Summery: We all know what a Phobia is. Arachnophobia is when afraid of spiders and other insects. Bacteriophobia is when you are afraid of bacteria. There is lots of Phobia out there because there are lots of things to be afraid of. And guess what it just so happened to be a prison although I was told plenty of time it is nothing but a place to help gets rid of your irrational fears or whatever insane thing you have going on I still think it's a prison. Well there is a place out there to help you with your problem and guess what I get to go there. To a place with lots of crazy people. Well guess what I'm an Anthropophobic and a mute. Looked that up and see if this is the best option for me.

Chapter 1 I hate goodbyes

From the car my eyes stared at the place before us. My face was scrunch up in fear as my eyes took in every aspect of the building before me. It had taken exactly five hours and thirty minutes to reach our destination, the building before us, and that included bathroom and food breaks. I should know because I started counting once I left the comfort of my home and ended the count once we pulled into a stop. When we did though I pulled out a notepad and wrote the exact number down and under that I put 'You won't be able to visit me that much will you'. The person who I had written to sat in the front seat by the wheel and gave me a sad look. She had tears in her crimson red eye – her eyes were naturally that color- and she shook her head.

"We'll talk about that later Hinata." She had said to me. Yet what she was really saying was "Yes I won't be able to visit you that much."

I let out a sigh and continued to stare at the building. It was a big place – then again it had to be to fit a whole lot of people in it. There were exactly four windows on this side of the building on the first floor and four more on the top floor. In between those two floors there weren't any windows. I quickly looked away from the building when someone had walked into my line of sight. Opting to look down at my lap – where my hands had found themselves in a clasps position – I tried to become as small as possible.

The lady who had driven me here was named Kurenai. She had a foot past shoulder length hair – I measured – and deep crimson red eyes. She had on a long sleeves red shirt and a short sleeves white jacket over it. The white jacket had black splashes on it. She wore regular blue jean and had on black and white shoes.

I on the other hand wore an oversize black hoodie and some black jeans. I had on black and white shoes on and a white hair band in my hair to keep it away from my eyes. Kurenai then stepped out of the car and came over to y door. She tapped on it and waited. And waited and waited and waited and waited. Finally after waiting so long – she has a ton of patient – she got tired and tried to open the door. I already one step ahead of her held onto the handle of the door to keep it closed. She pulled I pulled she pulled I pulled. It was like a tug-of-war game and sooner or later one of us was going to lose.

I just wished it wasn't me.

She pulled the door opened and me along with it. Good thing I had my seatbelt on or I would have been pulled out the car. Kurenai gave me a stern look and I sighed as I took my seatbelt off and followed her into the building. Of course that's what Kurenai saw. What I saw was different. What I saw was a place with fire all around it. Instead of the white that was painted on it the color was black. Oh and let's not forget that the windows had bars on it.

No escaped it screamed to me.

And I don't think Kurenai knows this but we just entered the building that hosted a lot of demons. I tried to tell her this via notepad but she just shook her head telling me that my hallucinations were acting up again. I then pointed at the person in the resections booth but she ignored me on that too. Sighing I shied behind her as she talked to the lady behind the counter. The lady had long blond hair and bright brown eyes. She had on a white long sleeves shirt and black pants. She greeted us with a smile. But before I could see a change in her smile I hid my face behind Kurenai back.

"Hello name please?" The lady asks. Although I couldn't see it from my point of view but I was positive that Kurenai had a smile on her face as she tried to get me from behind her. Trying and failing to move me.

"Yuuhi Kurenai." The woman said. The lady nodded her head and tapped on her keyboard. When she finished she nodded her head and looked up at us again the fake smile back in place. Her eyes showed her real emotions though and it held annoyance in them.

"Yuuhi-san wait one moment in the waiting room Sarutobi-sama should be down to see you in a few minutes. He's just finishing up a meeting as we speak." She then went back to looking at her computer. Kurenai dragged me over to a chair and sat me down while sitting down the chair besides me. I took this moment to look around the place.

