Kiku looked around, making sure there was no one inside. Yes, he was alone in his own house, however you could never be sure, considering Feliciano's ability to pop up when he was least wanted.

Convinced the coast was clear, he reached into his bag, pulling out his new volume of manga. It was embarrassing enough to have to buy the thing, but the hard part was over now. Nothing left but to read and enjoy.

A light blush began to form on Kiku's cheeks as he flipped through the pages, finally reaching the heroine's first "encounter" with her love interest.

"Ve~ Kiku, come play with me~" Embarrassment flooded through Kiku as he whipped around to see the Italian man reading over his shoulder, eyes open for once and jaw slightly dropped.

" You…you really do read porn!"

The Japanese man could only try to stutter a response as Feliciano ran out of his house, calling for their friend, Ludwig, and shouting about Kiku's dirty comics.

Comics are sort of like manga, ne?