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Tsunayoshi Sawada was a sweet child. She contained all the characteristics of a regular girl, along with the instantaneous love of animals, flowers, and the such. She comforted her mother when her father wasn't home, helped with the chores (even if it was something as simple as moving the laundry basket for her mother), and her smile was one that could melt any man or woman.

She, however, at age 5, with long brown hair, a short stature, chubby cheeks and the cuteness of a baby, was a very… apathetic girl. Not so much that she ignored everything in sight, in fact she cared for all creatures on earth- just not really the human kind. Except a select few of course, like her mother.

Years in elementary were spent isolated, and the term, 'friend' was not a word she used often. She actually reveled in the feeling, as it was almost disdainful to see the blubbering idiots in her second grade class acting like, well idiots all the time. And so, most other children ignored her, settling for playing in the sand and tossing balls at one another.

There may have been few select moments where she felt somewhat lonely and perhaps yearned for a companion of some sort to share her ideas and opinions with, but that was only in rare moments of reflection.

On the other hand, Nana, Tsuna's mother was a bright, cheerful and extremely naïve woman. How else would she survive the absence of a husband to help her along? But even then, Tsuna's lack of friends at such an early age was a cause of distress. Whenever Nana questioned her about her apathetic attitude towards her peers, Tsuna always responded, 'When I find someone that's not an imbecile, I will converse with them.'

Tsuna had a perchance for a higher vocabulary at that special age.

Nana was not reassured by her daughter's words but nothing could change her mind otherwise. So she just prayed that such a person would appear in Tsuna's life.

That wish would soon be fulfilled, though she wouldn't know of it until years after.