The counter where the fake lady was typing away at was a marble brown color. The walls in this room were a tan-ish color. There were exactly ten chairs situated all over the place and a few tables in between them holding some magazines. There was exactly five plants settle in different spots of the one was behind the fake lady, two were by the entrance to the place, one was on the table to my left, and the other one was on the opposite side of the plant on my left. Kurenai had taken to reading while we waited for the head of this prison – although Kurenai doesn't think it is – to come down and greet us before we go back up to his office and get on the real stuff.

"Thanks for visiting I'll let you know if he has any major setback or improvements." My head turned to the direction of the sound to see an old man with a funny looking hat on. He was walking down the stairs with two other people – one male one female – besides him. He showed them to the door then turned to look at us. With a smile on his face he walked over.

I of course shrunk – or at least tried to – away from him. Yet even that didn't stop him or make him hesitant though I know he saw it.

"You must be Yuuhi Kurenai and this lovely lady beside you is Hinata isn't she." Kurenai gave him a nod of her head and got up to greet him.

"Hello Sarutobi-san I and Hinata are please to meet you." She spoke. It was nice how she included me into that whole thing even though I wasn't that happy to meet the old man in front of us. The old man – Sarutobi – shook his head.

"Nonsense the pleasure is all mines." He said then herded us to his office. We – as in Kurenai – allowed ourselves to be herded. Kurenai in the front and I was lagging behind that is until I saw someone come around the corner, then I was rushing to catch up to them if only to be away from said person and closer to Kurenai.

Once inside Sarutobi office all the nice little chit chat they had down there was gone. The air was full of seriousness and gloominess. Kurenai was back to the sad look in her eyes and me… well I was still trying to shy away from Sarutobi.

"It said in her files that she is an Anthropophobic." He stated more than questioned. Kurenai nodded her head.

"Yes Hinata suffers from a server case of Anthropophobia." She answered even though it wasn't a question. I let out a sigh. Everybody kept saying I had a server case of Anthropophobia but I don't. I mean I'm seating here in front of a complete stranger and I'm not having a heart attack. So I was all up in Kurenai's personal space holding on to her arm for dear life…that doesn't mean anything. Tired telling Kurenai…and the police…and the court…and the government that but they wouldn't hear any of that. Apparently attacking an officer while in a fit of panic is a crime. The court ruled that I was a danger to myself and others. I had snorted at that because I was never a danger to myself. And the 'to the others' part is kind of mute because as long as they don't enter my personal space – or line of sight - I'll be fine. "But he was five feet away from you," the judge had argued when I stated that. Well it just so happen that my personal space is indeed more than other people's.

Yeah the judge didn't want to hear any of that either. She was the one who suggested – ordered – me to come to this place. The government – who was paying Kurenai because she was fostering me – naturally agreed. And poor Kurenai had to take me to this place which is five hours and thirty minutes away – if you take a break.

"Hinata." Kurenai called breaking me from my musing. I turned to see her standing up by the door looking at me. How she got out my grip I'll never know. Sarutobi was also standing by the door holding it opened. I got up and walked over to them. He then let the door go as he led us down the stairs.

"Okay tomorrow Hinata room will be ready and we will have someone to help her around the place." Sarutobi-san spoke.

My eyes widen a fraction when it registered what he had said. Tomorrow he had said that I would be back up here getting settled in. Tomorrow…Kurenai has work tomorrow. I studied her work schedule and the time she had to go – it was an twenty minute ride to her job from her house – which concluded that she won't be able to see me that much. Then everything else he said along with the information about Kurenai work schedule dawned on me. Quickly I grabbed my notepad and wrote on it, when finished I held it up for all to see.

"Am going to be by myself tomorrow aren't I?" I had written. Kurenai gave me a look filled with sympathy while Sarutobi held a look of understanding.

"Don't worry Hinata I'll come by as soon as I can." Kurenai said. I nodded my head before crossing those words out and writing something else down.

"How am I going to get here?" Kurenai has work in the morning and she doesn't get off until around three to four o'clock. Kurenai seemed to think about that for awhile.

"I guess Asuma can come pick you up and drop you off. He has the night shift tomorrow." I nodded my head. I didn't like the fact that it wasn't Kurenai taking me but I can deal with Asuma. Sarutobi nodded his head.

