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Chapter 11: The other guy part 1

Drake now in possession with the truth of what really happened to him five years ago confronted his friends or if he could call them that.

"Drake listen we need to talk abo-"

"SHUT UP!" Drake shouted interrupting. "I know everything, I know that I died." he said as now the truth about what really happened to Drake that night came to light.

"You died?" Cassie said not believing it. "Is that true?" she turned to the team and the looks they gave said it all.

"Why? Why would you lie about this? I thought you were my friends?" Drake said as the sting of betrayal was felt in his voice.

Kaldur stepped forward to answer. "Drake we were told to lie about that fact and the reason why was how it would affect your mind." he explained.

"Who told you to do it?" Drake asked.

"Batman told us to tell you s-"

"Shoulda known! I guessed the league want to keep me under their watch and use me against Luthor or something, that's all I am to everyone…a weapon." Drake said as that what he really thought of himself.

"Look Drake we need to get you to the med lab and find out what caused you to-"

"Stay…stay away from me…I…I…" Drake was beginning to mentally collapse as he had no idea who was friend or foe anymore.


"Shall we start it?"

"Yes, let's begin the program."


Drake just stood there confused and alone in all of this as he could not know what was real and what was not as then Conner approached him.

"Drake remember when we first met?" Conner asked.

"Yeah you were being yourself after your talk with Superman and I talked to you." Drake answered.

"You reached out to me and when I got rejected you came to my defense like a bro." Conner said as they both remembered that moment they became best friends.

"Drake you are my best friend, I want to help you no matter what." Conner said as Drake looked up to him.

But then Drake began to have a huge headache and the pain intensified as he grabbed his head in agony and began to scream.

"Drake?! What's wrong?!" Conner asked as he went to check on him.

He then stopped and was just motionless as he then looked up and gave the Kryptonian a cold stare and without warning he just delivered a jaw jacking uppercut sending flying into the air as he landed hard on the ground.

"Drake?!" Kaldur shouted as no one could believe it.

He then went over to the main lair's computer and activated the teleporter codes and two arrivals came through and emerging was Snakeskin and Sportsmaster.

"Looks like it's round two boys and girls!" Snakeskin said.

But the face off between father and daughter was now happening.

"Hi dad." Artemis said with an arrow aimed at her father.

"Hello dearest daughter, miss me?" Sportsmaster asked as he had his hockey stick directed at her.

Drake stood there not even showing an ounce of emotion as Snakeskin was next to him as he looked to his team mates then to Drake.

"Take them out." he ordered.

Drake at such speed came running towards them and leaped into the air and landed behind all of them and struck Kaldur with a right hand throwing him across the room then going for Wally as he swept his legs from under him and he slammed his fist down into his chest knocking the wind out of him, then going for Dick who was caught off guard as he tried to defend himself from the onslaught of the brainwashed Drake but as quickly as he struck them he took down the Boy Wonder with a left hook to his face, an uppercut and finished with a shattering roundhouse kick just disabling him.

Artemis was busy fighting Sportsmaster, Aquagirl, Zatanna and Miss Martian were taking on Snakeskin who was using his camouflage to stay out of sight.

But that left Drake alone with Wondergirl.

"Drake…it's me Cassie…don't you remember me?" Cassie tried to reason with him.

He just marched towards her with a cold stare.

"I will hurt you if I have to!" she said as she threw a fist but he caught it and with her other arm was able to lift him up and throw him down to the ground as she had him pinned she went to deliver a blow but again she looked to him and was hesitating not wanting to bring herself to hurt him and just as quick he took advantage of her hesitation and kicked her off him and he ground and pounded her not stopping and then went for one more blow but then saw her face.

Her face was bruised and blood was beginning to flow as then something happened within the recesses of his mind…

Cassie? NoNot againNO!

Somehow then Drake seeing this from the outside began to fight for control of his body, mind and soul with all he had as he backed away and was struggling to get control of himself.

"Oh now what!" Sportsmaster said as he noticed Drake was beginning to fight it.

"He's fighting the program, think we'd better turn him off." Snakeskin said.

"Aw c'mon the kid will be a mindless drone again once he stops fighting it." Sportsmaster said.

But Drake continued to fight the program and seeing Snakeskin was right he had to do it.

"Dark." he shouted.

That caused Drake to fall silent and he just stood there with a far away look in his eyes and frozen like a statue.

Both assassins were done with the teens and decided to check on Drake.

"Is he damaged?" Snakeskin asked.

Sportsmaster checked Drake. "No all good let's take back our property." he said as he scooped him up onto his shoulders.

Cassie began to stir from the beat down she received from the controlled Drake and saw them leaving with him.

"Drake…I won't…I…uh…" her vision blurred then faded as the last thing she saw was them taking Drake away.


