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Hiroshi dumps a thick scroll onto the living room floor and unfurls it.
The paper is slightly crumpled with age and is curling in at the edges.
Daichi stands up and rubs his hands together.
"Okay, here's how it's going to work. This isn't a normal transportation scroll so the procedure is different. We can't simply just have one person activate the technique, we all have to activate it at the same time" The man explains.

"So, when I say go; we all place our hands on the scroll and activate the jutsu"
We all nod in agreement as we place our hands on the scroll.
Daichi, Hiroshi and a few of his other minions join us.
"Ready? One, two three, go" He chants and on the word go I summon chakra to the palm of my hand to activate the jutsu.

Within seconds I'm dumped ass first into freezing cold water. I sink lower and lower into the depths of the sea, the ocean or wherever the hell I am.
I'm supposed to be at the temple. Why am I underwater?
Wait a sec, I'm underwater, I better swim to the surface.
With a few strokes of the arms my head rises above the water and I gasp for breath, I never noticed how much I needed air until I got to the surface.
Coughing slightly I haul myself to stand on the water, focusing chakra to the soles of my feet and my palms.

Suigetsu is the only one standing there and the rest are scrambling to their feet to stand on the water.
Suigetsu must be so used to water, it would be second nature for him to instantaneously stand on it.
I glance around to absorb my surroundings. It seems as if we're in the ocean; the smell of salt lingers in the air. The only land in sight is an old crumbling cliff that looks as if it could collapse any moment now and a few boulders coated with slippery moss.

There's also a dark cave that resembles a sharks mouth. Sharp jagged rocks line the top of the entrance and half of the cave is flooded with water.
"Ugh! We were supposed to teleport to the temple!" Karin complains as she climbs to her feet and glares at Daichi who is smiling sheepishly.
"I never knew that the scroll would teleport us here, anyway, that cave should lead us to the temple" Daichi replies and Sasuke frowns as he removes a lump of sea weed from his hair.

"I dislike being wet" The raven haired teen grumbles while I wring out my hair which is clinging to my face uncomfortably.
"My clothes are all soaked through" One of Daichi's henchman moans.
"Ew! A piece of seaweed went down my top!" Karin squeals and Daichi rolls his eyes and frowns at us all making a fuss.
Suigetsu chuckles.
"Quit whining, it's water not acid"

"Shut-up Shark-shit, why don't you make yourself useful and dry us all off?" Karin retorts, pushing her glasses higher upon her nose.
"What makes you think that I'll want to dry you off after that comment?"
"Hurry up and dry us off!"
"Make me"

"Stop fighting you two! And Suigetsu, dry us off already or one of us will catch a cold" Sasuke interrupts their bickering and Suigetsu removes all the water from our clothes and skin a few hand signs later.

"So, the temple's on the other side of that cave, huh? Let's hurry up and pass through the cave before the tide comes in completely and the cave fills up completely" Jugo starts plodding towards the cave and Sasuke quickens his pace to overtake him as we all begin to enter the cave.

Just through that cave is the temple. I'll be able to go home soon.
Home sweet home.
I dig around in my pockets to search for my head band but all my hand emerges with is lint.
Where the hell did my head band go?
It was in my pocket at Daichi's hideout!
It must have fallen into the water. I have to find it.
Without a word I dive into the water.
"Hinata!" Someone shouts after me but I ignore it. I can't leave without my headband, it's the only item I have left that connects me to my village.

The icy water pricks my skin, I shiver and activate my Byakugan.
Almost immediately I spot it's familiar shape.
I've gotten better at seeing things through the Byakugan that don't have heat signatures, especially familiar objects.
The headband is half buried in the sand and I swim over to it and clasp it into my hands before squeezing it against my chest.
Thank God I found it.

Suddenly a hand locks onto my arm and drags me to the surface. It gives me such a fright I open my mouth to gasp and water fills my lungs.
When I reach air, I cough and splutter I twist my head around to see a familiar face.
Worried white eyes meet mine and I stare at the familiar man standing before me in astonishment.
I scramble to a stand on the water and rip my arm away from his grasp.
Neji looks awful at the moment. His white robe is stained with mud and crinkly, his chocolate brown hair is dull and matted at the ends and he has black bags underneath his eyes.
"It's okay Hinata, I'm here now. The Uchiha can't hurt you anymore, we're rescuing you" He reassures me, stepping closer to me.

Almost instantly ten of my clan members appear on the water, including Father and Hanabi.

I don't whether or not to be upset if they're here.
At this moment, I'd give anything to run into Father's arms.
However, I can't give away those villagers' lives.
Even though Sasuke isn't as cold-hearted as I thought he'd be, he doesn't break promises and no doubt he'll be slaughtering those villagers if I back out of the deal.

"Go back to the village" I try to order them as I run towards Sasuke but Father blocks my path and restrains my movement by wrapping his arms loosely but firmly around my neck.
"What do you think you're doing Hinata? You're betraying our village, you're betraying your clan, you're betraying me!" He growls.
"I'm not betraying the village! I have to follow Sasuke to save our villagers" I tell him as I thrash my arms about to escape his grip.

"What are you talking about? Come back to the village, now! No daughter of mine is a traitor!" He commands as he raises a chakra-powered hand.
Father's going to shut down half my nerve system so I can't move.
I try to wriggle from his grasp but he's too strong.
"You never listen! Listen to me for once! I know what I'm doing, just trust me!" I don't want to draw chakra to my palms. I don't want to fight father. I don't want to seem more of a traitor. I don't want to hurt him.

