The Hacker


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Sakura was startled awake by a knock on her apartment door. She sleepily listened for the remaining knocks of her password, but none came. Obviously this was not another client. She groaned before getting up, casting a quick glance around the room to make sure it was relatively clean. She got to the door, straightened out her clothes, and then opened it.

Itachi's first impression of Sakura was that perhaps he was mistaken. This little slip of a girl standing in front of him had PINK hair. She was wearing a long-sleeved striped shirt with a plain t-shirt on top along with a blue button up collared shirt that had the sleeves cut off. She wore jean capris that were rolled up at her knees and knee-high black and white striped socks. She rubbed her eyes tiredly. Before he could excuse himself, she spoke up.

"Mornin' Itachi Uchiha. To what do I owe this unexpected surprise?" Itachi composed himself.

"Are you Sakura Haruno?" Sakura smirked.

"Perhaps. Is Sakura in trouble?" Itachi was tempted to say yes, but decided against it.

"No, she is not."

"Then yes, I'm Sakura." Said girl couldn't keep the cheeky grin off her face.

"May I come in? I have some important matters I wish to discuss with you in privacy." Sakura's grin dropped. To have an FBI agent come to her home was suspicious in itself, but for said agent to have important matters to talk with her about was even stranger.

"Yes, please come in." She ushered the Uchiha in and closed the door behind him. She turned around and found him scanning her apartment with sharp eyes.

"Would you like something to drink? Coffee perhaps?" Itachi nodded. Yes, coffee would be wonderful at a time like this. He still couldn't believe he was actually here. However the agency needed help in a certain field of expertise, and she was apparently one of the best.

A few minutes later, Sakura came back with two steaming cups of coffee. She handed him his and then sat back in her spinning chair. She crossed her left leg under her right, making sure not to spill the coffee as she moved around to get comfortable.

"Alright Uchiha, what seems to be the problem?" Itachi collected his thoughts and then began.

"I would like to start off by saying that I am aware of your proficiency as a hacker-" Sakura froze, "-and it is for this reason that I have come to visit you today."

"I'm sorry, what?" Sakura could barely believe her ears. The FBI wanted her skills as a hacker? Itachi remained stoic.

"We have acquired a number of threats in the past and have been able to eradicate them to the best of our abilities. However this last one is beyond our capabilities. Most of the information we need to obtain is through the internet, and despite having exceptional computers techs, we need someone who is more advanced in this field, someone like you." Itachi paused to allow the information to sink in. Sakura took a sip of her coffee.

"We received an email a few days ago stating that there will be an attack on our country in the near future. Unfortunately we were unable to track neither who sent this particular mail nor who will be our attackers. After some searching and investigating I was able to find someone with the required knowledge, you. I'd like to ask if you would please consider helping us with this potential problem." Sakura finally spoke up.

"What exactly would you have me do?"

"You would first trace the email and the sender. Our agents were not able to find anything. Perhaps you will have better luck. Second, you will need to find all the information on the sender and their connections, along with associates and past jobs. We need to be able to track their moves."

"Where would I work? Surely you would not have me working here at my apartment where it would be inconvenient for you and the other agents to check up on me. Calling and sending emails for updates is also out of the question." Itachi internally smirked. She would not reject his proposal.

"You may work and sleep at FBI Headquarters. We will provide you with state of the art technology, along with your own office and a couch." Sakura's mind worked a thousand miles per minute. She weighed the pros and cons. Finally she came to a conclusion.

"Alright, I'll do it. What about payment? I don't do it for free y'know."

"Payment? Isn't not getting arrested for hacking enough payment?" Itachi smirked.

"Definitely not. If that's what I get in return, then I'm afraid you're wasting your valuable time." Sakura hmphed. Like hell she wouldn't get paid for this.

"We will discuss your payment at a later date. But first you need to gather all your belongings you wish to take with you and then I will take you to HQ." Sakura did not grace him with a reply. She simply got up and went to her room, gathering a few pairs of extra clothes and her toiletries. Once those were packed, she went back out and packed away her electronics that she always kept with her, namely her laptop. She finished washing the cups they drank from and then went to Itachi who was standing by the door.

"Are you ready?" Sakura nodded. "Good. Let's go." She took one last glance around her home before closing and locking the door behind her.


The ride to HQ was quiet, each seemingly lost in their own thoughts. Sakura didn't even realize that they had arrived until Itachi gently shook her shoulder, pulling her out of her thoughts.

"We are here." Sakura followed behind the man as he lead the way through the building. She observed all the high-tech gear and almost rubbed her hands in glee when they went through computer-automated locked doors. She'd have a blast hacking this system.

They walked through another set of doors before stopping in front of the last room at the end of the hallway. Itachi knocked. A muffled voice from inside answered.

"Come in." Itachi opened up the door and then walked in, waiting for Sakura to enter as well before closing the door behind them.

"Uchiha, what a surprise. And who might this be?" Sakura stared at the woman sitting before her. The lady in front of her had long blonde hair pulled back in two pigtails and hazel eyes. However her most eye-catching feature was her enormous chest. They were just so huge that Sakura had half a mind to ask if they were fake. The lady quickly glanced at her before turning her gaze back to Itachi.

"This is Sakura Haruno, a computer hacker. She is said to be one of the best, and I believe she might be able to help us with the new threat." Remembering her manners, Sakura stepped forward and bowed. All eyes were directed at her once more.

"Hello Tsunade-sama. I would be glad to help out with your current dilemma."

"And why should I let you? How can I be so sure you are trustworthy enough to not leak any of the information you would discover?" Sakura shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, already anticipating the questions.

"You can't. You'll just have to trust Uchiha's judgment." Tsunade looked contemplative for a little while before she sighed and spoke up.

"Alright. Since I trust Uchiha, I'll trust his judgment of choosing you. For now. However if you make even the slightest slip up, you'll be out of here before you can blink. Is that clear?" Sakura's playfulness kicked in.

"Crystal ma'am!" Tsunade smirked.

"Good. Now, let's talk about the details of your stay here."


An hour later Sakura was in her new room, unpacking her clothes and things. Itachi had shown her the way here and then left a few moments later, saying he had other business to

attend to. She had almost drooled at the sight of all the wonderful, not to mention new technology placed in her room. She'd definitely enjoy working here.

After putting everything away and organizing the room to her liking she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, clearing her mind of any unnecessary thoughts. She cracked her fingers, back, and neck before opening her eyes and sitting down in front of the multiple computer screens at her desk. Time to get crackin'.

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