Hello everyone, I have decided it was time to redo this story. This was my first ever story on and a lot of you have loved this story from the start so I wanted to make it something that I could still be proud about. While the story is still basically the same, I've changed several bits of dialogue that either made no sense, had mistakes or made me cringe that I wrote it. There are still a lot of problems in the story, but I felt I didn't feel like changing because it would have taken me weeks to rewrite the scenes I didn't like. But anyways, if this is your first time reading this or even your 50th, please enjoy:

Aang walked up the steps to Elements High School for another year of perfect grades and getting bullied by Prince Zuko for being what he called a "weakling". But what Zuko didn't know was that Aang was the Avatar, no one knew because he was told about the great dangers that could come if the world found out too soon. Aang slid his white beanie onto his head and sighed. 'Hopefully Senior year is a lot better,' He thought as he walked through the multicolored double doors. Elements High School was huge and split into four sections; one for physical education, another for academics, the third for bending, and the last for the main offices and administration. All the sections were connected in the middle by a giant indoor courtyard, where the kids would meditate or simply have fun. Aang walked into the courtyard and spotted his one of his only friends sitting next to small waterfall in the courtyard. He sat down next to her and she jumped as she realized how close he got without her knowing it.

"Damn Twinkle Toes," She nearly shouted, "You scared the crap out of me!" She sat in her baggy cargo pants and too tight of a green tank top. Her black hair framed her pale face and her misty green eyes.

Aang laughed, "Sorry Toph, I thought you would feel me coming. Where is Ty Lee? You two are usually inseparable." He teased. Toph and Ty Lee had been going out since sophomore year and usually weren't away from each other except for classes, Ty Lee claimed it was to help her girlfriend around without bumping into things.

Toph punched him in the arm, "At least I'm getting some Twinkle Toes."

"Hey!" Aang yelped that made everyone near turn towards them, but he didn't notice them, "I could get some if I wanted to Toph, there just aren't any girls I like."

"Oh, really now Aang?" Toph scoffed, she put her foot on the ground and felt the vibrations, "Well what about Meng, she's been in love with you for years?" Toph pointed over to Meng, who saw their attention turn to her and she waved to Aang and blew him kisses.

Aang shuddered, "I have a feeling she would already be picking out kids names on the first date."

"Hmmm," Toph 'looked' around the courtyard, "What about On Ji? She seems level headed."

Aang shook his head, even though Toph couldn't see it, "No, she is with Hide, I had one conversation with her and he tried picking a fight with me."

"Well how about her?" Toph pointed to a girl walking into the courtyard. She had tan skin and dark flowing brunette hair that ended at her lower back. Her cerulean eyes looked like deep pools of clear blue water. She wore a blue dress that hung off her shoulders and came down to her knees. The girl was looking around the courtyard and back down to a paper, she clearly was new.

"My Spirits," Aang muttered, "Toph she's beautiful."

"I would have to agree, my eyes can barely believe it." Aang quickly realized his mistake.

"Sorry Toph, I forgot," Aang apologized. He turned to look at the girl again, only to see her a mere foot away.

"Hi, I'm Katara," she said, surprising Aang and making him fall into the pond the waterfall flowed into. "Oh my Spirits, I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay," Toph said as she stood up and 'looked' Aang's way, "He scares really easily, I'm Toph," She reached out and shook Katara's hand. "This idiot here is Aang."

Aang got out of the pond and air bended himself dry. "Thanks Toph, you really know how to make me feel good about myself."

Katara giggled, "Sorry I made you fall into the pond, I just wanted to introduce myself because I'm new and don't know anyone."

"Well what classes do you have Katara," Toph asked. Katara looked at her paper.

"Uh, well I have…" Katara started, but Aang didn't hear anything she said.

'She is so pretty, I wonder if she has a boyfriend,' he thought to himself, 'Well of course she has one, who wouldn't want to be this girl!'

"Well it looks like you have all classes with Aang and I," Toph said, bringing Aang out of his mind.

