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You'll Know When We Get There

The door slammed.

"Damnit Raife, you don't get to walk back into my life and expect things to be the same!"

"I know that! Don't you think I know?"

"Then leave!"

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me that you don't love me anymore."

"I don't love you," she breathed through the tears. "I waited for you, eventually I had to move on, and I have, we're not kids anymore Raife, you can't win me over with a song anymore."

"Chris, I love you," his eyes were getting glossed.

A throaty laugh escaped Christine's mouth choked behind the tears and evident anguish,

"Don't you dare try to pull this one over on me."

Raife spun around mindless, needing to smash something to dissipate his anger, when he couldn't find anything he held his head at either sides and screamed as his hands clutched at his hair.

"I need you back in my life, I can't be without you."

"You chose to be without me a long time ago, I need to go I have work."

Raife sank to the bar stool, defeated he felt sorry the day he decided to leave home, his wife, and his daughters but if Christine didn't want him in her life anymore there was nothing he could do, not even a song would fix it this time, she was right; they weren't children and she was a woman with pain and he wasn't sure he could fix that. He got up of the stool and stumbled towards the woman whose eyes had lost all familiar feeling and he held her, he held her and cried. Ashley walked in on the two and silently made her way up the stairs. When she got to her room Kyla was on her bed staring at the ceiling,

"They've been at it for a while now. I think dad might be leaving again," the sadness was pretty evident in her voice.

"I'm sorry Ky," she slumped down on the bed beside her sister and stared at the ceiling. "I'll still be here," not exactly sure how much comfort that would bring to the younger brunette.

"Thanks Ash,"

They'd stayed in the room until they heard Christine leave, when they went down stairs their father was in the kitchen, ¼ bottle of Daniels left in the bottle. Kyla nonchalantly walked over to the counter and swept up the bottle,

"You're not allowed to kill yourself while we're here,"

Raife chuckled, "I'm sorry you guys had to hear that," his voice was hoarse.

"Are you going to leave again?" Kyla didn't miss a beat, she wanted answers.

Raife looked up at her and saw that she was genuinely upset, he wouldn't have his little girl cry,

"No. I promised I wouldn't, it's one I intend to keep."

Kyla lunged at him in a startling hug. All the while Ashley was standing in the door frame looking at the two.

"Well that's good to know," she whispered.

"I'm not going to let what your mother and I have affect my life with you two," he smiled. It was the first time he'd remembered smiling in a while. The rollercoaster he and Christine had been on got the best of him,

"She asked for a divorce, I'm thinking it's the one thing I'll be able to do to make her happy."

"I'm so sorry," Kyla and Ashley said at the same time.

"It's ok. My own fault but I get it."

The three of them huddled together in a warm embrace, enjoying the family moment.

"Well actually after graduation we were planning on taking a little road trip," the brunette said reaching under the table to hold Spencer's hand.

"Oh, where to?"

"Cross country, Europe…not sure yet."

Spencer felt slightly uneasy listening to Ashley talk about their plans to her parents, she wanted all attention diverted from her so she reached for the perfect topic,

"Clay have you told them yet?"

"Told us what?" Paula averted her gaze to the other end of the table

He laughed nervously, "I got into Brown," more of a question than a statement really.

"Oh honey we know that already," Paula smiled.

Looking across at Spencer he saw the plea in her eyes and figured there might be a reason, being the great brother that he is, he smiled inwardly then said proudly,

"I've been chosen for Valedictorian of our class,"

"Wow, that's great son," Arthur exclaimed fisting it with Clay.

Paula was so excited she jumped from her chair and rushed to the other side of the table hugging Clay in his seat.

"Nice job my man," Glen's high fiving came into play and Spencer just smiled, mouthing a "thankyou" as she looked across at him, he nodded in compliance.

"May I please be excused for a moment?"

"Yea me too," Ashley chimed in.

"Sure you two," Paula said pulling the scoop from the pantry, "but you'll be missing out on


"We'll be back mom, it's only for a little while," the blonde laughed as she headed from the dining room.

Spencer stepped outside to the cool night air that was becoming even rarer as the summer approached. She sat on the patio steps resting her chin on her knees as she pulled the jacket she had brought out tighter around herself. She looked up at the stars and her breath caught at the amazing beauty that was above.

"They do look beautiful tonight," an all too familiar voice came from behind, Spencer didn't turn around but she smiled. When Ashley joined her on the steps she looked across at her and chuckled.

"I'm sorry if you wanted to be alone but I couldn't stay away."

"It's ok, I wouldn't want you to. And I secretly hoped that you would follow me," she added for effect.

"I knew it." Ashley laughed bumping their knees together. And after a moment's silence she asked, "Are you ok Spence?"

"Yea, why?"

"Well, I don't know…looks like you were dying to get out of there."

"I was, I felt like I was suffocating."

"Is something wrong? Are you sick?"

"No, it's nothing like that, I just…I honestly don't know, I just needed some air"

"Oh. I'll go inside then, come find me when you feel better?"

