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I need to get back to report to Lady Tsunade. I can't believe I saw him! Now all I need to do is make it back to the village. Easier said than done.

I reactivate my byakugan, using my chakra to stimulate the veins and arteries around my eyes. Sure enough, he's following me. He's with three others, they're not weak either. Two of the ones he's travelling with are definitely strong fighting types but the other one (which happens to be female) is dragging back, she must not be the type to fight. Naruto will be so pleased!
Sasuke Uchiha. I found Sasuke Uchiha's hideout.

I found it when I was scanning the area for anything suspicious in the forest, Lady Tsunade said that there had been reports of strange activity in the forest so she sent me to check it out. With my byakugan I spotted a small abandoned cottage that happened to shelter none other than Sasuke Uchiha, the boy that the Village has been searching for, for countless years. I recognized the familiar hairstyle and chakra right away.

To be honest, I never really took a shine to the boy. I've always found him arrogant, selfish and plain rude, most of the girls in my class were in love with him. Gathering around his desk, chattering to him, swooning at every word he said (Which were usually along the lines of 'Go away' or 'Hn'), yup they all loved the Uchiha.

Personally, I like my boys blonde, cheerful and wrapped up in an orange jump suit. Naruto Uzumaki. I remember when I was twelve, I wouldn't be able to be in the same room as Naruto without fainting. Nowadays, I'm not shy anymore. Being a teenager can really change you a lot, I'm still in love with Naruto but I've found that starting a conversation is easy and my confidence is a lot higher. I've stopped stuttering and I can speak clearly now, I can express myself.

Of course with confidence comes aggressiveness, I've noticed that lately when I feel annoyed with Kiba (Teasing me about Naruto again) I can yell at him and sometimes even block some of his chakra points. I'm nowhere near as bad as Sakura though. Sometimes that pink haired kunoichi can get on my nerves, treating Naruto like a punching bag. She takes for granted the time she gets to spend with Naruto. I wish I could have more missions with him.

I've made it onto the track now, I'm not too far away from the village. I pounce onto a branch then leap to the ground, swinging on another branch to reduce the impact of my fall. I land on the ground with a thud, then begin dashing along the track, following the winding path that will lead me back to the village.

I can see four figures in the distance gaining on me. I need to run faster. I'll need all the chakra I have. I deactivate my byakugan and focus my chakra to the soles of my feet. It's pretty simple, most ninja's use this chakra control technique to walk on water and up trees but if you use the right amount of chakra, it can also allow you to run faster.

My speed increases as I concentrate on my chakra and I hear footsteps. Dammit! They're still gaining!
It's impossible for me to move any faster, I'm already at maximum speed.
What am I going to do? Fight them? My chakra reserves are already half depleted, and there's four of them. Chances are each one of them is more skilled than me, except the woman. Aha! The woman. My best chance is to grab her and hold a knife to her throat, she's the weakest one in the bunch and that way I won't waste any chakra. It's a low down trick but it's my only hope, otherwise I'll die. No doubt they'll kill me if I don't capture her. Come on Hinata, you can do this.

I swivel around on one foot to see four ninja. One raven haired Uchiha, one white haired man carrying a ridiculously large sword, one enormous orange haired man and one red haired woman. "It's a Hyuga, no wonder why she spotted us from so far away" The white haired man remarks as he hoists his oversized butcher knife up onto his shoulder.
As if on cue, I activate my byakugan. My eyes will need to be at their best to capture her.

I examine her. She's in a lazy stance, with a bored expression on her face. Her chakra network is not too active so she's not prepared for battle at all.

It must take a lot of confidence to wear the kind of clothes she's wearing. She's wearing a lilac turtle neck jacket that doesn't zip low enough to hide her belly button, her shorts are tight, short and black, made out of some sort of shiny material. She's also wearing long ninja boots that reach up to her thighs, probably compensating for the tiny shorts. Her hair is a few centimetres past her shoulders and cherry red. She also has black framed glasses, resting on the bridge of her nose.

