AN: Just letting everyone know that the first chapter to the new Phobia has been posted. You will find on my story list as Phobia: The Fear Of…..

What'd ya guys think of the tittle…I want something cooler lol. On another note I also recently finished a chapter to another story if you guys seen that list on chapter 6 about the different stories I was working on the chapter I finished would be to the first option, though I changed it up a bit because I forgot what I had wrote…but I don't know if I wanna post that yet I might just be on the lookout for it

For the other stories on that list: I haven't finished chapter 1 of dimension travel but I am working on it. My computer had crashed some time ago and I had lost all my stories on it…you'd think I'd learn to back my stuff up but noooo I have to be such a hardhead…

…so I started over on it.

Now for Maid for the Uzumakis…this is the sad one…I had up to I believe four chapters done on that one. I was waiting for the fifth one and for me to get further into Phobia before I posted it. Again because of that crash I had lost it all…

All that hard work gone down the drain…

But not all is lost…

What's this…checks emails…hey isn't this a chapter for Maid for the Uzumakis….

Why yes it is

Err its actually the uncompleted fifth chapter but at least it's something to work with right?


There's also another story you guys should be on the lookout for…it's called…

Drum roll please…

Meet The Parents Hyuuga Style: This story is about Hinata meeting Naruto family and friends for the first time after they have already been dating for three years and decided to marry. You can tell problems are going to happen..hehe

This is actually a series and once this is done I will start writing

Meet The Parents Uzumaki Style: In which Naruto meets Hinata family and friends after Hinata has met his.

And then after that we're going to have

My Big Fat Uzumaki Hyuuga Wedding: In which everyone believes that they know how to through a wedding and what's best for the bride and groom.

Yep…yep those stores are on the back burner, though I have completed chapter 1 already of the Hyuuga style one just going over it and seeing if I wanna put some changes to it.

All in all I want to write more stories where they're all ninjas…

And that guys transition us into the

My Muse Is Crazy: Hehe that's a working title. It's the story where all my random plots are going to get put into one thing. They will have multiple chapter…unless it's a one-shot and if I get enough reviews I might put them in their own little story but they're in my muse is crazy because there's a good chance they won't be finished. But hey you can still read them and I will try my best to finish them, they just come after the ones that are separated…

Now how does that lead us into my muse is crazy…let me tell you

I have figured out the first story/chapter I will be posting. It's kinda a Naruto meets Doctor who thing…I love Doctor who…

It's more or less: Naruto is the Doctor…or the Uzumaki…the working title is Uzumaki who. He use the…don't know Japanese name to it so I'm just gonna say the flying thunder god technique to travel through time and space…well a refined version of the technique anyway. There will be no police box tho…sad…

To wrap things up:

Phobia: The Fear of… will be up.

The illusionist…gonna be called The illusionist The fighter The medic The defender…might be up soon.

Meet the parents Hyuuga style: might be up soon.

And everything else is just not done at the moment.

As I said before updates for everything will be slow. I write when I can and what story I write for depends on what crazy plot my muse is working up. Like for the illusionist ( didn't feel like writing the actual name) I'm like light years away in my mind working about different missions they're going on and stuff. In reality I haven't even started chapter 2 yet….starting chapters seems a little hard for me. And as I write this right now I just had an idea on how to start the chapter. I must thank you guys for all your help…because talking out loud (writing to people in this scenario) can help you find a solution to your problems….

So yeah oh and

Suki77: Thanks for wishing me luck on the test (and everything else). This is the third AP class I have taken. My first in sophomore year I didn't take the test though 'cause I didn't think I would do good. Junior year I did take the test…was kinda cornered into taking it…I only got a 2 on it. this year I feel like I do better maybe get a 4 or (dare I say it) a 5… actually your review was actually prompted this AN right here.

That is all...i have to get to sleep now.