"Well I guess I have great luck then, I thought I would have to be alone," Katara smiled, "By the way, you two are a really cute couple." Aang's jaw almost hit the ground as Toph fell over laughing.

"Aang and I?" Toph said as she was still laughing, "I'm not into dudes, I have a girlfriend."

"Oh my spirits," Katara covered her mouth, "I'm so sorry, I didn't know, I shouldn't assume."

Toph finally stood up and wiped her eyes from the tears that started to form from laughing so hard, "It's okay, that just means he is free for you." Toph started to walk off as Katara and Aang both turned bright red and tried to catch up with the blind girl.

The first class of the day for the three was English, taught by Mr. Iroh. Since it was the first day of class, Mr. Iroh let everyone sit wherever they wanted. Aang took advantage of that opportunity and sat in between Katara and Toph. While Toph turned on her iPod and listened to her music, Aang tried to learn a little bit more about Katara.

"So Katara, tell me about yourself," Aang asked as Katara looked up from her phone.

"Oh, well my family and I came down from the North after I mastered water bending. My father, Hakoda, became chief of police here and enrolled my brother, Sokka, and I here," Katara explained as she finished her text and put her phone in her backpack.

Before Aang could say anything, Zuko slid into the seat next to Katara, "Hey pretty lady, I'm Prince Zuko; you must be Katara Aqua, the police chief's daughter."

"Yes, I am," Katara replied, surprised that he knew about her. "How do you know who I am?"

"I'm the Prince," Zuko told her, "It's my job to know who comes into my family's land."

Aang sighed as Zuko moved in on Katara; he turned towards Toph and whispered, "I can't believe that dick head is hitting on…" Aang stopped when he realized Toph was talking to Ty Lee. Aang softly hit his head against his desk over and over again until a round older man with a short beard came into the classroom filled with the mindless chatter of other students.

"Okay, quiet down class," He said as he set down some papers, "I am Mr. Iroh, your English teacher. Now if our resident Prince would stop flirting with the pretty new student, I could start my class." Everyone laughed at the teacher's comment as Zuko turned his attention forward.

"Thanks Uncle," Zuko muttered sarcastically as Aang secretly thanked Mr. Iroh.

"Anytime Nephew, now I hope you all know how to write essays because unfortunately the district has informed us that you will need to write one every two weeks," Mr. Iroh explained as everyone groaned, "I know kids, it is as you kids call, a drag, but it doesn't mean this whole year will be horrible."

Aang silently laughed at Mr. Iroh's idea of the sayings kids say now. "An essay every two weeks should be easy," He whispered to himself as be doodled a bison on the class description paper that Mr. Iroh had passed out.

"What are you drawing?" Aang almost jumped when he heard her whisper. Katara was leaning against him while looking at the paper.

"Um, it's a bison. I call him Appa and he can fly," Aang whispered back to her and met her beautiful cerulean orbs with his gray eyes. Her perfume was almost intoxicating to Aang, she smelled just like fire lilies.

"You are quite an artist Aang," She said as she got closer, her hand on his arm, "You should try to make a career out of it."

Aang gulped and pulled at his collar, he had never had a beautiful girl talk this nice to him, let alone be so close to him. "Well, uh, I'm more of a nerd than an artist Katara," he quietly laughed nervously, trying to be quiet and not to get Mr. Iroh's attention.

"Are there a lot of cute artist nerds like you at this school?" Aang's eyes went wide as saucers and his heart was beating faster than a bass drum at a death metal concert. 'Did she just say I was cute? She doesn't seem to be correcting herself, just a small blush across her beautiful face.'

"Mr. Ono and Miss Aqua, would you like to share your conversation with the class?" Mr. Iroh asked with a giant smile.

"No Mr. Iroh," They both muttered and looked down at their desks. Zuko glared at the two and Toph silently laughed.

Aang glanced over at Katara, who looked his way. She winked and looked back towards Mr. Iroh. Aang sighed as he finally cooled down from Katara's comment; he had never felt that way before. He cleared this mind of Katara for the moment and tried paying attention to what Mr. Iroh was talking about, but he kept thinking of Katara being so close to him. His mind filled with dirty thoughts instead of the caramel skinned girl instead of the works of Edgar Allen Poe that Mr. Iroh was talking about. He couldn't wait to see how the rest of this year would be.

