Carly's jaw dropped with awe, she just couldn't believe that she was seeing what was presented before her very eyes. After Freddie and Justin was done making out in the hallway, Freddie grabs Justin's hand and guides him into his apartment. Once the door closes, Carly jumps out of the lush green plants still shocked and looks in Sam's direction. Carly begins to speak.

"Did you just see that, I can't believe that Freddie is

"A faggot" chimed in Sam.


"What, it's not my fault he is what he is. I kind of always knew he was little man lover. In fact I think that he had a little crush on your brother Spencer."

"What" yelled Carly.

"Yeah, in fact it was more than just a crush! Cause when I was getting money out of your money stash while you were at Sunday School I saw Freddie and Spencer making out."

"Stop making up lies Sam, plus thats not the issue! The issue is Freddie macing on my man!

"Wow, Carly I didn't know that Justin Bieber was your boo." smiled Sam.

"Yeah you didn't know I dream about him everyday"

"So what's our plan!"

"Well, we're gonna have to spy more and see what else Freddie is up to. But we have a dilemma!

"Dilemma? What dilemma?" asked Sam.

"Well, we need to sneak into his house, and we're on the second floor of this apartment complex!"

Sam smiled, "You must forget that mama's good at picking locks"

"Okay, good!" Carly yells with excitement "You pick the lock and we'll sneak in and see what Freddie's doing to my man. He's probably scaring the poor little thing."

After Sam picks the lock the two girls sneakily snoop their way into Freddie's apartment to see what Freddie was up to when 'BAM'! Right there on the living room couch the two sneaky saw the two passionate boys making out fiercely on the living room couch. When Carly saw this she flaired with jealous because deep down inside she really wanted Freddie! She loved the attention that Freddie 'used to' give her, but at that time she didn't want to get humiliated at school because she was going out with Freddie 'The Tech Geek' Benson. The more she saw the sparks between the tech guy and the superstar pop star the more her jealousy raged!

"Whoa you're a good kisser", said Justin excitedly out of breath. "I feel like the one luckiest guys in the world"

"I aim to please baby"

"Aim to please" yells Carly from behind the wall.

"Carly is that you?" questioned Freddie.

When Freddie finished his statement. Carly steps up to the middle of the room in plain sight with angry frustrated tears rolling down her sweet face.


Shocking surprise huh! I planning to add more to this story because it feels to incomplete! I like to say sorry that it took me a while to write the second chapter but I'm back and if you have suggestions inbox me!