Chapter 1: The Illusions

It is a dark and calm night in the Pokemon World. Everyone is fast asleep in their own homes, waiting for the next day to come. However, out in the forest west of the Winter Ice Village came strange sounds. The forest trees began to rock back and forth violently as if a might blizzard is blowing through, but there is not blizzard. A few of the villagers heard the noises coming from outside and came out to see what the fuss is about.

Most of the villagers are wearing their coats and cloaks due to the cold. As the trees started to rock back and forth violently, the trees began to fall down to the ground, snapping into two pieces. As the trees fell to the ground, a massive wind storm blows through the village, causing the villagers to be blown off of the ground and land on their backs on the ground.

When one of the villagers landed hard on his back on the ground with his eyes cringing, the villager glows black and started to shrink. The cloak covers the identity of the Pokemon. The Pokemon said in a ticked voice, "Okay… that sucks!"

The Pokemon gets out of the cloak and it turns out that the Pokemon is a Zorua. As the villagers ran back into their homes during the harsh wind, Zorua is left outside, closing his eyes and shivering as the frigid wind blows throughout the entire village. Zorua opens his eyes with a serious look on his face and he says to himself, "This wind… I've never felt wind like this before. But, what the devil is causing it?"

When the wind finally calms and Zorua opens his eyes, he looks around at his surroundings, trying to see if there are any other villagers outside. But he sees no one outside. The wind is still blowing mildly as Zorua starts to run straight into the forest. As Zorua runs into the forest, he instantly glows black and transforms back into the Pokemon he previously was before the wind knocked him back, a Grovyle.

As Zorua ran through the forest trying to search for the main source of the problem another massive gust of wind blows throughout the entire forest once again but coming from the middle of the entire forest. A Riolu is out there fighting against a group of five shadowy figures. But they weren't any type of Pokemon known in the Pokemon World.

They are completely shadow black with blood red eyes and sharp black teeth. Whenever these things open their mouths, their mouths glow right red. They have sharp claws and they each have wings. Riolu has a frightened expression on his face as he tries to flee from the demons, but they keep on following them and flapping their wings, causing more wind to blow.

One of the demons tried to get a bite out of Riolu's right arm, but Riolu jumps back and punches the demon in the face. The demon hits his back on the ground, but the other two demons still try to go after Riolu. As Riolu tries to protect himself from the two demons, the one that got punched gets back up and flies back with the group and tries to attack Riolu.

Riolu punches one of the demons in the face again, but there are still two of them. Riolu tries to flee, but the demons keep Riolu from running away. Riolu has tears of fear rolling down from his eyes and he screams, "Somebody help…!"

But Riolu is unable to finish his sentence as one of the demons bites Riolu's right arm with their sharp teeth. Riolu screams in agony as he sees his blood dripping from his wound down to the snow. A massive wind blows throughout the whole area after that bite, causing a massive blizzard to form throughout the whole island.

Riolu looks right at the demon biting his right arm with a weak look on his face and he says, "What the hell are you…?" The demon doesn't say a word and the other two demons jump in and combine with the demon biting Riolu's right arm. Riolu's eyes widen as he sees the demon growing triple its size.

The demon now has six wings, and six eyes. Riolu is lifted into the air while the demon grew ten feet tall. Riolu has a frightened expression on his face as he sees the six eyes looking right at him. Riolu looks right at his right arm with a shocked expression in his eyes as he sees his skin tearing from the lift.

The demon grabs a hold of Riolu with its right hand and releases Riolu's right arm. The demon looks down at Riolu with a malevolent look on its face as it starts to slowly crush the life out of Riolu with its powerful hand. Riolu cringes his eyes as he feels the pressure from the crushing grip. Riolu gasps for air as he thought, "Why am I here?"

Before the demon could crush the life out of Riolu, a voice yells at the demon, "Just what the hell do you think you're doing," the demon looks down where he hears the voice and sees a Grovyle flying up straight towards the demons gut and he finishes with, "to that Pokemon?"

Black aura forms out of Grovyle's two blades on his elbows and he slashes right at the demon's stomach with Night Slash. The demon's eyes widen as it feels a massive two foot cut form on its stomach from the Night Slash. The demon loses his grip and causes Riolu to fall down onto the ground on his back.