Aang carried his lunch tray to the nearest lunch table. He still hadn't recovered from what Katara said to him. He didn't know why it affected him so much. He was the Avatar for crying out loud, how could one girl's comment nearly make him go crazy? Second period was no different, Katara would steal glances at him and he would try to keep his mind on the lesson plan for the year instead of fantasizing about the new girl.

"AIRHEAD!" Toph yelled, breaking Aang out of his trance, he realized he was now surrounded by Toph, Ty Lee, Katara and some guy who looked like Katara, but dressed in a blue t-shirt and black pants.

"Oh sorry, I was just thinking," Aang replied as he took a bite of his burger.

Everyone laughed and Toph spoke up, "As I was saying, this is Sokka…"

"Katara's brother," Aang finished.

"How did you know he was Katara's brother Twinkle Toes?" Toph questioned him.

"Katara told me," Aang said as he plastered on a big smile, "It's nice to meet you Sokka."

Aang and Sokka shook hands and everyone started talking and eating again. Toph and Ty Lee got to know Katara better while Aang and Sokka talked about the newest games to come out on Xbox. All 5 students had a free period after lunch, so they sat in courtyard and relaxed on the grass.

"Hey Aang," Sokka finally broke the silence of the group. "Could I talk to you for a second?" Everyone eyed both boys as Aang nodded and stood up with Sokka. They walked to the other side of the courtyard and Sokka stopped and looked around for a moment.

"Sokka, I don't think anyone will hear us," Aang joked as Sokka shot him a look.

"Ha, Ha Aang, but I wanted to talk to you about my sister," Sokka got serious, "I can tell my sister likes you, but there is something I need to tell you about her."

"Oh Spirits, she's a dude isn't she?!" Aang almost shouted, "I knew she was too good to be true, no girl would be on me like that."

Sokka rubbed his temples, "No Aang, my sister isn't a dude…she falls for people very easy."

Aang thought back to the first class, with her flirting with him even though they had just met 30 minutes before that. "I really didn't think about that until now."

"I have no control over who Katara likes or who likes her, but as her older brother, I'm going to tell you," Sokka put his hand on Aang's shoulder, "If you two attempt to get involved with each other, just know that she's going to come on very strong. There have been issues in our past that has made Katara latch onto guys. So if you don't want this, don't get involved with her…or I'll cut your balls off with my space sword."

Aang's eyes grew wide, "Well, uh, actually don't have a lot of experience with girls and your sister is probably the only hot girl that has ever given me a second glance. I would never want to hurt her."

"Oh," The stern look on his face disappeared, "Good then, I guess I don't have to worry too much about you then." He patted him on the back, "I think you and I could be great friends one day."

They both started walking back to the girls, "You really have a space sword Sokka?"

"Yeah, I got it off of eBay for $100, I thought it was fake, until I caught one of Katara's exes, Jet, hitting on another girl, so I threw the sword at him and went right through the tree he was standing under," Sokka explained.

"So you threw a sword…at another person…" Aang muttered out, hoping he would never have to be on the receiving end of that sword.

"Dude, we lived in Canada at the time," Sokka said. "That was nothing out of the norm up there."

"So Sugar Queen, what kind of music do you like?" Toph asked as Ty Lee leaned up against her under the tree.

"Why do you keep calling me Sugar Queen Toph?"

"Because your voice has this diabetes inducing sugary effect to it, making you sound all sweet like sugar, hence Sugar Queen," Toph explained.

"Okay…well I like a lot of music," Katara told them, "I don't think there is music I don't like."

"Oh, so you like that Justin Bieber don't you?" Toph laughed as she messed with Ty Lee's braid.

"Never mind, I don't like some music, I swear that little 12 year old is gay," Katara giggled. She wiped her eyes and realized Toph and Ty Lee were silent.

"Have a problem with gay's Sugar Queen?" Toph asked in a monotone voice, "I bet you think we shouldn't get married either."

