Title- Pleasures of Reading

Author- DM Evans

Disclaimer - All rights belong to Arakawa

Rating - FRT

Characters/Pairing- Trisha/Hohenheim

Timeline/Spoilers- pre-series, no spoilers

Summary- Sometimes it's not too hard to get his attention

Author's Note- written for –fmagiftexchange (livejournal) Valentine Day/White day challenge for the prompt 'Trisha/Hohenheim, paper cut'



The surprised cry of pain caught Trisha's attention as she walked past her lover's den. She popped in to see Hohenheim critically examining a finger. "Are you okay?"

"Just a paper cut." A note of irritation rumbled in his voice.

Trisha strolled over and took his hand. Popping his finger in her mouth, she sucked gently. She let it slip free. "Better?"

His brow knit. "You know it would heal immediately."

"Yes, I do." Trisha smiled at him. "That's not the point." She kissed the injured finger. He tasted of dusty paper and salt.

His sunny eyes shone like high noon. "Ah! You'd think by now I'd get it quicker than I do."

"Yes, you would," she agreed, pursing her lips around his finger again, her tongue rolling around the digit.

Pulling his hand back, Hohenheim stood up, meeting her in a kiss. Trisha slipped an arm around his waist, leading him out of the den and down the hall.

"No arguments?" She glanced up at him, half expecting him to say he was busy.

"There will always be time for reading later." He pulled her tighter against him. "I'd much rather spend my time reading the story of your body."

Trisha snuck her fingers under his shirt. "It's an epic novel. You'll need to take your time."

The grin on his face told her this book might take hours to finish.