A/N: So, uh. I haven't written fanfiction in like...three years. Damn you, Pokemon Black/White! Damn you for having an awesome story! Also, I know that there is a megaton of Ferriswheelshipping stuff out there...so, bear with me. Anyway. The title comes from a song by Great Lake Swimmers called, obviously, I Could Be Nothing, which is where the first bit of quoted text comes from. I HIGHLY recommend checking them out(or at least the song, because it was definitely important in me writing this), even though most of you won't. Anyway, enjoy!

I Could Be Nothing

by Oshawhatt

Each one shifts and weakens a little,

Neither aware just how much they are brittle;

Each one shifts and weakens a bit,

Allowing the other to live and exist.

Oh, water and patience,

Pressure and time,

Cuts through the faces of rocks we have climbed.

The army of kisses - the lake never tires -

Kisses that can put out all of my fires.

'You would be nothing without me,

I could be nothing,'

said the waves to the sand,

'I could be nothing without you.'

The young Oshawott surveyed his surroundings through bleary eyes, noticing the hint of sunshine peeking in through the window. With a soft yawn, he snuggled deeper into a downy purple comforter, unwilling to cede to the waking morning. Beside him, his beloved friend and the trainer of both him and his mother slept peacefully, her chestnut locks of hair splayed out across her pillow. Oshawott chanced a glance at the young woman, uttering a soft "Osha?" to see if she would stir. Satisfied with the lack of movement, the otter-like Pokemon pressed against her warm body, sighing blissfully at the extra few minutes to snooze. It almost felt like Momma was next to him. He felt like he was floating as he drifted off, floating on the whitest, fluffiest-


"OSHA! OSHAWOTT" screamed the startled creature as he leaped up onto his trainer's sleeping form, simultaneously dragging her out of sleep. White yelped harshly, sitting up rapidly from the shock of both the alarm and the force of a small Pokemon landing on her stomach. Regaining her bearings, the girl sighed and slammed a hand down on to the OFF button.

"Oshawott, come on, it's okay," she chided, scooping up her little friend. He settled against her, continuing to 'meep' in distress. "It's just the alarm. You know that."

Once Oshawott had calmed, White set him back on the bed. Poor thing had been so on edge since…well, she didn't like to think about it. 'Rest well, Samurott' she thought with a wince, remembering anyway. It had already been two months since that incident, and the deep wounds in White's heart were still rather raw. She mostly blamed Samurott's untimely death on herself. After saving the world, what was there left to do, anyway? White had become pathetically apathetic in the following three years, tired of all of the endless fawning and attention with which heroism came. It had been her carelessness which had led to the loss of her original partner, but she still couldn't seem to care about much of anything. Not even Reshiram could spark her into her former, lively self – the girl simply felt and acted as if she were near dead.

Rising from her tangled sheets and thoughts, White stretched slightly and grabbed her robe from where it was hanging on the door, tying it around her lithe form. With Oshawott following cautiously, the 19 year old drifted into the next room, plopping down at the kitchen table. She had moved away from her mother in Nuvema Town last year, determined to at least attempt to make it on her own. Occasional public appearances and royalties from a book she had written about her experiences paid for her to rent a small apartment in Castelia City. It was enough.

"Osha?" the otter questioned softly, nuzzling her leg. White allowed a small smile, and smoothed the fur on his head lovingly. Pokemon, at least, wouldn't abandon her.

"All right, breakfast then," she decided, standing to fill a bowl for Oshawott and to get some cereal for herself.

Once she had settled back at the table, White yawned and stared at her list of appointments for the next week, groaning when she saw an appearance scheduled for that very day. "Shit," she muttered, eying the clock, which all-too-cheerfully proclaimed it to be 6:37 AM; the event was at 8 AM sharp in Striation City, which would definitely take at least an hour of travel via flying. 'Well', she thought, staring at her cold cereal miserably, 'No shower, I guess.'

She was running so, so late. Despite the fact that Braviary was pumping his broad, powerful wings as fast as possible, White knew that she'd never make it on time. Not like she cared, anyway. The only issue was that she hated disappointing her fans, having been disappointed so many times herself. Pretty much everyone but her mother and Pokemon had abandoned her, and it left a bitter taste in her mouth. People only existed to let you down, she had reasoned and had proceeded to shut herself off from everyone else. The reminder of her heroism, Reshiram, had sat dormant in her Pokeball for months now; White knew it was cruel, but she couldn't stand to be reminded of her past more than she already was. It would only drag up memories from yet another abandonment, one too painful on which she cared to dwell.

Finally, Striation City was rapidly coming into sight. White slowed Braviary with a short call, searching for a decent place to land. Finding one, she guided him down in a spiral, slowing his descent gradually. The eagle-like Pokemon touched down on a soft path of grass in a park in the city with a soft caw, and White hopped off him, thanking and returning him as fast as she could. With that, she frantically began scrambling towards the town center where she was to give a speech regarding the reopening of the Pokemon Center, which had recently undergone major renovations. She knew that it would be the same tired old speech she always gave, about hope and all that business about how Pokemon are our friends, et cetera. Maybe she'd be nice and let Reshiram out of her Pokeball for once.

