Despite the numerous changes that had been made, the Fourth Shinobi World War had come to pass within the time frame that Madara had planned for. Madara had left contingency plan after contingency plan for his fake before he had died, contingency plans that Tobi had often been forced to scramble to implement in time. While the world had walked a few different paths in the years between Madara's passing and his return, everyone had reached the destination that Madara had wanted. The day of the penultimate phase of the Moon's Eye Plan had come.

As Nagato had turned traitor and died believing that the Uzumaki boy that Tobi had almost religiously avoided was the child of the Toads' prophesy which the annoying Sannin Jiraiya had had faith in, Kabuto had been forced to bring Madara back using the Edo Tensei.

A newly young and strong Madara soon joined Tobi on the battlefield, slaughtering all who were in his path until he had come up against the five Kages who had joined forces to bring him down...


Naruto felt like crying as he raced to join the battle in order to help out his Hokage. Despite being evil and wanting to destroy Konoha, Madara had been his best friend at one time. He was going to be forced to face either him or his Second Bestest Friend in the whole wide world or the both of them on the battlefield today, and he would have to bring them down. Knowing that he had to do this hurt.

"Hey Naruto." The Kyuubi whom he now knew for a fact wasn't named Mr. Invisible Underants Man said from the new prison within him that his mother had created for it, causing him to pause. "It doesn't have to be like this."

"But he's..." Naruto started as a new wave of pain over the fact that his first friend wanted to destroy his home and kill all of the other friends he had made since then hit him.

"You do remember what Gaara was like when you first met, and how you turned him around don't you?" Kurama asked in a reasonable tone that was quite unlike his usual threats. "All Madara needs is someone to love him, and care for him, and be there for him, and show him that there is a different path."

"But..." Naruto started.

"Don't worry. You can't permanently injure your friend like you did without meaning to when you met him. Madara was brought back back by the Edo Tensei, which means that any damage he receives will promptly be repaired. Now go give him a hug and show him that you'll be there for him no matter what, and that you'll help him off the path he's been going down for so long." Kurama said.

Naruto briefly paused, completely amazed that the Kyuubi had given him some good advice. It hadn't been the only time the fox had given him good advice, but he'd stopped giving it to him after his friends had died. For nearly four years, he'd thought that his invisible friend had abandoned him as well, but he'd met the Kyuubi again and realized that he would always be there. Upon realizing that the creature's advice seemed sound enough to work, he decided to take it.


Madara was having fun battling the Kages. It had been a very long time since he could let loose like this. Old age had slowed him down a great deal before he'd died, and his final days had been spent staring at the ceiling in a hospital due to an incident that...Had. Never. Happened. He would have to thank Kabuto for returning him to his prime and then some. As he was batting away an attack from the elderly Tsuchikage Onoki, he heard something that chilled his blood and sent shivers running up and down his spine.

"MADARA-JIIIISAAAAAAAN!" the last person in the universe he ever wanted to see again yelled as he raced towards him before flinging him to the ground in a bone-crushing hug.

Where the hell was Tobi? Tobi was supposed to be distracting the creature that was currently crushing his ribs to dust so that this wouldn't happen.

"...betogetherforever! Andever! Andever! Andever!" the monster in human form happily cried, tightening his hold with each ever, further crushing his ribs and squishing his internal organs despite the fact that he was wearing armor.

Oh please, gods no! Madara thought as he sought a way to return to the afterlife. Hell was better than this...

Inside his prison, the Kyuubi laughed.