"I'm sorry Hinata, but this is for your own good. I'm taking you back to the- OOF!"
Sasuke's foot connects with Father's face and my Father is sent tumbling backwards into the water.
Father quickly springs to his feet and takes his regular gentle fist stance.
"Don't fight!" I yell in alarm but both of them seem to ignore me as Sasuke draws his blade and Father lurches at Sasuke with a chakra fuelled palm.

Father injures Sasuke's chakra base and Sasuke retreats backwards a few steps and performs a few hand signs.
Crap! His hand signs! Horse, Tiger, Ram, Monkey, Boar.
He's going to perform Fire ball Jutsu!
My eyes flicker to father, he seems to recognize the hand signs too and his stance is preparing for an Air palm.

They're going to blow themselves to bits if I don't stop them.
"Both of you stop it, right now!" I shout urgently but they both continue as Sasuke's cheeks puff up and Father's palms are glowing blue.

Think of something Hinata! I can't sit back and do nothing.

Fire bursts past Sasuke's lips and a tunnel of chakra is released from my father's palm.
Acting only on my instincts I leap between the Fire and the tunnel of chakra.
"Rotation" I mumble under my breath, trying to deflect both jutsu's.
Red and white light flashes before my eyes before everything fades into darkness.

My arms are stinging with pain, they're hot. The pain is nibbling away at my shoulders and it almost feels as if I'm being eaten alive.
I moan out loud and slowly open my eyes.
I'm lying on a cloth in an unfamiliar place. I can still smell the ocean salt and hear sea gulls squawking.
"She's awake now" a familiar voice announces.
A petite girl is kneeling beside me, her brown hair falling over her face. Her small hands are hovering over my arms, ignited with chakra.
I begin to smile but my happiness is consumed by agony as I release another groan, a lot louder than the previous one. Sweat beads slide down my cheeks and mix with stray tears.

"Hurry Hanabi, she's in pain" Neji's voice calls urgently
I let out another cry as I convulse in distress and I feel Hanabi's warm hand rest on my forehead.
"Her burns are too severe, it might take another hour to finish her treatment" Hanabi replies as I bite on my lip to prevent myself from shrieking in pain.
What the hell happened to me? I've never been in this much pain in my life.
"Do we have any pain killers?" Neji asks noticing my struggle not to scream.
"No, we were in a hurry leaving the compound so I only managed to grab bandages"
"Mmm!" I wince as my arms continue to burn.

"Let me put her to sleep" Sasuke appears, kneeling next to Neji who shoots him a death glare.
"Why the hell should we trust you? You're the reason why she's in so much pain" Neji growls at Sasuke.
A blood-curdling scream rips up my throat, bursting from my mouth as Hanabi hovers her hands over my shoulders. The chakra mashing with my burns is not a pleasant feeling.

"I couldn't give a fuck if you trust me or not, she's not suffering any further"
With that, Sasuke tilts his head up on an angle to look into his scarlet eyes.
I relax and let myself seep into darkness.

I sit up and stretch.
The air is cool and crisp and there's dew drops on the grass.
It's morning?
I glimpse at my arms.
No sign of any burns. Was that just a dream?
No. The pain was far too real.

Hanabi is sitting cross-legged on the grass beside me, I'm lying on some sort of soft cloth.
"Hinata-chan, you're awake. You slept until morning" The brunette greets me with a welcoming smile.
She's wearing her usual purple attire underneath a slightly too large flak jacket.
"You're getting really good at medical ninjutsu Hanabi, my burns have completely disappeared. I don't even have any scars" I examine my arms in awe and Hanabi gives me a modest smile.
"Well I did my best. Burns are really hard to get rid of so I was up all night trying to heal them. Sasuke told that red haired girl to help and she was pretty useful. Anyway, I did my best because I know Father wouldn't want any reminders of what he accidentally did to you"

I frown and cross my arms.
"It wasn't his fault, or Sasuke's. I jumped in between them, that was my choice" I declare stubbornly before glancing around.

Trees, damp grass and sky.
Where's the ocean? I can hear water slamming against rocks and I can smell the salt of the sea but there's no ocean in sight.
"Where are we?" I ask, tilting my head to the side.
"We're on the cliff above the water. Turns out it's just the edge of the cliff that's crumbling, the rest is sturdy" Hanabi answers

I nodd my head and yawn, arching my back and stretching my arms.
"What are Sasuke and Father doing?" I ask scratching my head.
"Father's trying to negotiate with Sasuke, but I don't think he's having any luck" Hanabi sighs and my eyes widen.
"What do you mean negotiate?" I question her and Hanabi frowns.
"I think Father is trying to convince Sasuke to take another clan member in your place"
"What? Where are they?" I question her as I scramble onto my feet and look at Hanabi expectantly.

"They were making a ruckus so I told them to go and sit on the rocks and talk so you can rest here" Hanabi replies and I dart to the edge of the cliff and without a thought I leap into the empty air.

"Hinata!" Hanabi exclaims as she dashes after me before braking at the edge of the crumbling cliff.
White eyes fill with fear as she reaches out to latch onto me but it's too late.
I'm falling.

The wind whips at my face and my hair is flailing above my head.
Adrenaline is pumping through my veins and I'm finding it hard to catch my breath.
I'll have to break my fall before I crash into the sea.
I drag almost all my chakra from my chakra base into my palms. It's more difficult than usual because it seems my chakra base is still not fully recovered.

Ignoring the pain seeping through my chakra pathways I face my palms towards the sea and concentrate.
"Air palm"
Twin tunnels of air burst from my palms and plunge into the water.

I ride on the air palm while it is dispersing and I slowly begin to plummet into the sea. I summon chakra to my feet and manage to land gracefully on top of the water.

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