Katara's smile dropped, "No no no, that's not what I meant at all Toph! I'm so sorry!"

"Should we also start using different drinking fountains too?" Toph questioned. "You wouldn't want to catch any 'gay cooties'." Katara felt bad until both girls started laughing, "Oh Spirits Katara, you are just too easy; we are just pulling your leg. You are almost as easy as Aang."

"Speaking of Aang, where is he and my brother," Katara looked around for the two guys, trying to get the subject off of her.

"Did someone ask for me?" Sokka announced as he and Aang walked back to the group.

"Welcome back you two, did you guys talk about the new Twilight movie and hold hands?" Toph joked.

"Yeah Toph," Aang replied sarcastically, "No, Sokka and I just had a…man talk."

"Well I could of given you that talk," Toph stood up, walked up to Aang and put her hand on his shoulder, "That thing in your pants is called a penis."

Everyone laughed as Aang hung his head, but then the attention was brought to the four girls who walked into the courtyard, all of them dressed in the same cheerleading uniforms. Aang, Toph and Ty Lee sighed as they made their way to the middle of the courtyard.

"Who are they?" Sokka asked, his eyes never leaving the girl who looked like the leader of the group, who even though was dress like the others, stood out with her Auburn hair and teal colored eyes.

"The school's cheerleaders," Aang said as he sat down next to Katara, "The Kyoshi Warriors cheerleading team, as they are better known, are known for their cheers, dancing, and bitchyness."

Sokka's gaze never leaving the head cheerleader, "I think I'm going to talk to her." He got up and walked towards the girls.

"What is he doing?" Ty Lee questioned as they all watched him walk over in a trance like state.

"Who knows and who cares," Toph chucked.

"So Katara," Aang turned towards the caramel colored girl, "Did you and Sokka want to come over and hang out with Toph, Ty Lee and I after school?"

Her face lit up, "Yeah, that would be great Aang, we would have to ask our dad, but I'm sure he would be happy to let us come."

"Cool, we are going to the mall downtown and…" Aang drifted off as Sokka walked back in the same trance like state. "Sokka, you okay?"

Sokka sat down still looking off in the distance, "I think I'm in love with that girl."

"Here we go," Katara mumbled as she rolled her eyes. "And I'm the one who falls in love too fast…"

"What girl?" Ty Lee asked while looking towards the now giggling cheerleaders.

"Suki…" Sokka muttered quietly.

"Oh Suki? Everyone likes her Sokka," Aang explained, "She's supposed to be the most beautiful girl in school."

"Even I think she's hot," Toph joked, everyone but Sokka laughed.

"Come on Sokka," Aang got up, "She's not worth it, let's get you to class." As they left the courtyard, the eyes of the head cheerleader followed Sokka as he left.

"…and that was the second time Aang forgot his pants," Toph finished off the embarrassing story about Aang in the third grade to the group. Everyone laughed as Aang sunk down in his chair in the food court of the Iceberg Mall.

"Aw Aang, did you really just space out that much," Katara giggled.

"Well you try to keep track of everything when a smaller and higher pitched version of Toph is screaming, 'Come on Twinkle Toes, hurry up or I'll pound you,'" Aang mimicked Toph as everyone burst out into laughter again.

Sokka wiped the tears from his eyes, "Oh Spirits, you guys are just great, I'm happy we moved here."

"Me too," Katara agreed as she looked at Aang and smiled.

"Well hopefully you guys are here for the whole year and won't disappear for 6 months," Toph 'faced' Aang. Katara and Sokka looked at each other confused, turning to Toph to hopefully get the answer.

"When are you going to let that go Toph, I said I was sorry," Aang laughed, "I had to go live with my Uncle for a little bit." Aang explained the lie he had told Toph many times. The reason he left was to train to master the rest of the elements, even though it would usually take 2 years to learn all four elements, Aang did it in 6 months. He was told by his father, Gyatso, he couldn't tell anyone who he was because of the danger it could cause people around him.

