Road less Traveled

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Summary: Pre Twilight, Even as a human Bella was powerful. What if Maria heard about her? After a few years will she help those who hunted her when she was younger?

Rockport, Texas 1880 Bella is age 13


"Daddy I miss momma." I said.

"I know I miss her too, but she is looking down at us from heaven." Charlie said. "Anyways little one it time for bed."

"Ok daddy. Goodnight" I told Charlie. I went upstairs and ready for bed. I got out of my dress and on my night gown. I braided my hair in a French braid, and crawled into my bed. I slowly drifted to sleep, but right before I was out there was a loud bang downstairs. I rushed to the top of the stairs to see what was going on. I noticed 4 people in the living room with my father.

"Who are you? What do you want?" asked Charlie

"Who I am isn't important, but seeing as you don't have long I don't see why not." said a beautiful Hispanic woman, "My name is Maria. And as to why we are here. We were a little curious after hearing that there is a gifted one here."

To say I was confused was an understatement. Who was she talk about? And what was she talking about before that daddy wouldn't have long. Was she here to hurt my daddy?

"What are you talking? Gifted one? Look Maria I think you have the wrong house or something. I would like it if you and your friend leave." said Charlie.

Maria and the other laughed, "You would like us to leave?" Charlie nodded, and then in a blink of an eye Maria was next to the fireplace behind Charlie. It scared Charlie. "Well we are here for I am guessing your little girl," she said looking at a photo of me and daddy on the fireplace, "and there is nothing you can do about it because I am going to kill you."

I could handle anymore I ran downstairs, surprisingly not tripping once, and stood between Maria and my father.


I saw this human girl run down the stairs and stand between Maria and the human man. She moved so fast. I honest didn't know human could move that fast.

"Leave my daddy alone, and go away." said the girl with angry and protectiveness in her voice, but I also noticed that I wasn't getting any actual emotions from her at all. I was shocked that this human child could do this. Maria's source was right about the girl, but he never told us she was this young.

"What are you going to do child?" asked Maria while smiling. Peter emotions started to go all over the place; they went from happy, to excited, to determination, then settling on anticipation. I will ask him about that later. Then Maria was stand next to the girl and her father she grabbed him then said, "There is absolutely nothing you can do child."

All of a sudden Maria was across the room like she was thrown, and then the girl turn to us and started to back up her father towards the fireplace. I finally got a good look at the child she was beautiful even as a child. Something inside of me told me to protect her, but I didn't know what. She and her father only took 3 steps back then they were gone. I couldn't believe my eyes. She is one powerful human if she did that.

"Where did they go? Peter do you know where that child went, I want her. Find her." yelled Maria.

"I don't know where she went Maria. My gift isn't telling me anything." said Peter. I felt dishonesty coming from him so I knew he was lying, but I wouldn't tell Maria about it.

"If I ever see that child again I will punish her for this." Maria growled.

I had to fight back my own growl. 'Why in the Hell am I acting this way' I thought.

"Maria she is only a child trying to protect her father give her a break." Char said. I actually agreed with Char on that. "Anyways she is too young for this life. Let her grow up some. We may find her again." Char wasn't hopeful on that aspect.

Maria walked over and back handed Char. Peter was fighting his instincts not to attack Maria. I sent a wave of calm to Peter. He glanced over to me then back to Maria.

"Give her a break? That little brat just threw me across the room, and why can't I chance the child now?" asked Maria. Was she an idiot? I can think of a few on top of my head. I was about to voice them, but Peter beat me to it.

"Well ma'am, the Volturi would defiantly come out here and kill all of us for illegally changing a child, because they are more unstable then a newborn." said Peter.

Maria snorted, "Like the Volturi can take on my Major." Maria purred while running a finger down my chest.

I stopped her finger then said, "I rather not face the Volturi. And no I am not afraid of them I just rather not deal with them, but I agree with Peter and Charlotte on this. Just drop it Maria."

She pouted a little, but stopped when she knew she wasn't going to get her way. "Fine have it your way. Let's go find our dinner and get back to the base." We all took off then.

After I was done hunting Peter came up to me, "What is it Peter?"

"She is going to be the one to help us later on. She will save us in many ways. It's only a matter of time." said Peter. Well this explains his emotions earlier.

"Cryptic Fucker. How will a human help us when we attack her father? And let me guess you know where she is?" I asked.

"Only time will tell on how she will help us, I am just not sure what it is yet, and we never attacked that was all Maria. For your last question yes I do, but we got go before Maria comes and tries and finds us." And with that we left.

"I just don't think she will see it that way." I told him as we ran.

"Maybe she will, maybe she won't. It is up to her, but something tells she will be more understanding when she is older." said Peter. After that we stay quiet the rest of the way to the base.

BPOV (before teleporting elsewhere)

When I saw her grab my daddy something in me snapped and I knew I had to protect my daddy at all costs. I just want her to go away, and then she was across the room. I turn to the others trying to back my father up. That when I saw him. He had honey gold hair, and he was tall and handsome. I want to ask him to help, but came with Maria so I didn't know why he would.

I start to think I had to get away from Maria, and then we were at Grandpa's and Grandma's house in Houston. Daddy all of a sudden wrapped his arms around me.

"I am so proud of you little one. You did great on get Maria away from us and us out of there. I guess Maria was right about you being gifted, but we need to keep between us. If Grandpa asks the house was broken into and we had to leave quickly because daddy just wanted you safe." Charlie said.

"I understand Daddy." I told him.

"Hmm, I know this is a lot to ask but do you think you could bring our horse and carriage here?" Charlie asked.

"I will try daddy." I said, then I thought about the horse and carriage and they appeared.

"Good girl. Now let's go see grandpa and grandma." And with that we turned and walked to the door and knocked.

After a minute grandpa answer the door, "Charles what is wrong? Why are you here? And why is my granddaughter in her night clothes?"

"Well father our house was being broken into. I don't know what they wanted but my first concern was to get Isabella out of there quickly." Charlie told grandpa.

"Oh my poor child." cried grandma while hugging Charlie.

"You did the right thing Charles, but tomorrow you need to go back and check out the house and see if they took anything.

If anything pack bags for the both of you to stay here for a while. I don't think you mother is going to want to you leave here for a while." said grandpa.

"Ok father I will." Charlie said.

"No, daddy don't go." I whisper cried.

He kneeled down, hugged me, and whisper in my ear, "I won't be long and I be there during the day and be back the next night I promise. Don't worry baby girls."

I looked down and said, "Ok daddy, be safe ok." He nodded then kissed my head then stood up.

Grandma smiled at me, "Let get you to bed darling."

"Thank you, grandma." I finished saying that I then yawned. And grandma took me to a spare room, and then she walked me to the bed to tuck me in. I crawled into bed and I was out when my head hit the pillow…