Edit: Someone requested I place warnings and such for pairings in the summary, but it wouldn't fit, so I'm updating this chapter with them. I'll add if need be.

Warnings: Yaoi, implied sexy times, USUKUS, FrancisXGilbert, past CanUK and temporary one-sided CanUK, later Franada, Spamano, transgender and very OOC Sealand that doesn't even vaguely resemble Sealand.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know I promised a oneshot a few days ago, but I came up with this and couldn't resist. Warning: This story may make you cry. Read at your own risk.

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It was a sunny day.

Arthur wondered just how the hell it could be so sunny. There was nothing happy about today.

He heaved himself out of bed, his eyes tearing up with memories of where he was and what day it was.

July 4th.

He trudged to the closet, throwing on whatever he found. He combed his hair, but just barely. Did it really matter anyway? His jade eyes flickered to the bomber jacket tangled in the sheets. He sheets. He had worn it every day for the past two years. Did he really need it? Would it change the situation at all?

Arthur sighed, tears still welled in the corners of his eyes. He picked up the jacket and pulled it on, feeling once again like those strong arms were around him. But our poor Arthur knew that those arms would never wrap around him again. All hope was gone. He hiccupped, still not allowing himself to cry. He couldn't cry. He couldn't cry. There was still a chance.

There was no chance.

Arthur looked at himself in the mirror. He wore a perpetual frown, and his eyes were truly helpless. Those weary eyes were nestled into dark indigo bags, puffy and ringed with red. His hair was disheveled; his shoulders slumped; he completely lacked any confidence.

There had to be something he could do, something he hadn't tried.

But he knew there was nothing anymore. The only thing that could save him was about to be taken from him forever.

And he was going to let it happen.