As she reached her destination, White mentally groaned as she met eyes with her frazzled agent, who looked just about ready to strangle her. Picturing the headlines (Famous Heroine Choked by Seething Bitch), she marched forward and braced herself.

"What the shit are you trying to do to me?" hissed Beth, grabbing White by the shoulder. "Send me to a premature grave? You could have at least turned on your piece of shit phone. Goddamnit, just get in there and do your thing. They're getting antsy."

"Oh, yes, Beth," White replied with a sarcastic drawl. "I'd love it if you died from a nervous breakdown. At least I wouldn't have to deal with this petty bullshit anymore."

"Christ, White," her agent snapped, shoving the girl forward. "Stop being a gigantic bitch, and go in."

Rolling her eyes, the young woman sighed dramatically and turned the corner around the Pokemon Center. Immediately, many hands were pushing and pulling her towards a makeshift stage. As she stepped on to the platform, White took a deep breath, and turned to face her audience with an overly cheery grin.

"Good morning everyone!" she chirped with false enthusiasm, feeding off of the exuberant energy of the audience. "I'm sure glad that you guys came out today to re-welcome this amazing service to your awesome city!"

Several people whooped, and others remained in awe of seeing such a legend before their very eyes. White went on with her speech, discussing how important Pokemon Centers were for the general public, explaining how this was an example of tax dollars being used to the best extent, and praising the volunteers which made up the staff. Internally, she was wincing at how incredibly cheesy she sounded, but the people were really eating this shit right up. As she was wrapping up, she allowed herself to scan the back of the crowd for the first time. A flash of a smile and green and – 'Oh…oh, what?' she thought, her mind freezing as she stopped mid-sentence, transfixed.

Several member of the audience were whispering, confused as to why the heroine had stopped so abruptly. In the back of the audience, unnoticed by anyone but the girl on stage, a tall man nodded gently for her continue, breaking her out of her spell.

"And…uhm, thanks to everyone's donations, we've made this dream a reality! Have a good time, everyone!" White finished weakly. Her head was swimming, and she felt as if she were going to pass out right on stage. As the crowd was dispersing, she shakily stepped down from the platform; the man approached her.

"White," he greeted, a kind smile on his face. "It's been too long."

"Why are you here?" she whispered, clenching her fists.

"What, are you not happy to see me?" That innocent look which filled his face was all too familiar, yet different somehow. More weathered, less naïve. "I would've thought that after three years you'd be okay with me dropping in to say hello."

Something was wiggling in White's bag, but she ignored it. Probably just her phone.

"Yeah, well, hi N, bye," she said coldly, then turned to walk away. N reached out and grabbed her arm, but she yanked it away roughly. "Leave me alone. I don't want to talk to you or see your face, okay?"

"What did I do, White?" he asked softly, a hurt look on his face. "I thought you'd want to see me. You were crying when I left, I don't underst-"

"Well, I'm not some stupid, weak girl anymore, N!" the trainer snapped. "Okay? Just leave!"

N was about to say something, but was interrupted by a huge flash and a scream from White. Panicking, he cried out and looked about wildly, unable to see anything due to temporary blindness. As the spots cleared, he was dumbfounded at what he saw.

Reshiram and Zekrom had both escaped their Pokeballs and were pressed against each other, low rumbling sounds coming from their throats. Bowing her head, Reshiram rested it against Zekrom's throat, closing her eyes in what seemed to be bliss. Because he was so transfixed with the ethereal sight, it took N a bit to notice that White had taken a very undignified face plant and was struggling to get up. Kneeling, he grabbed her elbows and carefully pulled her up. Hair undone and face covered in dirt, she glared at him, yanking her limbs away from his touch.

"Thanks," she said shortly, looking up. "What…what in the hell is going on with those two?"

"It seems as if they missed each other," N replied softly, a gentle smile coming upon his face. White eyed him, a little shaken; some things hadn't changed in the past few years. "If I had known that Zekrom was suffering so much, I would have come back sooner."

Hearing his name, the gigantic Legendary glanced over at the humans on the ground, then roared loudly. Instinctively, White knew that something was wrong – the Pokemon sounded absolutely furious, and it almost seemed like it was directed at her. Several screams resounded throughout the immediate area; White suddenly realized that there had been normal people around. Suddenly, both Pokemon separated; in the next instant, they alighted to the air and were gone.

"Reshiram!" White screamed, feeling a piece of her heart tear and a great agony settle in her chest. Despairingly, she looked to N, who had the same look of torture ingrained into his features. She felt as if a part of her had left, and it felt wrong, sick, horrible…

'What's going on?' she thought as she fell to her knees, tears blurring her vision. 'I wasn't this attached to her! Why does this feel so awful?'

A pair of arms encircled her, causing her to stiffen immediately; N was embracing her, tears running down his cheeks. She didn't push him away.

"We'll find them, we need to," he said lowly, he voice a little choked. "The heroes can't be separated from the Legendary Pokemon once they have been captured. When we caught them, we each gave them a little bit of our soul in order to give them true power. That's why it hurts so much."

"Where have they gone?" White managed, finally meeting his eyes.

"I don't know where they went, or why," N responded, uselessly searching the sky. "But we have to find them.