Charles Zi Britannia had some important guests to discuss some issue in Arena 11, Japan.

And since those 'guests' heard about him being a genius in swordsmanship and being capable to piloting a knighmare at such a young age
AND being in the emperor's graces, they asked him if he could show the palace to their daughters.

Since he was polite (And Jeremiah insisted), Rai accepted.
He tried to make an effort by trying to smile and laugh a bit to his stupid joke about how he used to lost himself in the palace when he first came here.

It seemed to work just fine, both noble girls were laughing too and blushing a bit.

They seem to like him, good, he won't have any problem with Jeremiah for being rude to the emperor's guest's daughters.

Suddenly Rai felt strange...Almost as if someone was watching him.
He looked around but nothing...until he saw someone leaving, no, running away from a corner. A small girl in a pink dress with...sad purple eyes?



"Is there something wrong?" asked one of the girls.

"Eh? No, it's nothing..." replied Rai.

I hope.


After the meeting come to an end (finally!) , it was time to give Lelouch's lesson on swordsmanship.

But when Rai arrived outside, Lelouch was nowhere to be found. How unusual...Normally he is always there at the same time, but today he wasn't there.
Rai decided to wait a bit for his friend...But after ten minutes he still wasn't there...It didn't look like he was coming.

Did something happen?

He decided to go to Lelouch's room to see if he was there.

Rai was walking in the hall of the royal castle of Britannia until he was in front of Nunnally's room.

Outside the room, he heard Lelouch's voice:

"Come on Nunnally, you can tell me, what is it?"

Was something wrong with Nunnally?

He decided to knock at the door.


He recognized the empress's voice as well.

"It's Rai, can I co-"

Before he could continue, he was interrupted by Nunnally who violently opened the door and ran away.

That was a mad dash...

Worst than Lelouch.

It made Rai worried, he ran after her.

"Nunnally? ! Wait!"

Lelouch was also going to run after her but his mother told him to let Rai do it.

As he asked why, the only answer the empress gave was a small smile.


She ran away. Her legs instinctively run away from Rai.

She couldn't see him, if she saw him then painful memories would come back.

Painful feeling would come back.

So she ran as fast as she could, it didn't matter where she would go, just away from him.

The problem was that her thoughts were only of him, him, him, him!

His gentleness.

His strength.

His smile.

His laughter.

His terror when he was chased by her brother.

Everything about him tormented her.

So scary...

She wanted him all for herself.

She wanted him by her side forever.

(And yet...

She could hardly stand it.

Even more when she saw him talking, laughing, smiling with others noble girls.)

She found somewhere to sit down after running all way.

He probably gave up.


He didn't gave up.

He was standing there, coming toward her.

Don't come any closer...

Don't be so gentle with me, the more you're kind with me the more I will love you.

Don't touch me, don't hug me. Don't...

He didn't stop, Rai was coming closer and closer.

The more he was coming closer, Nunnally's heart was beating very fast.


he slowly took her hand in his.

"What's wrong? Why are you running away from me?" he asked sadly.

She didn't answer immediately.

After a while she finally said:


Her lips tremble as she spoke:

"You...You're always so kind with me, you play with me too...Is it because I'm a 'princess' ?"


"Is it because you...follow my orders?"

Rai's eyes widen and said directly:

"N-NO! Not at all!"

His outburst surprised her a bit.

"Of course not. It's because you're you Nunnally." do that mean you me a little?

Even if it felt a bit relieve by those words, Nunnally 's heart was still a bit unsecure.

"Rai-san, who were those girls you were with?" She asked suddenly.

"Eh? Well, Jeremiah asked me that while your father was occupied with the parents of those girls I should show them the castle. It was funny, really because when I first came here I couldn't find my way around."

So that, why he was laughing with them back then.

Nunnally felt silly for worrying so much for nothing and happy that it didn't mean anything.

"Did it bother you so much that I was friendly with those girls?" suddenly asked Rai.

Her purple eyes widen and her face became even more red.

Then she shyly nodded.

"U-Until Rai-san hasn't said 'I like you Nunnally' I won't forgive you." she said with a blush on her face.

Rai smiled in return:

"Then how about I make a promise?"

"A promise?" she was a bit confused.

"Yeah, a promise!" said Rai with a small grin.

He bow slowly in front of Nunnally and said:

"I, Rai, Promise you Lady Nunnally Vi Britannia, that I will give my love only to you."

"I promise!" he smiled gently.

Nunnally's eyes were filled with tears of joy.

Her bliss was so much that she jumped into his arms immediately.

"Rai-san! I like you!"

"Me too, MY princess."

And so, a holly pledge is born in this reversed time.

A young Knight without memories and The eleventh Princess of Britannia.

End of chapter eight.


Nunnally: I can't wait to tell it to Onii-sama (Big brother) and Mother!

Rai: Eh? Eeeeeh? ! W-w-wait no need to tell it to Lelouch so soon! Nunnally! Wait! I don't want to die so soon!

The eleventh princess' beautiful laughter could be heard in the whole royal garden.