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Previously in A New Adventure Awaits…

"Kouji…" Takuya whispered and for a brief moment, Ancient Greymon reflected his true form behind Takuya as Kouji and Ancient Garurumon looked toward them. The ancient digimon vanished, leaving the two humans in the quiet company of their soon to be third child.

Takuya waited on the hill as Kouji hurried over to him and allowed him a moment to catch his breath before he jumped into his arms, being careful of the egg between them. "I didn't think you'd return." Cried Takuya.

"I almost didn't." said Kouji as Takuya looked up at him shocked. "N-no Takuya, I didn't mean it like that!"

"Then what did you mean?" He asked slightly tempered.

"What I meant to say is, that KendoGarurumon and I almost didn't make it to the gate in time. Lady Ophaniemon had told KendoGarurumon she was closing the portal to the digital world, for good this time. He had only till sunset to get me here and we almost didn't make it." He said as he took Takuya into his arms once again, soothing his back and running his other hand through his soft brown hair as he rested his chin against his forehead.

"I don't ever want you to leave me again Kouji, I don't know what I would do." Cried Takuya as he rubbed his face into his shoulder and neck as Kouji held him tighter.

"I will never leave you again, Takuya, that I can promise you." He whispered as he gently took takuya's face into his hands. Kouji smiled and wiped the tears out of his eyes, "Now stop your crying, I'm here aren't I?" He asked. Takuya smiled and laughed, soon after Kouji joined him. *crack*

Takuya and Kouji look down between each other and spot a small chip in the egg.

Chapter Six


Dark Metal Greymon stomped on BurningGreymons body repeatedly as Burning Greymon tried shielding the entrance to the tree. "Give it up BurningGreymon, you can't keep this up." He jumped back a bit and opened his chest compartments. "Giga Blaster!"

BurningGreymon turned around quickly and fired at the missiles. One burst into a cloud of smoke as the other zoomed toward him. "Oh no!" He quickly cast a Fire Tsunami, causing both attacks to collide together and creating a large explosion when they collided. BurningGreymon was sent flying back into the tree once more and fell to the ground motionless as his digi-code circled around him.

"This was too easy." Grinned Dark Metal Greymon as he stepped forward to collect the data when it suddenly started to get brighter.

"Lupine Lazer!" Dark Metal Greymon turned toward the voice to see the beam of light shooting toward him. Lifting his metal hand, he stopped the main attack, but he was still forced meters back from the tree and BurningGreymon.

KendoGarurumon skidded to a halt beside BurningGreymon, "BurningGreymon." He whispered as he nudged his muzzle against his beak, "BurningGreymon, please answer me."

BurningGreymon remained motionless for a moment, then the silent figure groaned and cried softly causing KendoGarurumon to whimper beside him. "I'm sorry, I tried getting here as fast as I could, BurningGreymon."

"Kendo… Garuru…" BurningGreymon couldn't keep his body solid anymore and he slowly started to vanish.

"No… NO!" Howled KendoGarurumon as BurningGreymons body vanished completely from site.

Dark Metal Greymon chuckled, "I guess he couldn't handle it any longer. Now I can have my fun with you." He laughed not noticing the bright light that surrounded him and licked his metal body. KendoGarurumon turned to Dark Metal Greymon and howled as he sped toward him on his wheels, lowering his blades on his back, coating them in the bright light.

Dark Metal Greymon saw this and prepared to strike KendoGarurumon, but didn't calculate his timing right. KendoGarurumon added an extra burst of speed and dodged the metal claw and successfully cut him with his blade. "W-what? This is not possible!"

KendoGarurumon quickly pivoted and turned around, striking him again and again till Dark Metal Greymon fell to his knees. "I'll end this quickly for you, Lupine Lazer!" KendoGarurumon fired his attack and Dark Metal Greymons digital code vanished, returning him to a digi-egg.

KendoGarurumon stood for a moment before falling to the ground crying over his lost love. "rurumon… Garurumon… KendoGarurumon!" The voice shouted and he looked up to see Kouji hurrying toward him with an unconscious Takuya and his digi egg partially opened.

"What happened?" Asked KendoGarurumon as he got back on his feet.

"I don't know, we were encouraging our baby to hatch when Takuya whispered 'BurningGreymon,' his eyes glazed over and he passed out, nearly dropping our egg too." Stated Kouji.

"H-he's with him… BurningGreymon vanished and returned to Takuya!" Shouted KendoGarurumon excitedly.

"They bonded?" Asked Kouji.

"Yes, they're together again with Agunimon." Said KendoGarurumon as he nudged his muzzle with Takuyas arm. "Bring him inside, BurningGreymon was severely injured and needs his rest."

"Where is Kai and Kyo?" Asked Kouji.

"They were with me." Said Swanmon as she stepped out of the tree with the two babies sound asleep in her wing-like arms.

"My boys." He whispered, "Do you mind, I'd like them to return with me to our room." Said Kouji.

"Not at all." She smiled and followed Kouji back inside the tree.

KendoGarurumon smiled and looked to the fading sun, "Well, this is good-bye, for now." He said softly and allowed himself to once again join with Kouji and his human spirit, Lobomon.

