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Legolas stirred, and looked around at the dark blur surrounding him. Blinking once or twice, the forest began to get clearer. or as clear as it could in the darkness of night, and he sighed. 'I fell asleep…' mumbling, he grabbed a low hanging branch and pulled himself up, a pain shooting through his back from being slumped against the tree like that. After standing up and getting his balance, the first things to cross his mind were the 'incidents' of the hours, or day earlier. He began to trek slowly to Rivendell, where he could rest and get his head around everything.

'Hopefully, Aragorn shall not look for me there…'


I wanted, to be like you, I wanted everything.

So I tried, to be like you, and I got swept away,

I didn't know that, It was so cold and,


You needed someone to show you the way


Aragorn looked around him slowly. He had ran to find Legolas for hours to explain to him the truth…But Legolas was quick on his feet…when he really wanted to be. He'd ran away from the small village he lived in, and was now lost. After looking around him for a while, he spotted a small inn, called 'the black hawk' he sighed and took off, thinking a drink will clear his head…


'Hello, Lord Elrond.'

'Legolas! What are you doing here, weren't you seeing Aragorn this week?'

Shaking his head as he felt the tears welling up again, he swallowed hard. 'Aragorn was called unexpectedly for… something. I will leave for Mirkwood in the morning, I was just wondering If I could stay here for the night?'

Elrond Stood up slowly and walked over to Legolas. He placed his hands on Legolas's shoulders and looked into his eyes.

'You are sad, Legolas, you need to stay for longer than one night. I shall call for someone to bring you to you're room.' He turned to get someone, but turned back to Legolas and sighed. 'You do not need to be afraid of telling me anything, I will not judge you or be angry if you have done wrong' Elrond stepped out of the room and Legolas whirled around to stare out the balcony, where he had found Elrond HalfElven sitting quietly.

He glanced up at the stars, wrapping his arms around him as he spotted a shooting star in the midst.

'Hello, Legolas'

Without turning, he murmered his reply. 'Hello, Arwen'

'Forgive me, even though it is nice to see you, you did set out for here to visit us, did you?'

'I was visiting Aragorn, he was called away for something. I decided to head back to Mirkwood, but I felt like I needed to rest first.'

He could feel Arwen standing next to him but still stared up into the night sky.

'You have been betrayed, Legolas. I can tell…was it Aragorn?'

'No!' Legolas replied a little too sharply and quickly.

'Aaah…Now I see…Legolas, you are allowed to fall in love, but be careful, for you know how deadly a broken heart can be'

Legolas decided to let the tear slide down his cheek slowly, and was surprised when Arwen wrapped her arms around him, drawing him into her embrace. He closed his eyes s they hugged and then let go.

'How can I be so stupid, Arwen?'

Arwen smiled gently to him.

'Love can make us do stupid things, Legolas.'

'Yes it can, can't it?' Legolas murmered to himself. A cough wa shear at the door and they both turned to see an elvish servant shifting nerveously.

'P…P…Prince…Legolas. I am to show you to yo…you…you're rooms, if you are re…ready'

Legolas nodded and kissed Arwen lightly on the cheek, before slowly following the Prince to his room.


Aragorn sat slumped at his table when someone walked up to him, a drink in each hand.

'Mind If I sit here, I got you a drink?'

Aragorn gestured to the seat across from him and grabbed the drink, slurping it back and banging it back on the table. He glanced at the stranger and grinned at him.

'I…I'm t…Aragorn'

The person across from him grinned eagerly.

'My name is Fíonn'

'Hullo Fíonn…'

'So, Aragorn, what brings you to this neck of the woods.'

Aragorn looked around him and burst out laughing. 'I DUNNO!!!!'

Fíonn leaned foreword and smiled at Aragorn, his chocolate brown eyes dancing excitedly.

'You gotta place to stay? Because if you don't…You can stay with me.'

Aragorn nodded enthusiastically and hiccupped. Fíonn stood up and held out his hand, Aragorn taking it excitedly. They walked out of the inn, when suddenly Aragorn heard shouts and felt someone push him from behind. He fell onto the ground, his head banging against the cobbled path. Someone struck his head, and the last thing he saw before he blacked out was Fíonn pointing at him and telling them he was 'Aragorn'…


If you want to, I can save you,

I can take you away from here,

So lonely inside, so busy out there,

And all you wanted was somebody who cared…