She loved her. She knew she did, from the first day Spencer sat beside her, she shared her book and Ashley in turn shared her world.

"Hey beautiful" Spencer said smiling as she took her seat next to Ashley who was surprisingly early for class.

"Hey Spence", a fidgeting Ashley said never taking her eyes from the English text (another shocker as she never took books to class). Spencer's brows furrowed at the sound of Ashley's voice and a concerned look washed her face. Moving her seat closer to Ashley's till they were joined she reached her hand across, rubbing Ashley's back. "What's wrong? Are you ok?"

"Yea, I am." Ashley said, her eyes still scanning the text, her fingers flipping through the pages. Spencer didn't know whether to feel happy that Ashley was seemingly starting to take her work seriously, or hurt at the fact that not once did Ashley look at her since she stepped into the class. A tendril of Ashley's hair fell into her face, which she tried to blow back with a light wind from her lips. Realizing the slight torture, Spencer simply stroked it back, then moving her hand, her fingers drifting down Ashley's cheek, outlining the shape of her jaw. Ashley, feeling the heat under Spencer's touch, let out a sigh…causing heads to turn in the class.

"MISS DAVIES!" fumed Mrs. Berkmar as she turned from the board to face the class. "See me after class," the woman said simply, after collecting her reserve.

"See what you did" Ashley grumbled under her breath still not looking up at Spencer.

"Sorry…I…I, sorry Ashley," and then she hauled her seat back into place.

The hour seemed to go on forever, Spencer kept looking over at Ashley whose eyes never left the pages of the book she held all morning. The bell finally let out and everybody headed for the door, everybody except Ashley that is.

"Ms. Davies, I would appreciate it if there were no more outbursts like that in my class. There is a time and place for everything, and my class is certainly not the place for your sexual exhibits."

Cringing at the words coming from the elderly woman's mouth Ashley then spoke, "but I didn't even do anything Mrs. B!"

"No buts Ms. Davies…that is all," her teacher spoke again, a sympathetic smile on her face as she looked up at Ashley.

"Yes ma'am." And she walked out of the class only to hit up into Spencer who was standing at the door. "What is it?" Ashley asked staring down at her feet.

"I'm sorry for getting you in trouble."

"Yea…well…it's no big deal"

"Ash…it is, the one time you were actually focused in class I got you in trouble. I'm sorry!"

"Look, Spence…its not a big deal, get over it…I am" Ashley said walking away. The words cut Spencer like a knife. Her heart sank at the sight of Ashley walking away. It brought her back to a place she didn't like. That dark, cold, lonely, uncertain place she was in when she first moved to LA eight months ago.