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Of Ribbons

T'was the night before Christmas,

And there on the ship,

Messes were being made

And cocoa was being sipped

And who else but Luffy would be the center of all destruction…

"Do you think you can do this?" Robin asked Luffy.

"Mm," he nodded slowly. "Thanks for showing me again, Robin."

"We all tend to forget after a year of not wrapping," she smiled at him as she backed away. "I'm sure she'll like your present."

"I hope so," he sighed, sitting down with all the materials he needed right in front of him.

Wrapping paper. Check.

Scissors. Check.

Tape. Check.

Nami's present? Check.

Nami's present this year was a small teddy bear. It's fur was the same orange as the mikans, and after searching long and hard, Luffy managed to find a small straw-hat for the bear to wear.

"Luffy?" Nami spoke from behind the door.

"Don't come in!" Luffy expanded to cover everything, lying on top of it all.

"I was just checking on you," she pressed her lips together to suppress laughter.

"Well… Go away," he said, wanting to keep her gift a secret.

"We're exchanging gifts in a while in the kitchen. Come on up when you're ready."

"Mm," he replied, then waited to hear her footsteps retreat. He let out a large sigh of relief, backing off the materials slowly. He looked at everything for a long minute. Then frowned. "How did Robin do it again?" A moment of silence, then –"Shishishi, oh, yeah!"

The tree shined brightly in the dark kitchen. Candles were lit instead of using lights, and it was only natural that Brooke was singing.

"Luffy should be done by now," Nami tapped her fingers on the kitchen table. The hot chocolate in front of her was untouched as she couldn't stop wondering about what kept Luffy.

"Can we open our gifts without him?" Usopp sighed loudly. "He's taking forever."

"I'll go check on him," Robin got to her feet.

"No, I will," Nami stood up.

"He's wrapping your gift," Robin smiled.

"I'll check up on him," Nami said firmly. She grabbed her carefully wrapped present in her hands, taking it with her as she headed for the door.

Robin eased herself back into her seat, picking up her mug of hot chocolate as she gave a small shrug. "Suit yourself."

Nami closed the kitchen door behind her as she entered onto the deck. There was no snow on the ground, but the ship was decorated festively. Garland was wrapped around the railings, and lights were hung up from the mast. Tinsel was strewn across the decks, in no real fashion, but the silver glinted in the light of the moon.

But Nami saw none of this as she strode to the door of the men's quarters. With a small, quick inhale of cool –but not cold –air, she knocked on the door.



She knocked again; "Luffy? Is everything okay?"

She strained her hearing to hear a muffled sound from within. Taking another breath, she opened the door.

Inside, wrapping paper and ribbons were everywhere. And in the middle of the mess was Luffy, a tangle of rubbery limbs, ribbons and tape.

Nami pressed her fingers to her lips in an attempt to contain her laughter. To no avail. "Pfffffffft. Luffy… Ha…haha… hahahhahaha!" She held her sides as laughter consumed her. Through it all, she slowly made her way over to him. By the time she reached him, her giggles had subsided. She knelt down in front of him, placing her gift aside.

"Oh, Luffy, what happened?" she asked, pulling a misshapen bow from his lips. "We were wondering what kept you…"

"You weren't supposed to come in. Didn't you hear me?" he pouted.

"Sorry for not understanding you with the bow in your mouth," she rolled her eyes, shoving the bow back between his lips. With a small sigh she began undoing the knots in the ribbon.

It was quiet with Luffy being unable to talk. And being together in this silence was oddly comforting to Nami. She couldn't help but smile as their skin met innocently, time and time again as knot after knot became unraveled. When his hands were free, he took the bow out of his mouth, but still he didn't talk, enjoying this time together as much as Nami was.

"You weren't supposed to come in," he murmured as Nami worked on the last few knots.

"Mm. I know," she replied quietly.

"I was wrapping your present," he pressed his lips together in a mild frustration. At the mention of the word 'present,' Nami's eyes unintentionally roamed the room –and there, not too far away, lay a teddy bear, half covered in crinkled red paper. "Robin showed me how… But I just couldn't do it. Sorry."

"It doesn't matter," Nami reached over and picked it up. She brushed it off gently, then smiled at it. "This is cute. I love it."

"Wait, there's more," Luffy frowned as he looked around. He shifted through the mess until he found what he was looking for. The straw-hat.

"Luffy!" Nami squealed delightfully. "It's missing the ribbon around the hat, but otherwise it's just like yours. It's perfect!" She took the hat from him and placed it on the bears head, mumbling once more, "Perfect."

"Ehhhhhh, I'm glad," Luffy fell back onto the ground. "I was so worried that it wouldn't be a good Christmas present."

"It's amazing, Luffy, thank you," Nami placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Shishishi," Luffy grinned. He eyed the gift by Nami's side. Nami caught on a moment to late, and Luffy snatched it up before she could. "Is this mine? It smells like cookies. Did you burn them?"

Before she could reply, he was already pulling the ribbon off.