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The blond haired elvish prince ran, ignoring the calls of his lover. His blond hair streamed behind him as he fled, tears creeping silently through his eyes and down his paled cheeks. Branches reached out for him, scratching his skin and tearing his clothes, but this did not stop him, He could sense the one who had deceived him slowing down, but even when his pursuer stopped chasing him, he did not stop running. Eventually, he collapsed, breathing heavily as he slumped against a tree, clutching his side hoping to ease the searing pain. Only here and then, did he break down, sobbing mercilessly as he remembered the drama that had occurred hours earlier…


Legolas knocked again on the small oak door, growing impatient. It was opened by a man, standing tall with dark hair and stormy eyes, although these eyes shone with love and pride as he saw Legolas was standing on his doorstep. He ushered Legolas into the house, and Legolas obliged, removing the emerald cloak adorning his shoulders, the very same emerald shade of his eyes. The son of Thranduil strode into a small yet comfortable room, with several wooden chairs surrounding an oak table that of which was covered by a floral tablecloth. A window let in a stream of sunlight over a pot-bellied stove (A/n: Sorry, but that's as old fashioned I can think of) and another door led off to another room, the bedroom. Legolas turned after surveying the room and embraced his friend.

'Brother, It has been a while since we have spoken. I...I…I have missed you'

Legolas flushed at the intimate meaning of the words. This man meant more to Legolas than he knew…but fortunately, his friend did not notice the colour on Legolas's cheeks as he pulled away, smiling warmly.

'I have missed you to, dear friend. We have much to talk about'

Legolas watched as his friend walked over and turned on the small copper kettle sitting on the stove. He turned and smiled to Legolas, sitting down on one of the kitchen chairs and indicating for Legolas to do the same.

'I hear you have been battling with the Elves of the west?'

Legolas hesitantly told Aragorn of the battle his father had sent him into. As Legolas spoke, his friend stood up and took the kettle off the stove, poured the water into two small cups, added tea leaves and set one in front of Legolas, all the while never taking his fixed gaze off of Legolas.

'As for you, what adventures have you been enjoying?'

Legolas delicately sipped from his cup, enjoying the tales of his friend's journeys. Only when the two realised that the sun was just about to set did Panic set in to Legolas.

'My, my father he shall worry if I am not back'

A reassuring glance from the one he was sitting next to calmed him down…a little

'I am sure you're father, Legolas will understand you were caught up with a dear friend?'

Friend. Legolas did not like this one, the one he loved like no other and he thought Legolas saw him as a friend.

'Legolas, please do not worry. Come, let us take a walk and enjoy this beauty that this town has to offer'

Slightly numb, Legolas got up from his seat and headed out with his secret desire not far behind him. The two walked quietly, enjoying one another's company, until they reached a small iron bench which Legolas pulled himself into and gazed up into the sky, sighing. His friend sat next to him, suddenly shattering the silence between the two.

'Forgive me Legolas, but I can tell there is something you are hiding from me…we have been friends for years and I know you well…'

Legolas froze. He could sense it. But how could he say it? To tell this one who sat next to him how much more he wanted to be able to care for him…to love him?

'Nay…there is nothing wrong'

His friend was not easily fooled however.

'Legolas, please, I beg of you. Do not keep secrets from me. We have never done such a thing.'

The hurt in his friend's eyes was too much to bear.

'No…I cannot say…'

'There is something, isn't there? Please, Legolas, I will not judge you on anything that has happened to you'

Silence. Legolas couldn't think of what to say. He wanted so badly to tell his burden…but maybe not to the man who was the cause of it?? What will he say; will he find it repulsive…wrong?


The blond haired warrior jumped, so deeply in though he had not noticed the hand of his friend fitting neatly over his own, in comfort. He pulled away, blushing.

'I…I…I am in love'

'With who? They are not worthy of you to put you through all this pain.'

Legolas gazed into the stormy eyes of his best friend.

'Tis you'

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