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Damn it! This is so not the way I wanted to start my day! I hurried through my morning routine, I hated running late. I had exactly three minutes to shower, and I could brush my teeth and hair at the same time. I had court this morning, and the judge was not lenient towards clients when their lawyer showed up late.

I had yet to come before this judge, and I wanted to make a good impression, and being late was definitely not the way to do that. I was a custody attorney; I left the corporate world for less money, but a more fulfilling job. I was drowning in a pool of sales and figures; I needed to get away before I was lost forever. At least with this job, I met people and made emotional connections.

I finished my routine, ran out the door, and flew to the courthouse. I parked in the first spot I found and ran inside and not a moment too late. My client was there, and she definitely looked nervous, but I knew this case was easy. As predicted we won, and my day was finally looking up. I said goodbye to my client, and went to my car.

I was famished after missing breakfast and the long court session. I decided to treat myself to an early lunch. I got in my car to head to my favorite little Italian place here in Port Angeles. I was still riding high from my win.

"HOLY SHIT!" I slammed the brakes just a moment to late when I saw a man leaning over grabbing his leg. I didn't even feel the bump, but I clearly hit him. I jumped out of my car, apologizing before I even seen him. I was grabbing at my phone, preparing to dial 911.

"My God! I am so sorry! I can't believe I just did that. I am dialing the police now. I'll get you an ambulance. I am so sorry! I clearly wasn't paying attention."

"It's OK ma'am. I'm fine. Please, you don't need to call the police, just a bump, I'm fine, I assure you." He leaned up and turned around to look at me and I was struck silent when I saw his face. His green eyes looked like an open field. We stood there and stared at each other a moment before I remembered what I had done.

"Please, you should at least have it checked out. Please. I am so sorry, I know I am such a klutz, but this is the first time I ever endangered let alone hurt another person. Oh god! I can not believe, I just hit…"

"Ma'am. Ma'am. Please. I am fine. Right as rain, I promise. Just startled me is all." His voice stopped my rambling. I cannot believe my day just went downhill so fast. It was finally looking good too.

"Just a second." I dug around my bag till I produced my business card, grabbed a pen, wrote my cell number on it, and handed it to him. "Please, that's my number. If you experience any pain or swelling or need to see a doctor, call me right away, and I will meet you at whatever hospital you are at. Please. This is clearly my fault, and I am so sorry."

He looked down at my card, smiled this incredible crooked grin. "Isabella, I assure you that I am fine, but I will take your card, just in case." He winked at me. I mean, actually winked. Do men still wink? Clearly they do, but wow. I smiled back at him, nodding.

He turned and finished walking towards his car. I wondered who he was. A client? A new lawyer in town? I certainly had never seem him before, I am fairly sure I would have remembered meeting a man like that. But, I guess he could be from here. Oh god. I just realized I didn't get his name.

"What's your name?" I yelled across the parking garage.

He turned, walking backwards, "Edward." Then turned tail and went back to his life before I interrupted it. I smiled despite the crazy predicament I found myself in. I thought for sure I screwed myself out of my early lunch until I got in the car and realized that the whole exchange took less than 10 minutes. I took several deep breathes, trying to relax. Once I regained control of my faculties, I carefully backed my car up, triple checking to make sure I didn't have the same thing happen twice in one day.

Finally, I found myself seated at La Bella Italia. I know, corny name right? But, hey, it is named after me. Well, sort of, my grandmother, who I am named after. Usually when people here meet me, they always ask. It's nice to have roots I guess. My father retired from being the police chief in Forks when his brother Marcus passed away, he just didn't have the heart to sell the restaurant. I'm thankful for that. One day, I might just take over too. I'm an only child. The last Swan. Uncle Marcus never had kids, and his wife was nasty. I was so glad my dad always owned part of the restaurant. I would hate to see what had become of it had my Aunt Jane taken over.

Neither of my parents remarried after they split, and I always wondered if it due to them still loving each other. My mom once told me you never find great love twice, and to throw it away the first time is like a mortal sin. That when I find it, I'll know it, and if I toss it aside, she'll kick my hinny. I definitely think she still loves my Dad, but dad, he's kind of a ladies man. I think he enjoys being free. Now that I am grown, he's spreading his wings a bit.