"Cassandra?…Cassandra?" the voice called to her as she opened her eyes and saw it was her sister Diana as she sat up to see the League was there investigating what had happened.

"Diana? What are you doing here?" Cassie asked as she was helped up.

"We lost communication with the base and came here to find this." Diana said surveying the destruction around them.

"What happened here?" Batman asked looking around.

"Well for a starters Drake has finally lost his mind and has pretty much pulled a Benedict Arnold on us." Robin said.

The League looked shocked all except for Batman and Martian Manhunter.

"It was as we feared." J'onn said.

"What do you mean by that?" Superman asked.

"The codes that were compromised a while back…that was Drake." Batman answered.

They all again were shocked to hear that they both knew this.

"Hold on! You knew Drake was going crazy and he was a traitor?!" Artemis said not believing it.

"He is not a traitor!" Cassie came in defending Drake.

"Yeah she's right that wasn't Drake!" Conner came in as he was nursing his jaw.

"So why didn't you tell us about Drake going bad?" Robin asked.

"He cannot control his actions." J'onn said.

Batman brought up an X-ray of Drake's body showing his skeletal and muscle tissue as his brain was brought up.

"We found that attached to his brain is some sort of nanotechnology that can take control of his mind and body, it seems to deliver a program of sorts on command to turn him into a machine." Batman explained.

"You mean it brainwashes him?" Wally asked.

"To an extent but how he got his powers still remains a mystery." Batman said.

"But didn't Cadmus do this to him like they did to me?" Conner asked as he hadn't forgotten his time with them.

"I'm thinking they wanted to make improvements with those experiments." Robin said.

"Yes and we need to start at the Cadmus labs were you all found him, it could provide some clues to his whereabouts." Batman said as they all knew what to do.


"So this is him huh?" Lawrence said getting a closer look at Drake who stood as stoic as a statue.

"Yes Luthor wanted him in one piece but we have orders to do this." Snakeskin said.

"Fair enough let's make an adjustment and we'll let Luthor have him." Lawrence said.


The team arrived at Cadmus labs but were staking the place out in hopes Drake would show up.

"Hey guys guess who just showed up?" Robin said.

"Drake?" Superboy said.

"That was quick only ten minutes and he shows up." Kid Flash said.

"No it's Lex Luthor." Robin confirmed it was the business tycoon himself.

"You sure?" Kid Flash asked.

"Who else has a crome dome like that?" Robin joked.

They watched as Luthor exited his limo and entered the labs as following behind was his driver/bodyguard Mercy Mercer, they made their way up to the building's top floor as he then saw a figure standing there awaiting him.

"I never thought you'd be courageous enough to make an experiment like this happen but I must ask this…Why this one? What does he have that others don't?"

"Simple…you know him, better yet he's someone you've searched for all your life." Luthor said giving him a hint.

He thought for a second and the hint just hit him quickly to who it was.

"He's perfect and you knew that, it was your idea to do so before so I hope he's proving himself?"

"As we speak he already single handily defeated those super teens now he should be put to the real test." Luthor said.

"Yes he should."

As then the alarms sounded and the sounds of gunfire was heard and then a large explosion was heard as the elevator was coming up.

Luthor knew what was coming. "You sent him to kill me didn't you?" he asked as his guest was gone.

"Mercy…if you would." Luthor ordered her as she brought out her arsenal ready for the intruder.

The door was busted off it's hinges and in walked a masked individual as he faced down both Mercy and Luthor as Mercy just fired at him but he quickly sidestepped the blast and with such speed he came at her and within moments he began to nail several strikes and grabbed her hand cannon and with one hand snapped it off causing her to shout in pain and just easily dispatched her with a punch.

Luthor knew now he was defenceless against him and faced his project who looked different, he now wore a red skull mask covering the upper part of his face as the rest of him was a red and black armour equipped with guns and two katana blades on his back.

"So is this what they had planned for you?" Luthor asked.

He just walked towards him and drew out his two semi-automatics and pointed them at him as Luthor began to get nervous.

"Stop where you are right now before I stop you!" Luthor said trying to reason with him as he kept on marching.

"Dark!" Luthor said but nothing happened as he now was panicking. "What? Impossible! Guess you leave me no choice millions of dollars down the drain!"

He took a moment. "Omega!" he shouted as he stopped in his tracks.

Seeing he was stopped Luthor inspected him. "I had high hopes for you but now it's back to the labs with you." he said.

But then he turned around and put his guns away and in that instant Luthor turned around to see he was active and he just grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up with one arm as he was choking him.

"Y-You can't…ugh…do…ugh…this…" Luthor said as he was being choked to death.

He looked into his eyes with nothing but a vacant stare as the life drained away from the business tycoon.

"Put him down now X!" he turned to see the voice of Robin and the rest of the team all seeing him about to commit murder.

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