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Of Family

Luffy - Just after entering the Grand Line

Her back looked lonely as she faces the sea, her gaze set on the wide blue water. In her hand was a bright orange mikan that she tossed lightly, catching it on its way back down.

I wonder if she's going to eat it. Maybe she'll give it to me.

I give myself a little shake. Focus, Luffy.

A deep breath. Okay. Good to go. "What's wrong, Nami?" I asked as I came up beside her. She tosses the mikan again.

She barely looked at me, "Just thinking." A small pause. "I'm wondering how my village is doing. How Nojiko is doing…"

"I'm sure they're fine," I told her.

"Yeah," she agreed, nodding happily, but then her face grew lonely again. She grasps "But… That's kind of what makes me feel…"

"Sad?" I offered –and she laughed.

"Sad is a very shallow level of this feeling," she sighed. "It's closer to… lonely, I guess."

"But you have me."

She laughed again.

"Seriously, Nami –if you're lonely you can come to me," I told her.

"Luffy, it's not lonely as in needing company," she sighed, laughing and rolling her eyes. Another toss of the fruit, "It's like… I worked so hard to protect them, and now they don't need me."

"You're homesick," I realized.

"Yeah," she looked surprised that I understood. But she didn't say anything more.

"But you don't have to be," I told her, frowning, leaning over the railing.

"What do you mean?" her gaze followed me.

I thought she would know that –"This is your home. And we need you."

"But that's until we reach the end of the Grand Line. Once you're the Pirate King, will you really need me still? Will you want me around?"

"Of course."

"What for?"

"I don't know yet," I shrugged. Then my stomach growled. Would she give me that mikan, or not?

"Then how do you know?" she demanded.

"Because we're nakama," I pause. "And if you miss your family, we can be that too."

She quickly turns her head away.


"Sorry –I got something in my eye."

I waited patiently for her to get it out. When she turned back to me, her eyes were red. I hope it got better.

"Here," she threw the fruit at me.

"Thanks!" I grinned, immediately beginning to eat the mikan.

"Usually people peel the mikan first," she told me.

"But then you're eating less," I pointed out.

"No –you know what, never mind," she shook her head as she began to walk away.

"Thank Nami," I called out again. But she only lifted her hand in reply, not turning back.

Nami -present day

I sat up in bed, running a hand over my face. I had woken up an hour ago, but I couldn't get back to sleep. It didn't help that I had been dreaming about Arlong and his crew. In my dream, I dreamt that being here on Thousand Sunny –even Going Merry –was the dream. What a nightmare…

I pinched myself for the thousandth time, making sure I was really awake now.

Was Nojiko doing well? And Genzo…

"Stop it," a voice murmured from beside me.

"What?" I looked down at Luffy, who laid beside me, half under the covers, half exposed to the cool air of our bedroom.

"Thinking… hurts. Sleep… good… Meat… better…" he murmured tiredly into the pillow.

I rolled my eyes.

"Nami… best," he finished with a sigh.

I cracked a smile, laying back down and stretching his arm around me. Did he remember what he once said to me, before we even left the East Blue?

Probably not.

His eye had been on my mikan that day.