"No, please stay, I want you to stay," she breathed holding on to the brunette's hand.

"Ok, give me a sec," and she ran inside, back out in record time with a blanket. She walked across the lawn and spread it then leading Spencer to it, she lay her down and stayed beside her giving her the comfort of arms and a listening ear.

"Thank you,"

"Why you're welcome."

"Spencer? Spencer! Stop pacing! You'll do great," Ashley said moving forward to get a grip on the girl.

"What if I don't, what if I fail? I won't graduate," she started to ramble again, "If I don't graduate my parents will disown me, I won't get into NYU and they won't let me marry you I'll be forced to get a GED, not that anything's wrong with that but I was thinking more along the lines o—,"

The brunette put her to silence the best way she could. Spencer went limp against Ashley as she felt the girl's lips moving against hers and her tongue probing inside. Ashley continued to place a series of soft kisses on the blonde's lips before pulling back.

"Your parents won't disown you, you already got in to NYU—,"

"What if they get this grade and change their minds, they'll retract my—," Ashley kissed her again,

"Shh, they won't, and nothing will stop us from getting married and Spencer your GPA is like 4.0 so no GED ok?"

"If you say so,"

"I do. What time is your exam?" the bell rang out then.

"Now, oh God I'm late—,"

"You have 5 minutes Spence, calm down," Ashley quirked a grin, she was enjoying this.

Spencer swatted her arm, "Ash I'm scared, this is my final exam and—,"

"And you'll do great," she kissed her again for reassurance, "Good luck."

"Thank you," she smiled weakly and hugged her girlfriend.

"Now go, I'll be waiting for you in the quad," she placed a kiss to her cheek, "I love you."

She watched as the blonde reached the entrance of the examination room then turned back, Ashley smiled giving her a 'thumbs up' then watched as she entered and the door closed behind her.

"I can't believe we graduate today,"

"Dude are you crying?" Glen said adjusting his tie.

"Leave him alone," Kyla jumped in, "He's just going to miss me is all," she smiled

"Aiden you're a sap," Glen said walking pass him knocking his shoulder.

"No Glen, I'm a man with feelings,"

"Where's you get that from you idiot?"

"Her," he said placing a kiss on Kyla's lips, "Thank you," she'd adjusted his tie and now she was fixing his cap.

"Where are Spencer and Ashley?" Paula asked as she watched the rest of them get dressed,

"Upstairs in Spencer's room,"

"Spencer! Ashley! You two need to get down here now!"

"Coming mom!" Spencer bellowed from the top of the stairs.

Looking back at Ashley with a wicked grin on her face, "We can finish this later," as she zipped up her dress, the brunette pushed her against the door bringing the blonde's left leg over her hip as her hands ran up her stockings she breathed into Spencer's neck, "How about now? We can skip graduation."

"Very tempting offer," Spencer husked out, barely able to breathe, "Bu—," she felt Ashley push up against her center. The blonde held the brunette's face in her hands and kissed her hard before pushing her back gently, "we'll finish this later, I promise." and she took her cap and gown off the chair moving to the door and into the bathroom, she wasn't sure 'later' would arrive if she stayed in the same room with Ashley.

They all sat in a booth at the restaurant waiting for their food.

Raife got up clinking the fork to his glass of water,

"I'd like to propose a toast to the five graduates in our midst," looking across the faces at the booth, "Ashley honey, I'm so proud of you, immensely,"

"Thank you daddy," she smiled

"Same here Spence," Raife and Arthur fisted across the table at that comment, when did they become such good friends?

"Aiden, Glen, Clay, we need more upstanding men like you in society."

"Thank you sir," they said together causing everyone at the table to erupt with laughter.

"You guys did a great job, just wanted to say congratulations. Oh, and if anyone's looking for a job this summer give me a call, I'm establishing a production company downtown on East, 'Davies Records' and I'm gonna need all the help I can get."

"Count me in," Glen topped, I need to do something with my summer…I'm the only one who's single."

"Your choice man," Clay patted his back.

"Just in time," the waiter had arrived with the food and he was happy, groveling in his solo march wasn't something he wanted to do, plus, he was hungry.

The evening progressed well, everyone went back to Ashley's for drinks, Paula and Christine chatted it up about work and interior decorating, Clay went to go hang with Chelsea, Glen and Aiden took it to the court with Raife and Arthur and Spencer and Ashley retired to Ashley's room.

"I told you, you were going to do great Miss First Class Honors,"

"You did," Spencer blushed as she adjusted herself into the brunette's body.

"When did I get so lucky," she turned to face the blonde.

"What are you talking about?" Spencer asked tucking a curl behind the girl's ear.

"This," she motioned between the small space that separated them. "I had a bad attitude, a bad rep, bad habits," referring to her smoking and drinking a little over a year ago.

"You've always had this," pressing her hand over the brunette's chest, "A good heart."

"How do you do that?"


"See the good in people," she said stroking her cheek,

"Oh I don't know, but it's true though. You just needed someone to see you for you and I guess I was lucky enough to be that person."

