Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Pairings: Rua x Ruka
Prompt: #23 – Relax [Writer's Choice]
Rating: G
Word Count: 810 [Total: 8,117]
Summary: The twins, though pretty much ignored, have as much fun adventures with Team 5D's as the other signers did.
Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's nor any of its canon characters. It belongs to 4Kids Entertainment, Konami and Kazuki Takahashi.

Clutters of school tests waiting to be graded were crammed onto the small coffee table. The coffee was being swirled with the sugar and milk as Ruka was examining her iPad.

"What're looking at?" asked Rua, walking to look over Ruka's shoulder.

"Just goofing around," said Ruka. Her iPad displayed a sweet social website of her colleagues.

"When was the last time my sister goofed around?" joked Rua.

Ruka lightly punched him in the arm. "Stop making fun of me."

"I'm not. It's just that you work too hard that you need something to laugh at. Maybe you should go on vacation with me to relax yourself."

"I can't do that. The next break won't be for another three months."

"That's why you need a vacation."

"Stop worrying so much. I'm 25, not 50. I'm still young, so I don't get sore backs."

"I'm not saying you should relax your body. Wait…you should try yoga."

Ruka glared at him. "Crossing your legs on a ball?"

"Something like that. At least that's what I saw from one of those magazines."

"I'm not like that! I duel to relax, not do breathing exercises!"

"Why didn't you say so? Then duel me!"


"What?" Rua's smirk was turned to a confused one.

"Not enough time."

"Then why are you looking at your girlfriends' social life?"

"It's fun." Ruka turned off her iPad and cringed at the test papers below her.

"What's wrong?"

"Grading. Tests can be a bother grading. Trying to read my students' responses can be taxing toward my eyes. And I do have over 120 students to teach every day."

"You poor thing. Here, let your old brother help you."

"Help me?" Ruka had on an amusing face. "You don't know a single thing about the history of Domino City."

"That's not true! I know the D-Wheel is invented there!"

"That's about it. Now, if you would leave me alone, I got to use the last ten minutes to read these tests."

"But didn't you told me you can't read them?"

Ruka took a sip of her coffee. "I didn't say I can't read them. I said that it's hard for me to read them because of the small spacing of the loose-leaf and bad handwriting these days. People don't write a lot these days because we have touch-screens to replace them."

"Let me see." Rua took an answer booklet. "Samuel Hyusyui. According to the document, Neo Domino City has a rich history to make it one of the most recognizable cities in the world. It was in 1996 that the city formed. D-Wheels didn't exist and technology is less advanced. But with time, duelists like Muto Yugi and Kaiba Seto, Domino City was recognized as a global duelist giant. After the event of Zero Reverse, Domino City is split into Neo Domino City and Satellite. A figure named Fudo Yusei, in the year 2032, won the Fortune Cup from King Jack Atlas. Yusei grew to be a legend and revolutionized Neo Domino City to one of the well-known cities in the world. The End."

Ruka had a thoughtful look on her face, which made Rua blushed at how cute she look. "Samuel-kun wrote a decent answer. Write 3 out of 5 points on his paper."

Rua took a red pen and followed Ruka's orders.

Ruka walked over and took the paper out of Rua's hands. "Wow. You can read this? I'm surprised; it would take me 10 minutes to figure that out."

"I don't know. Probably because I have bad handwriting too…and that I do read sometimes."

"You're good. In fact, it reminds of how you used to read bedtime stories to me when we were little. I missed those times."

Rua have a nostalgic look on his face. "Yeah. You look so cute and innocent."

"Don't say that!" Ruka lightly punched his shoulder again.

Rua pretended to feel pain by making a face.

Ruka glared.

"Anyway," said Rua. "I could read these tests to you after we come back home."

Ruka was surprised. "But Rua, you shouldn't do that for me."

"Not a problem," said Rua in Engrish. "You miss me reading bedtime stories, and I miss reading things to you. And you do have problems reading, right?"

Rua closed his eyes to grin. He expects to be hit again for saying something embarrassing, but was surprised when Ruka didn't.

Instead, Ruka hugged him.

"Thank you, big brother," said Ruka. "I will enjoy hearing you read to me again."

Rua chuckled nervously. "Yeah. And then you will want me to read you ghost stories."

Ruka punched him in the back with a little force.


"Stop saying that."

"Why? Nobody is going to hear!"

"Because you're my big brother."

"I know. So?"

"I love you. That's why. I got to make sure my twin brother doesn't do stupid things."