Niko: The Magnetic Opera

Authors Notes: This is a bit of an experiment, I recently watched Repo: The Genetic Opera, an odd movie to be sure, but I thought it would be fun to incorporate it with Sanctuary resulting in this strange and gory tale. I won't be writing any opera tunes unfortunately :P but this should be fun. I took some real strange liberties with this piece so don't crucify me when you read this and you go "This is totally unrealistic, he would never do that! Rahh you suck!" I'm sorry. So anyways, I basically took the entire plot for Repo: The Genetic Opera and switched out all the characters for Sanctuary ones, plus changing a few details and what not, I think it works. So, Read and Review, tell me how twisted my mind has gotten, and buckle up for this ride and keep all hands and feet in the car as we go along

Chapter 1 – Prologue

A cry could be heard on the unfortunately dark evening of December 12th 2015, coming from the large building in Old City. The air was filled with a cold shiver, most would've mistaken it for a Winter wind, unbeknownst to them it was the winds of change, for-warning them of a cold and bitter future.

The scream raged through the dark halls of the mansion. It shifted the dust off the furniture, the air itself seemed to want to move away from the sound.

The scream was haunting, foreboding, creeping itself into the floorboards and walls and windows, planting itself like a memory.

It echoed through the rooms, down the elevator shaft and through the doors of the infirmary where it grew in volume, becoming louder and louder.

"NIKO!" it said.

"Helen, you've got to hold on, I'm trying my best…there's no one here to help me!" he cried.

She cried out in response.

She lay on the gurney in the operation room, a large flowy nightgown soaked with blood and pushed up to her hips. She was heavily pregnant and in a very difficult labor. The team was away on a mission with the help of John Druitt and wasn't due to be back for a few more hours, and all the residents in the Sanctuary were either asleep or shut away in their habitats, none could aid the fearful Nikola. Her hair was soaked with sweat, her hands fisted the thin, blood-drenched sheet on the gurney, and her love, her husband and friend, Nikola, had to watch in agony as she writhed and screamed with each contraction.

Everything had been just fine up to two hours ago when labor came hard, like a stab to the gut. Poor Nikola had cried out for help but there was no one to hear him. He was in this alone. Watching the woman he loves fight and cry for her life and for their unborn child.

His hair glistened with sweat as well, his hands had become stained dark red from her blood. There was too much blood.

"It's not working!" Helen gasped.

"Well then tell me what to do! I'm not a doctor Helen!" he looked at her, desperation crawling into his features.

"Caesarean…only way…" she breathed hard.

"I can't put you out Helen, I don't know how to do this!" he cried.

"I know…10 ccs of…" she winced but Nikola knew what she was referring to and rushed to get it. He injected her with the drugs to still the intense pain she was experiencing.

"Alright, tell me what I need to do," he said trying to remain calm.

"Make an incision here and here," Helen gestured to the spots on her abdomen with her hand and Nikola pulled out a sterilized scalpel and did as he was told.

"Be very careful…if you cut too far you might hit the baby," she shut her eyes tightly as a wave of pain took over her.

"It's alright," he said taking her hand and kissing the top of it. "We can do this."

He numbed the area up before making the incision, Helen directing him as he went.

She let out another scream that traveled through the infirmary doors, past the halls and doors and elevators right to the ear of a large hairy creature stepping out of a black van.

Big Guy perked at the hint of sound and sniffed the air.

"Guhh, something's wrong," he muttered.

"Huh? What do you mean?" said Henry, stepping out of the parked van to join him.

"Something doesn't seem right, guh guh!" he grunted.

"He's right, the place seems ominous, like it's been abandoned," joined Will.

"Even I'm getting some serious voodoo off this place," chimed in Kate.

"Well my scans say that everything is in order, no break in or power outages, maybe you're just not used to seeing it with the lights out," said Henry pulling out his tablet to show them the readings.

"Maybe," shrugged Will, Kate nodded in agreement.

"No, it's more than that…something's wrong!" growled Big Guy. He silenced them as he listened closely.

A familiar vfoomf sound came behind the group of them and Will looked behind him to see John Druitt standing quietly behind him.

"What's the hold up?" he said calmly.

"Big Guy is getting some bad mojo, he thinks something is wrong," said Will.

Big Guy grunted suddenly then ran, the rest of them following after. Even John, who chose to run instead of teleport.

As they entered into the house, Kate felt a chill crawl up her spine, something wasn't right at all. Then they all heard it, a blood-curdling scream, echoing through the Sanctuary.

"Doc?" asked Kate, looking fearfully at Henry and Will.

"She can't be, it's not due for another 2 weeks," said Henry.

"Obviously it's decided to come early," said Will, booking it after Big Guy.

Another scream, louder, almost freezing Kate in the spot with fear. Then the halls went deathly silent. The air stilled around them and Big Guy made it into the elevator, the rest of them clambering into the car with him.

Kate felt her breath hitch in her throat and a sinking feeling in her gut and she grabbed Henry's hand and held tightly.

It felt like an eternity for the elevator doors to open up on the infirmary level, the car was tense, everyone holding their breath, suspecting the worst.

