The Secret Affair

As Sam and Carly were upstairs in the iCarly studio. Carly and Sam were getting ready for the live broadcast of their popular internet web show iCarly. The was about to start in two mintues.

"Where is Freddie", Carly questioned angrily

"Yeah, where is that skunkbag", Sam chimmed in

"Freddie is usually not like this, but he's been acting very strange lately", Carly explained " he comes late but leaves ear-

A door opens and Freddie enters with a smile on his face

" Como estas, chicas"

Well, we're not feeling bien", Carly cryed dramaticly. "You're late".

" Sorry, and in 5, 4, 3, 2,-"


"uh…yeah, nice show guys blah, blah, blah" said Freddie. "I have to go see ya"

"Wait", yelled Carly. "You're not Ke$ha"

"Yeah, where you goin' Fredweird", yelled Sam

"None of your business, Pucket", Freddie yelled back as he slammed the door.

Carly had the house to herself, so as Freddie stormed downstairs he made a quick phone call.

"Hey, boo". Freddie said in his sexy vampire accent he use in the iCarly skit. My mom won't be here for two weeks, so you wanna come over"

As Freddie was making this phone call Carly and Sam sneaked and snooped around to hear what was being said.

"Cool, you like pizza",

"Supreme or Hawaiian"

"Cool, supreme it is, I see you in ten. MUAH."

As Freddie left the apartment, Carly began to speak.

"Okay Sam, you know what we have to do right."

"Grab a slice of that pizza Freddie is about to order"


(fade out)

(Fade in)

In their black out fits Carly and Sam were near Freddie's apartment door hiding behind the lush green plants.

"Carly, how long are we suppose to here", Sam whines.

"Long enough until we find out what Freddie is up to", Carly explained.

As the two girls were standing behind the plants, Justin Bieber walked down the hallway with a wrapped gift in his hand, knocking on Freddie's door. As Freddie answered, Justin gave him the gift with a sweet smile. After he set the gift down, Justin and Freddie start making out in the hallway, With Freddie's hands on Justin's hips, while Justin's hands were in Freddie's hair.