As the demon starts walking back slowly from the force of the slash, Grovyle lands right next to Riolu and examines him. Grovyle has a worried expression on his face as he sees the severe wound on his arm. "This wound," Grovyle looks up at the demon who is now recovering from the force and he thought, "I need to get this Riolu some help before he loses too much blood. But," The demon starts walking straight towards Grovyle with a malevolent look on its face as Grovyle finishes with, "I need to take down this demon first. I can't lead it back to the village."

The two blades on Grovyle's arms start to radiate Black Aura again as he jumps up straight towards the demon again with a serious look on his face. But as he flies up straight towards it, the demon slams Grovyle with its palm and sends him flying back down to the ground. Right when Grovyle slams onto the ground, he instantly transforms back into Zorua.

Zorua gets back up onto his feet with a weak look on his face and he thought while looking up at the demon, "This isn't good. I'm not strong enough to defeat this thing," Zorua's look turned into a nervous look, "I guess I just got lucky with that Night Slash. But I'm not lucky now."

Zorua looks down at Riolu with a serious look, "I guess I have no other choice but to get you back to the village," Zorua looks back up at the giant demon, "with this one following me. I need to find someone stronger to…" Zorua's eyes widen as he sees the demon pushed back with a massive blast that passes Zorua's right side. The force from the blast send the demon falling onto its back and making it split back into three smaller demons.

Zorua looks back with a shocked expression on his face, "That blast, it can't be!" Zorua sees a group of three female Pokemon. In the group of three are Audino, Maractus, and Mienfoo. The tree Pokemon quickly run in front of Zorua and Riolu while the three demons got back up and are flying straight towards the group with blood thirsty looks on their faces.

Mienfoo looks back at Zorua and she says with a serious look on her face, "Let Audino heal Riolu's wound. You take her place and help us fight!" Zorua nods his head with a serious look on his face and he replies while he and Audino switches places, "O-okay."

While Audino heals Riolu's right arm with her Heal Pulse move, Zorua transforms into Riolu with black aura radiating out of the spikes coming from his hands. Maractus has a serious look on her face as she says while aiming both of her hands at the demons, "Here they come! Let's take them on one on one!" Maractus fires a volley of Pin Missiles at one demon and Mienfoo jumps into the air with a running head start and kicks the second demon in the face with a High Jump Kick.

While Mienfoo and Maractus take care of the two demons, Zorua is left with only one to deal with. Riolu grins with a confident look on his face and he says to the demon running straight towards him, "I hope you're ready, for I'm going to give you everything I've got!"

Riolu runs straight towards the demon with the black aura radiating out of his hands sharpening like blades. When they both came into contact, the demon tries to take a bite out of Riolu's right arm, but Riolu manages to avoid the bite and starts slashing away at the demon with a barrage of Night Slashes.

The forces of each blow pushes the demon back while Riolu keeps on swinging at the demon while keeping up with the forces blowing the demon back. Cut marks forms all over the demon's body as Riolu keeps on swinging his Night Slash. The demon starts to bleed out of those cuts all over its body after Riolu stops swinging at the demon.

Riolu grabs a hold of the demon's right arm with his right hand, lifts it up into the air, and slams it onto the ground behind him. As the demon's head slams onto the ground, Riolu lets go of the demon's arm and transforms back into Zorua. The demon's body falls down onto the ground with its head still on the ground.

Zorua had a shocked expression on his face as he sees the demon catch on black fire. Zorua remains speechless as he sees the demon slowly turn into dust. He looks right at Mienfoo and Maractus and sees the same thing happening to the demons that they fought. Zorua looks directly at the black fire and he asks, "What the hell is happening to them? Why did they suddenly catch fire?"

When Zorua looks right at the direction where Mienfoo, Audino, and Maractus are located, his eyes widen when he notices that they have disappeared. Not only is that but the space around Zorua and Riolu nothing but black fire.

The snowy ground below them has turned into charred land. Zorua looks right at Riolu's right arm and notices that the wound is still healing. Zorua looks away from Riolu and back around at his surroundings and he asks, "Where am I?"