"If you didn't keep telling me that you just went to your Uncle's just cause, I wouldn't keep bringing it up," Toph stuck her tongue out at Aang. "Come on Snoozles, I wanna see if you can beat my score on 'House of the Dead'," The two girls and Sokka started off towards the arcade, leaving Aang and Katara.

"Why does Toph insist on calling him Snoozles," Katara laughed.

"Well Toph loves giving people nicknames and because Sokka fell asleep in Mr. Pakku's Chemistry class," Aang explained as he ate a fry from his plate.

"That explains a lot…well uh Aang, I kind of wanted to talk to you about something," Katara started, "Sorry if I came on a little bit too much in Mr. Iroh's class, I seem to do that a lot."

Aang smiled, "It's okay Katara, I, uh, kind of liked having a girl come on to me for once."

Katara reached out and held Aang's hand on the table, "Aang, I know this is extremely weird for me to be asking this right now, but would you like to go on a date sometime?" Aang's heart leapt for joy, but remembered what Sokka said. 'She falls for people very easy'. What if when she sees someone else? Would she just fall for them and leave him behind? In addition, he doesn't even really know Katara. She could be a crazy girl. Even though all of those were negative thoughts, he couldn't fight the two reasons he would go out with her. She was the nicest and sweetest girl that he had ever talked to…and she was REALLY hot. Katara started to pull away from his hand, hurt had taken over her eyes, "Sorry, I shouldn't have asked so soon."

Aang finally came back to reality, "Oh, sorry Katara, I would love to go on a date with you, it's just that we don't know each other that much."

Katara's face lit back up again at Aang's response, "Well, we can get to know each other," Katara scooted over next to Aang. He looked into her deep blue eyes as she looked into his stormy gray orbs. "So, tell me about yourself."

"Well, not too much to tell I guess. I'm a master Air Bender, I was born and raised here in California, I met Toph and Ty Lee in early grade school and they've been my only friends. You've met my bully, Prince Zuko. As you already know, I'm pretty nerdy, I'm just missing the thick glasses," Aang used his thumb and fore fingers to simulate glasses on his face, making her laugh. "I think that's basically it about me, how about you?"

She rested her chin on her propped up hand, "Well, aside from what I told you from earlier, there really isn't much to tell you. Water bending is most of my life, aside from playing softball, but I'm mainly just like any other girl."

"The only two things I can compare that too is Toph and Ty Lee or the girls that haven't said much to me…so I highly doubt you're just like any other girl if you're interested in me," Aang joked, making Katara smile.

Katara playfully pulled down his beanie, "Oh shush."

He pulled his beanie back to its normal spot, "As much as I would like to continue this conversation, we should probably go find the others."

"Yeah, Sokka probably been asking what being lesbian is like," Katara joked. As they walked, Katara glanced over at him and quickly took his hand in hers, his face lighting up. "Just because we agreed to a date, doesn't mean we can't hold hands right?"

Aang felt his face get hot, "Well, uh, I have no problem with it."

Katara winked at him as they walked into the arcade, they saw Ty Lee and Toph playing House of the Dead. After they finished the game and were about to put more quarters in, but Aang stopped them.

"Toph where is Sokka?" Aang asked as she proceeded again to put more quarters in.

"He is in the corner, I think he is still crying," Toph replied as she shot another zombie with a barrel.

Katara leaned over to Aang, "Aang, I thought she was blind, how can Toph play a videogame?"

"I really have no idea, she beats me at all videogames even though she can't see," Aang whispered back.

"It's because I'm just that epic Twinkle Toes," Toph shouted as she blasted another zombie.

Aang shook his head and walked over to the corner where Sokka was rocking back and forth while mumbling something. "Sokka! Are you okay?!" Katara knelt down and grabbed a hold of her shaking brother.

"Z-Zombies s-s-shouldn't throw a-axes," Sokka stuttered out.

Both Aang and Katara looked at each other and burst out laughing. They helped Sokka out of the arcade and sat him on a bench. "I've never seen him so scared because of a videogame," Katara laughed as they both walked back into the arcade.