"Then it is settled." Sarutobi said holding another door opened. It was then that I realize that we have already descended the stairs and was by the entrance. Kurenai and him said their good byes before me and the former left the place. We got back in the car and took a five hour and thirty minute drive home. We stopped once to get something to eat. When we did make it home Kurenai helped me pack then sat on the bed beside me.

It was around eight O'clock and we had to get to sleep since we had a big day tomorrow. Correction I had a big day tomorrow Kurenai just has work.

"Hinata," Kurenai started as she stared at me. "I want you to know that I believe in you and that even though I won't be there personally that I will be there in spirit." I nodded my head at this. Really there was nothing I could write – don't speak remember – to that and so a simple nod of my head would have to do.

"Okay then, just remember that if you need anything you could count on me. And if you ever feel like talking or something that I'm there." Once again I nodded my head. I knew exactly what she meant by that. The thing is nobody knew about my past and I would like to keep it that way because once someone know then a whole lot of things will go down. Yet no one saw it that way maybe it was because what happened should have never happened or maybe because they just wanted to know but no one would leave it alone. And the fact that I haven't spoken in ages just makes more people want to know.

Kurenai was the person who had found me and took me in. she was the only person who realized that badgering me was doing more bad then good. So unlike everyone else Kurenai hung back. Even though I was living in her house at the time and she could have asks me to tell her anytime what had happened she never did. That is what made me open up to her. I started to come to her with small problems and she was the person who figured out what being around people did to me. And because of that she never forced me to do anything unless it was really important.

"Good night Hinata I'll see you in the morning." She said. I wrote the same thing – her name in place of mine – and showed it to her. She stood up and looked awkward for the moment. I nodded my head at her and she nodded hers back before leaving my room. I got dressed in some nightwear before lying back in my bed. With one more nod of my head I turned the light off before being consumed by my sleep.

I woke up around eight in the morning. I got dressed and headed down the stairs to see Kurenai already down there with something on the stove.

"Good morning Hinata." She said with a small smile. I nodded my head back at her. Without my notepad on me – I left it on my dresser – there was really no way I could communicate with her. She set a plate of food down in front of me and sat down on the opposite side with her own plate of food.

Breakfast was quiet…really quiet. I mean I don't talk and Kurenai isn't much of a conversationalist. So this was how all our breakfast, lunch, and dinner was like. Extra quiet – not that I minded – but this time it was like something was suffocating us. Like the air suddenly grew invisible arms and just started chocking us. I don't know how many times I went and got me another glass of water to help get the food down.

And Kurenai was the same. She would get up every now and then to refill her glass of water. We both avoided looking at each other. Yet none of us could avoid it any longer and sooner or later – hopefully later way later – we would have to go our separate ways.

"Hinata." Kurenai spoke right after we put our plates away. Guess like its sooner. I looked up at her a nodded my head to tell her I was paying attention. "I know this will be the last time we see each other for a while so I just wanted to say my goodbyes before Asuma gets here." I nodded my head again only this time more slowly.

I hated goodbyes. Always have and always will. Why? Well goodbyes always seemed so final like that would be the last time I would ever see you again. I knew that Kurenai would take time out her day to come see me and that's why I didn't want her saying goodbye. Because goodbye means – to me that is – that she wouldn't come see me again.

The door bell ranged and Kurenai got up to get it. I stayed there in my chair waiting for them to come to me. There was laughter out in the living room and once they had come down they entered the kitchen to see me still sitting there.

"Hey Hinata." Asuma said. Asuma had a cigarette in him mouth and his hair was put in a messy ponytail. He had on a long sleeves black turtle neck shirt and dark blue pants. I nodded my head at him before getting up to get my things. It didn't take me that long for they were already by my door. I picked them up and spent the a few minutes looking at my room with a longing look on my face I then wrote a something on my notepad and tore it out placing it on my bed.

I then turned away from the room and headed down stairs. When Kurenai comes home from work and goes into my room because she would miss me. She would sit down on that bed and see my words.

"See you later Kurenai-chan." I had written and then tears would fall from her face as she nods her head with a small smile. She would agree with me.

I hate goodbyes. See you later is so much better.

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