Kouji felt his spirit return to him as he entered his room. He smiled and moved to the bed where he rested Takuya down on it, gently laying their egg in his arms as he helped Swanmon tend to his sons. After changing them and tucking them into their baskets, he joined Takuya in bed and cooed to the egg that was taking its time to break free from its protective shell.

Kouji started to doze off later in the evening as he rubbed his hand through Takuya's hair when the infant in the egg started crying. Sitting up, he slowly removed the remaining eggshell that started to irritate the infants skin. He smiled as he slowly lifted his third child out of the egg shell and cradle it in his arms, "Shh, you're going to wake your brothers and your mother with your crying." He whispered to his child as Takuya moaned and turned over in his sleep.

"Kyo, Kai." He yawned as he sat up and stretched taking a few seconds to let things set in. He turned to Kouji and saw the infant in his arms, "Wait… that's not Kyo or Kai."

"They're still sleeping." Kouji whispered.

"Then this…" Takuya scooted closer to Kouji who shifted their daughter in his arms.

"Yes Takuya, it's your daughter, Kobato." Said Kouji as he started to kiss Takuya's neck.

Takuya started to cry as Kouji handed their daughter to him and he gently took her into his arms, wrapping her in a blanket Kouji grabbed to keep her warm as Kouji returned to his spot beside Takuya and wrapped his arms around his waist. "She takes after her mother." Chuckled Kouji. "Her brown hair, her soft cheeks… I bet she has your brown eyes too." He smiled kissing Takuya's cheek.

Takuya wiped his eyes, "Well, it took a week for the boys to open their eyes, and she is very shy, so it might be a little longer till we see them." He said before he kissed her small forehead.

"Should we put her with her brothers for the night?" Asked Kouji.

"No, she's staying here with me, and you." Said Takuya as he turned to Kouji and kissed him softly on his lips.

"I thought you'd say that." Said Kouji as he gently pulled Takuya down onto the bed and held him in his arms as Takuya grabbed the bed sheets and pulled them over their bodies as he held onto Kobato who giggled softly.

"You're so cute Kobato." Smiled Takuya as he gently rubbed their noses together.

"Good night Takuya." Said Kouji as he kissed the back of his neck, "Good night Kobato."

"Good night Kouji, and good night to you too, Kobato." Whispered Takuya before they drifted into slumber.

*The next morning*

Takuya and Kouji introduced Kobato to her brothers and Swanmon. "Oh, she's so cute, and looks so much like you Takuya." Smiled Swanmon.

"Thank you." He flushed as he adjusted her in his arms. She was wrapped up in a sheet since he hadn't had a chance to sew her a little dress. "Now that they're all here, they are going to be a handful."

"Yea, you can say that again." Said Kouji as he was in with a newly changed Kai. Kyo was lying in his basket quietly looking around on the floor by his mothers feet as Kouji walked over and adjusted Kai in his arms.

"He just had a little spit up is all, all babies do that." Said Takuya as he leaned over and wiped off a small amount of spit up on his chubby cheek as Kouji took a seat beside him.

"Well, I best tend to my own little ones before Worm comes to collect them." Said Swanmon as she left the newly reacquainted family.

Takuya and Kouji managed to get the three of them to sleep after a quick feeding and tucked them to bed in their baskets. Takuya sat at a desk Swanmon provided with their room and was cutting out patterns in the spare cloths she had and started to make a few sets of dresses for his daughter as Kouji helped Swanmon carry the digi babies to Worm's passenger cars.

"Thank you for your help today Kouji." Smiled Swanmon.

"It's no problem Swanmon." He stated as they returned to the base of the tree.

"There is just one more thing Kouji." She said softly.

"And what would that be?" He asked.

"A messenger sent this the other night, it's from Lady Ophanimon." She said as she pulled out the letter and handed it to him.

Kouji took the letter and examined it, "Do you have any idea what this is about?" He asked.

"I'm afraid I don't." she said.

"I better show this to Takuya. Thank you Swanmon." He said before he hurried off toward their room.

Takuya was hand stitching two pattern together when Kouji entered their room, "Takuya, I'm back." He called out.

"The kids are still asleep." He said in a softer voice as he focused on the sewing. He found that if he were too distracted, he'd have the needle pricking his fingers each time.

Kouji walked over and held out the letter in Takuya's range of eyesight, "Swanmon gave this to me, it's from Lady Ophanimon." He stated as Takuya pricked his finger.

"Oooww! Gosh that one hurt." He muttered and was about to take his finger into his mouth to stop the bleeding when Kouji took his hand and sucked his bleeding finger for him.

After a few seconds, Kouji removed Takuya's finger from his mouth and kissed it, "better now?"

"Y-yes, thanks." He flustered slightly before Kouji slowly tilted his head up as he lowed his lips to connect with Takuya's.

The kiss was soft and brief; "you're welcome." He smiled before he took Takuyas hand and lifted him out of the chair; "I want us to read this together." He said.

"Of course." Said Takuya and they walked over to their bed and sat upon it and took a short pause from opening the letter. "It's now or never." Said Takuya and Kouji slowly unsealed the envelope, pulling out the neatly written letter.

End Chapter Six

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