Finally the doors dinged open and they all rushed out making their way to the infirmary. They past the threshold of the infirmary doors and then slowed to a walk, a hesitant, careful walk.

The observation window to the operating room was black, a blood trail on the floor they followed. Kate bit her lip, her eyes threatening to go like a broken dam.

Big Guy took the lead, going to the OR door and pressing the code, it opened and he flicked the light switch, but the room stayed dark except for the faint light coming through the window.

It smelt like death, like blood and tears, like pain.

Will took an emergency flashlight off the shelf and shone it into the room, immediately landing on a blood-stained Nikola, sitting on the floor, dazed and confused, sweat trickling down his face, his whole torso covered in blood.

"Tesla?" asked Will, the group going up to the man, except John who stayed in the silhouette of the doorway.

"…I could only save one…there wasn't enough time…I had to save one…or I'd lose them both…" he looked at Will, his eyes blurry with unshed tears. A single tear escaped down Kate's cheek.

"Nikola, what happened?" Will knelt down by the ex-vampire.

"Everything, I don't know…everything was normal then it all went wrong…" Nikola looked off to something Will couldn't see.

"Nikola, where's Magnus? Where's Helen?" a panic grew in Will.

"Dead. She's dead. I could only save one or I'd lose them both, I had to choose!" said Nikola flatly.

"Magnus is dead?" Will felt something in him break.

Nikola's lip started quivering before he broke into a strained sob.

"I could only save one," he lifted a hand and pointed off into the darkness.

Will looked over and stood up, following the direction that Nikola had pointed to.

He slowly made his way over, feeling something crunch under his feet, it was glass, like from a lightbulb, that explained the lack of light in the room.

He pressed on, seeing the silhouette of a gurney. He flashed his light on to it and almost immediately pulled back.

"Oh god!" he gasped, feeling bile crawl up his throat.

Nikola continued to sob, clutching something close to him, looked like a bundled up jacket.

John moved in that moment and found an emergency lighting dock, one of Henry's designs pushed it into the room and turned it on, the room hummed and the light illuminated the space with a dull glow.

Kate looked away, her head burying into Henry's shoulder. Big Guy grunted sadly. John stared in a white hot anger at the still form lying on the bed, blood-soaked and lifeless. It looked more like a massacre than a delivery.

"You did this!" John growled and turned to Nikola. "You killed her!"

Nikola continued to sob, clutching the bundle even closer to him.

"It was as accident," growled Big Guy.

"What did you do, Nikola? Did the scent of blood become too much for you to handle?" accused John.

The bundle moved and they looked at it closely.

"What's that?" asked Will.

Nikola extended his arms showing a sleeping, but very much alive baby girl in his arms.

"She's beautiful," said Kate wiping her eyes, leaving Henry's arms. "What's her name?"

"Shae…it's the name Helen had chosen before she…" Nikola bit his lip and leaned against the medicine cabinet, resting his head on the cool metal surface.

"We should get her into an incubator," said Will.

"May I take her, Nikola?" she asked softly and he nodded, she Henry and Will left the Operating room to look after the small infant, leaving only John, Big Guy and Nikola.

"You were supposed to protect her, not mutilate her into pieces!" shouted John.

"It wasn't like that!" cried Nikola standing up and slamming John into the wall. "I did everything I could and it came down to a choice! Do you think it was easy?"

"I could've saved her," said John bitterly.

"You weren't here, maybe you could have!" shouted Nikola releasing John and going over to Helen's dead body. "Maybe she would've had a chance."

"John, leave," growled Big Guy.

"I'm not leaving her with this bastard!" shouted John.

"She was my wife!" snapped Nikola.

"She was my fiancé!" John shouted back.

"She chose me!" Nikola glared fiercely at John.

"She settled for you, there's a difference!" snarled Druitt stepping up to his full height.

"Get out!" Nikola growled.

"Shut up!" shouted Big Guy silencing them. "This is not what she would've wanted, guhh!"

Nikola silently turned back to Helen.

"Oh, Helen, I'm so sorry," he took her cold hand and held it against his cheek, wishing the warmth from him to go back into her and bring her back to life.

"Guhhh, you should get some rest, Nikola," said Big Guy.

"The rug is right, you look awfully pale," snided John.

"No! I want to stay here," bit Nikola.

"Guhhh, you don't need to be here," said Big Guy, pulling Nikola away.

"NO!" shouted Nikola as he was dragged kicking and screaming from the room, a slight look to John as he was taken away.

John looked down at Helen and bent low to her ear.

"Forgive me, Helen, but I told you that you would regret marrying that fool," he whispered before covering her up with the white sheet.

He turned off the emergency light and closed the door behind him, a hint of a smile cresting his lips, which faded when he heard the others at the far end of the infirmary.

"She's so perfect," said Kate looking down at the tiny, sleeping body.

"Yah, she looks almost…" Henry stopped and bit his lip. Kate turned and hugged him. "How are we going to go on without her?"

Kate let a tear fall as Henry cried.

"I don't know, Henry, I don't know," she leaned her head against his.

John watched in the distance.

This was just the start.