Examining the others, Sasuke doesn't look ready to attack. He hasn't gathered his chakra anywhere, the white haired man and the orange haired man on the other hand look more than ready to launch an attack.
The red haired woman is protected way too well, the other three could easily stop me if I tried that. I suppose the only way I'm getting out of this is to fight. As Shikamaru says: 'How troublesome'.

"She's a leaf ninja, should we kill her?" The orange haired man asks reluctantly as he glances at Sasuke for orders.
The Uchiha seems as if he is pondering what he should do with me. I don't see what there is to think about, the obvious objective is to kill me. Why is he thinking about it? Maybe he's planning on taking me hostage!

Sasuke completely ignores the orange haired mans question and he fixes his gaze on me. I slide my foot back into the dirt and take the basic gentle fist stance. Focusing my byakugan on him while doing so.
"You seem familiar...are you the girl that other Hyuga pummelled in the chunin exams? "

Ugh. That moment will always come back to haunt me. At the moment, Neji and I are at the same skill level. In fact, I just graduated to jonin. I trained almost as hard as rock lee to get to this level, so I expect to be equal to him.

I look Sasuke in the eyes and swallow all my fear. "Yes, I am that girl and I have a name" I purse my lips together and he smirks. "Hmm... Let me try and remember...It was Hinata, wasn't it?"
My eyes widen with shock. How did he remember my name? I've never spoken a word to him until now. When we were twelve I was basically invisible, besides he was extremely popular. "H-How did you know?" I ask, going back to my awful habit of stuttering.

"You were in my class" Sasuke raises an eyebrow at me like I'm an idiot. Oh, I forgot he was a genius. Of course he was going to remember my name, it's pretty simple. Just pick out the weird girl pushing her fingers together and stumbling over words.

"Oh, yes. I remember" I begin to draw chakra to the palms of my hands.
"Sasuke, she's summoning chakra to her hands, be careful" The red haired woman warns the Uchiha in a concerned voice, gazing at my hands nervously. She's a sensory type, no wonder Sasuke keeps her around. That must be how they spotted me.

"Don't think about attacking me. We out number you and probably out skill you, if you choose to fight- you'll probably die" He tells me, a teasing smirk playing on his lips.
I clench my fists together. Yeah, he's right, but he doesn't have to say it so arrogantly!
"Then what am I supposed to do?" I snap, frustrated at his calmness.
"Join my team. That byakugan of yours will be useful" Sasuke offers and I freeze, staring at him. Lost for words. Join his team? Who does he think he is?
He thinks I would betray my family, my friends, and my WHOLE village, just to join his team? Of course, that means he would spare my life but I would rather die than betray my village. "No way" I spit.

"You would rather die?" He asks and I nod my head.
"What if I throw in some of your villagers lives as well? If you don't join my team we'll make a quick stop at the hidden leaf and we'll slaughter some of them. I think I could kill about a hundred without being caught" He threatens calmly, his voice is quiet and smooth.
I gulp. What am I supposed to do? I can't let them kill those villagers.
Either way, I'll betray my village.

"Do you ever plan on releasing me?" I ask, trying to hide the anxiety in my voice.
How am I supposed to get out of this? I can't even die without causing trouble.

"I have an objective. Once I fulfil that objective, you will be free to go back to your village." Sasuke states, folding his arms.

I have no choice. I have to join his team. What about Naruto? What will he think? Will he see this as an act of betrayal? And what about my family? What about Neji? He'll be so worried and he'll probably end up hating me. Since I've started training with him he's beginning to become protective over me, more like a father to me than my real father.

Will Neji hate me? Will the whole village hate me? Right now, there's nothing I can do about their thoughts of me. It's better than one hundred dead villagers. I'm going to help Sasuke reach his goal and get back to the village as soon as possible.

"Fine, I'll join" I agree, and let my chakra flow back to my chakra base.
"Welcome to team Taka" The Uchiha smiles smugly and digs his hands into his pockets.

Team Taka. I'm joining Team Taka.