"Ok let's leave it at this, we were both lucky."

"Agreed," rolling on top of the brunette so she straddled her Spencer smiled looking down at the girl, "You have the most beautiful eyes," she reached down brushing her fingers across Ashley's lids. "And your smile always puts me over the edge," she bent to kiss the brunette's lips. Ashley propped herself up on both elbows deepening the kiss, "I love you Ashley Davies,"

"I love you too Spence," snaking her arms around the blonde's lower back she pulled the blonde's body closer to hers turning so she was on top, "And a promise is a promise," she grinned as she lowered her head to kiss the girl fully on her lips.

They spent the rest of their time creating memories and fulfilling dreams, and like Plato noted, they found that they were one in the same, made for each other, a single soul dwelling in two bodies and the undeniable curiosity and attraction that pulled Spencer to Ashley in the beginning was as a result of this.

"I'm finished loading the car girls!" Arthur yelled from outside when he saw Spencer and Ashley both with one suitcase each,

"You better have a rope so I can tie those down, that poor trunk won't be able to hold anymore.

"No worries Mr. C, back seat," Ashley flashed her million dollar smile.

"Oh. Right," he took the luggage and placed them in the back seat, "Now, I'm finished loading."

"Thanks dad," Spencer smiled up at him as she reached up to hug him, "I'm going to miss you."

"Same here kiddo, same here."

Arthur looked over and noticed Ashley standing at a distance, "You know there's room for one more Ashley," and she walked towards him with tears in her eyes.

"You're the best substitute dad a girl could ask for Mr. C,"

He smiled and kissed her hair, "I was honored," he said simply. Spending most days working with teens that were like Ashley it was good he could be there for support when trouble hit close to home.

"You two be safe, call when you make your first stop, and no leaving the country," Spencer's eyes shot wide, how did he,

"Unless you call first," he grinned," I saw the tickets and brochures, incase you're wondering,"

He hugged them once more and they trailed over to Paula who was coming out of the house with a picture in her hand, it was one with the family, both families, taken after graduation, she thought the girls might like to have it.

"Mom please don't cry, we'll be fine, we're not going to Vegas to get married in an underrated chapel, and it's only a cross country road trip."

"I know, I know but I'm going to miss you two so much," Paula bickered her eyes becoming glossy. She couldn't help it, her little girl had just graduated high school and already she was on the break to getting married, you know how mom's get.

"Don't worry about it Paula, we'll send you a postcard from every city and I'll make sure Spencer calls you every night,"

The blonde gasped in horror and pinched the brunette's hip in silent disapproval; Ashley quickly fixed her statement,

"I meant at least three times a week,"

Paula raised an eyebrow at the sudden change and Spencer jumped in for the save,

"Ashley's right mom, we'll be pretty busy, and tired most nights."

Paula smiled and pulled the two ladies into a hug, she looked at her daughter, all the love in her eyes, "I'm going to miss you sweetie," turning to Ashley, "You've been the best thing that could have happened to my little girl in the time she's spent in LA. Being uprooted from everything you know is never easy but she's had you to be there for her, I honestly can't complain," the older blonde chuckled kissing the brunette's hair, "I trust you to take care of her Ashley,"

"I will Paula," she smiled, looking over at Spencer.

"Good," she dressed back wiping her eyes and straightening her shirt, "See you two in a few months then."

"Right," Spencer nodded.

"Hey you two wait up!" Glen came busting through the door and running up to the girls who were heading to the car. He stopped and looked at his sister, then at Ashley, then back to Spencer his smile widening as his view shifted. Stepping towards Spencer he stood there for a decent ten seconds in silence then a goofy grin striped his lips,

"In case you're wondering no, I'm not gonna cry,"

Spencer smiled and leaped forward capturing him in a hug, "I love you too Glen,"

He sighed as he breathed into her neck, "I'm going to miss you," bringing his hand up to ruffle her hair, they pulled back staring at each other before both burst into laughter for no apparent reason.

"Ashley, you know I think you're hot."

"So not the time for this Glen," she seethed.

"What? It was a compliment. Anyways I'm going to miss you too, watching you sneak out of Spencer's room all hours of the morning was very entertaining,"

"Glen!" Spencer barked him, mom and dad are right there, she said her teeth clenched.

He looked behind him, "Sorry Spence." Glen lifted Ashley in the hair and spun her three times before placing her back on the ground and squeezing her tightly, "I love you for making my sister happy," his thoughts were sincere, "hurt her and I'll kick your ass, even if you are hot," he smiled.

"Don't worry Glen," Ashley patted him on the shoulder, "no chance of that happening."

"Great, we understand each other."

As they strapped into the car and drove off from the Carlin residence Ashley looked across at Spencer, bringing the blonde's hands to her lips she kissed her knuckles, "Ready?"

"Ready," her smile radiant.

"This summer is going to be amazing," she eyed Spencer in the mirror.

"Oh yea?"

"You heard me missy, 'amazing'" she reached across to kiss the blonde's cheek.

"So where are we headed first Ash?"

"You'll see when we get there."