I got my usual, sat and enjoyed the hum of the lunch rush, the wait staff running around, and the chefs hollering. Most people hated this seat, as it was close to the kitchen, and you could hear every noise made in the restaurant, but I loved it. It was like home to me. It was my spot, like it was my dad's before me.

My dad caught wind I was here, and joined me for lunch. We chit chatted, and I studiously avoided telling him about my little accident. Just because my dad retired from being a cop, did not mean the cop retired in him. He'd have a shit fit. He would have me out searching for the man I hit, and not stop until I had his ass in a hospital. After lunch, I headed back to work to finish out my day.

I had just slipped off my shoes when I heard my cell ring, from the depths of my bag. I started digging, and finding it of course when it clicks to voicemail. I see that it was an unknown number, so I go back to pulling my stockings off. My cell vibrated loudly across my entry table, I reached and answered. It was that same number again, so I decided to answer, I mean, what if it was an emergency.

"Hello?" My greeting was followed by a long pregnant pause before I heard a man release a breathe, he had clearly been holding.

"Isabella?" The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but I wasn't sure.

"How can I help you?" I really hope this was not a telemarketer. Here I am, stockings half way down my thighs, one step any direction and I am going down, and some random person is calling me.

"Umm, Isabella, this is Edward." Edward. Oh god! The man I hit today!

"Oh god! Where are you? I'll be there as soon as I can." I tried to pull my stockings back up, but had rolled them to remove them, I said fuck it, and ripped them down my legs, nearly taking myself with them. "What hospital are you at Edward? I'll be there right away. I am so sorry. Is it bad? Do you need anything? What can…"

"Isabella." He spoke my name roughly, he must have said it once before.

"Umm, yes?" I was so nervous. I slipped my heels back on and headed for my car. Not how I was hoping to spend my evening, but it's my fault, and I will deal with it. At least he's pretty.


"Just Bella."

"Ok, just Bella, Umm, I'm fine, and I'm not at the hospital. That's not why I called." Oh. Well, that's good I suppose.

"Oh, well, that's good then. What can I do for you Edward?" He let a deep breathe go slowly.

"Well, I was curious what you were doing this evening?" Now, I am kind of freaked out. The man wants to know what I am doing? I mean, I did hit him with a car, but is he that upset?

"Umm, well, I was sitting in my car, preparing to drive to whatever hospital you were at, but, that's about it, why do you ask?"

"Do you have dinner plans?" Yeah, me and my leftovers from lunch. Wait, is he asking me to dinner? "Well, yes, I am." He laughed. Oh crap, I said that out loud.

"Did you have a place in mind?" I would meet him there, this man did not need to know where I lived. I mean, he's hot an all, but, I don't know him from Adam.

"Well, there is a great little Italian place off Chesapeake, do you know of it?" Le sigh. I mean, I get it really is one of the nicer restaurants in the area, but does every man have to take me to the restaurant named like me, just so they can act like it was some nifty little thing that they alone thought of, take Bella to Bella's.

At least I was on home turf. "Yes, I know it." This semi-date just went down the toilet. Maybe he will try to extort some money from me too, that would just complete my day. I unintentionally sighed audibly.

"Well, that's not very encouraging. Do you not like La Bella's?"

"Oh no, it's a perfectly exceptional restaurant."

"Well, that's good, I know the owner, and I would hate to have to tell him the most beautiful woman in the city, let alone the woman named similarly didn't like it. I think he'd be devastated." He said with a chuckle. He can't be serious, right? I mean, fucking rich. Never has a man pretended to know my father to get closer to me. Fucking hell.

"Look Edward. If its money you want call the police and file a claim, then sue me publicly. I won't be extorted, I won't be badgered, and I sure as won't have some man calling to ask me to dinner at the restaurant that bears my name, and pretends to know my father. So, have a good night, and kindly fuck off." I hung up immediately.

I can't believe the nerve of that man! How dare he! The more I thought about it, the pissier I got! He clearly did not do his homework. If he wanted money, he should have let me call the police and piled it on. Damn it! Now I have to tell my father, in case this guy tries to get to him, not that my dad would give him anything, but still. Sighing, I started my car and headed to the restaurant.