"You guys don't have that game in Canada?" Aang questioned as he exchanged his dollar for quarters.

"No, we do have this one zombie game called 'Resident Evil…eh', it was my favorite game because I love zombies, but Sokka was scared of it because he is a little girl," Katara explained as they both started a game of Skeeball.

"You love Zombies too?!" Aang almost shouted as he once again made the ball in the 10 hole.

"Of course," Katara said as she rolled the ball into the 100 hole, "I'm not too much into those vampires and werewolves like other girls."

Aang smiled, even though he his ball went into the 0 hole, "You are really the coolest girl ever Katara."

"Thank you Aang," She rolled the ball without looking into the 100 hole. Toph and Ty Lee walked up to the two when Aang rolled his last ball.

"Hey, let's go to my house, I'm tired of the puke smell in here," Toph said as her and Ty Lee started walking out. Toph punched Sokka in the arm and told him to man up. They all started walking towards the exit when someone called his name.

"Hey Aang, where do you think you're going, you haven't had your beat down of the day yet," Zuko yelled as his friends laughed.

"Zuko, just leave me alone," Aang groaned.

"Do I need to pound your head in weakling?" Zuko got up in Aang's face trying to intimidate him.

"Zuko, I use to think that you use to bully me because your dad was a complete asshole to you and you just used me to get your feelings out. But then you kept beating me down again and again even though I made no attempt to stop you because then I realized," Aang paused as he looked right into Zuko's gold eyes, "You are just an asshole." Everyone's jaw dropped at Aang's words. Zuko's face got red and socked Aang in the face. It didn't seem to faze Aang that much as he Air bent Zuko into a store's glass window, shattering it and went through the back wall.

"Holy shit Twinkle Toes! I never knew you had it in you," Toph shouted, "Let's get out of here before Zuko gets back up." The gang quickly left as Zuko's friends went into the store to pick up their bruised and cut up friend.

"Well here we are, my own house," Toph extended her hand towards her house. Ty Lee quickly moved Toph's arm to the left.

"How could this be your house Toph? And how can you own a house when you are still in high school?" Sokka asked, stunned by the giant mansion that stood in front of him.

"My dad wrote for that cartoon, 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', and makes a lot of money off of it. He doesn't like…," Toph paused as she held Ty Lee's hand tighter, "my life style choices, so he gave me my own house, pays for all my stuff as long as I don't stay there."

"Oh Toph," Katara hugged her, "That's so horrible."

"Okay Sugar Queen, don't get all mushy on me, I got over it." Toph pushed Katara off of her, "I didn't want to live with him anyways, the way he make the show is weird, making the fire benders evil and killing all the air benders…it's just stupid. Also, why not make it in these times? We have an Avatar in these times too and benders."

Aang laughed nervously, hoping the conversation would turn away from the Avatar, "How about we go inside Toph?" They all walked into the giant house Toph called a home. It was a teenager's wet dream, big screen televisions, game systems with every new game, and a fully stocked kitchen.

"Toph, if you weren't lesbian, I would marry you," Sokka said as he ran into the kitchen and got some leftover ribs in Toph's kitchen.

"Go ahead everyone, make yourselves a home," Toph sat down on her couch and turned on her TV.

"Seriously," Katara whispered to Aang, "How can she see the TV?"

"If you and Snoozles are interested, we're having a sleepover tonight." Toph said as Ty Lee rested her head on her shoulder.

"Well Sokka and I would have to ask, but I'm sure we would be able to, let me just call and check in," Katara started dialing her phone and walked out of the room.

"How about you Twinkle Toes are you going to join us tonight?" Toph shouted at Aang.

"Toph, I'm right here, no need to yell," Aang told her as he covered his ears, "I'm sure Gyatso will let me stay over, I'll just text him." Aang texted his father really quickly and went into the kitchen to grab a drink. There was a knock at Toph's door. "I'll get it Toph," Aang walked to the door and opened it up. There stood the auburn hair cheerleader, but now dressed in a V-neck green shirt and skinny jeans.

"Um, hi Aang, is Sokka with you guys?" Suki asked nervously.