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Of Stars

The grass is cool against my back. Sprawled out on the lawn deck, limbs extended, I look up at the night sky. I never realized how comfortable just lying here was. I kind of feel like I'm floating through space, especially with the rising and falling of the ship as gentle waves rock us.

I run my hands over the blades of grass, closing my eyes for a moment. This is perfect. I could fall asleep like this.

"What are you doing?" Luffy's voice brings me back to reality.

"Being a star," I say after a moment.

"Oh," I hear the rustling of his clothes as he sits down near my head I open my eyes, tilting my head back so I can see him. He's looking up at the sky. "How do you become a star?"

"I was referring to the way I was lying down," I roll onto my stomach, resting my chin on my arms. "All spread out. My head, hands and feet were the tips of the star… Is something wrong?"

"No," he says slowly, but he never tears his eyes from the sky.

"What is it?"

"What's so special about stars?" he asks, looking down at me.

"Considering they're just balls of gas, they're pretty to look at," I glance up at the sky again. I look back down at Luffy. "The sun's a star, you know."

"Nami, I'm not an idiot," he looks at me. "The sun is not a star."

"It is," I smile.

"You expect me to believe that the sun is just like all those tiny dots in the sky?"

"The sun's the closest star to us, which is why it's so big," I tell him.

"Oh." He accepts my explanation just like that.

We fall to silence. I can hear Usopp and Chopper laughing somewhere on the ship. Brooke's loud "Yohoho." Whatever they're doing, they're having a good time.

"What don't you like about stars?" I ask after a moment.

"Someone… told me once, that when people die, they become a star," he says slowly. When I don't respond, he looks at me. But I don't know what words to say, because I've heard that, too. After a moment he presses on, "So?"

"I don't know if they do, Luffy," I shrug. "Maybe they do, maybe they don't."

"I don't want Ace to be a star," he looks at the ground.

"Why not? As a star, he can watch over you from all the way up there. He can… shine his light to guide you… He can… rest peacefully, floating in the night sky."

"But I don't know which one he is," Luffy murmurs quietly, glancing up at the sky.

"You don't have to know," I tell him. "I think the point is that even though you don't see him, he's still with you all the time."

"Not when the sun's up," Luffy frowns.

"Well, actually –"

"Oh! The sun's a star!" Luffy remembers. "Maybe Ace is the sun! It is hot –Robin says it's all flames and gas and stuff! If it's flames, it has to be Ace, right?"

"Of course," I smile at him. It'd be nice if it were true.

"If I die, I wonder which star I'll be?" he wonders out loud.

"I'm sure you'll be the biggest, brightest star in the night sky," I pick up his hand and kiss his knuckles. He lifts his hand away from my lips and gently caresses my face with his fingertips.

"Maybe I could share the sun with Ace and you."

"Maybe," I agree.

"Or you and I could share the moon."

"The moon's not a star."

"But the sun's a star."

"That doesn't mean the moon is."


He lapses into silence, letting out a big sigh. I move so that I can lie down beside him. He wraps his arm around me as he lies with me on the grass of the lawn deck. My limbs aren't spread out; I'm no longer a star floating through space.

But that's okay. Because I'm pretty happy on earth right now.