Hello, readers!

No, this isn't the last chapter you had probably already given up on D: I'm sorry if anyone who used to like this story had their hopes crushed by me, but the wait is over!

I'm already 2000 words on the last chapter, and I've already got a stupid, crazy plot going on!

You're most likely thinking, "Took you long enough" or "This is such a waste of my time."

I nailed you, didn't I? XD The only thing that's stopping me now is the loose ends that need to be tied. So . . . I need your help, guys D:

If you wanna know what a loose end is, then I already looked it up, and I'll post its meaning HERE to save your time:

A minor unresolved problem or difficulty, especially a final detail preceding the completion of something. Often used in the plural.

a detail that is left unsettled, unexplained, or incomplete

Source: The free dictionary . com

Got that? : ) I apologise for the long wait. As soon as I finish Rin's Fanfiction I'll get to this right away QwQ SOMEONE had inspired me to keep moving and work on this.

You know who that awesome person is? You know who lifted my spirits up?

I'll dedicate the entire story to . . .


Yeah, you! You readers are what kept me go on! : D

Maybe I'm asking too much from you. Maybe I'm not. I just want to end this story as fast as I can with the best possible ending with the best possible plot with the best solution to all the problems : (

I hope you understand. . . And I am only asking you to cooperate.

All I want you to do is to give me the stuff that's been complicating you in the story, and the mysteries that I still haven't solved. So


: (

I know what you're thinking, "God, it's your own darn problem!" or "I gave up on this months ago!" or even "This is too much work. I'll see how this author can get through this." Heck, maybe you'll just sit back and let the other readers give me ideas.

Every opinion counts, actually. . .

You don't necessarily have to do something to help me; constructive criticism is gladly appreciated, in a PM or review (it increases the review count, so what the heck.) If you have any side-bits or if you're cliff-hung by some parts of the story, let me know so I can fix it in the end of the chapter : ) That's all I ask.

So, BYE! : D

School's over, and summer's just begun, so Imma write a lot now : 9