Road less Traveled

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Summary: Pre Twilight, Even as a human Bella was powerful. What if Maria heard about her? After a few years will she help those who hunted her when she was younger?

Somewhere in Mexico 1883


I am shocked that I have kept Char under Maria's radar for 3 years now. She was almost up on her newborn year when we followed Maria to get the gifted human girl and the distraction allowed her to slip through, but my gift has been telling me I am not going to be lucky with hiding my mate anymore. I wonder if I could convince Jasper to let us go when the time comes. It's worth a shot.

~A Month Later~

Maria walked over to Jasper and I while we were training the newborns. As soon as Maria got to us we stopped and waited for her to give us orders.

"Major it's time to weed out the weaker newborns." Maria said low enough for only us to hear her.

"Ok Maria, Peter and I will get on that right away." Jasper said in his eerily calm voice.

"Oh and Major, please get rid of Charlotte this time around since she has been here for 3 year too many." Maria said as she walked away.

I stiffened even if I knew this was coming. Hopefully Jasper is open to reasoning. So Jasper and I went through the newborns destroying all of the ones that were waning on their strength. I had just killed the last one when I turned, noticing Jasper closing in on Charlotte. I growled at him, stopping him from continuing but also starting Char.

"Jasper please don't do this." I begged him.

"Why not? Maria ordered us too." He said.

"She's my mate Jasper and I will fight for her. I don't want to go against ya but I will if I have too." I pleaded with him.

"What are you suggestin' we do? As soon as Maria sees her she will kill her and then punish us." He told me. I thought for a moment then my gift told me 'leave'.

"Let us go." I said.

He was quiet for a few minutes as he thought it over, and then he sighed, "Fine, go."

"Thank you I will always owe ya." I told him before taking Charlotte and running.

~2 Years Later~ In New York, NY 1885

Char and I had just finished hunting when my gift started telling me Jasper needed to get out of Mexico soon.

"Char, we need to start headin' back to Mexico. We have to help Jasper get away from Maria, but we need to take a detour in Texas to find that human." I told Char.

"Why do we have to see the human now?" Char asked.

"'Cause she's the only way we can get in and out alive. After she helps us we will owe her just as the Major." I told Char.

Char sighs, "Ok let's go find the girl." With that said we were off to Houston, TX. It took us a day to get on the outskirt of Houston. We roamed the city trying to find her scent. "Are ya sure she is still in this city?"

"I am positive sweet cheeks." Just as I told Char that we ran across the girl's scent. We followed it to the market area. I saw the brown haired girl who we were look for. She'd come into womanhood well. If it wasn't for her scent we wouldn't have found her.

I grabbed Char's hand and put it in the crook of my arm then we walked behind the girl making sure we got a reasonable distance from the market, in case she screamed.

"Excuse me Miss can ya help us?" I asked, causing her to slowly turn around. When she saw us her eyes went wide and she gasped.

"What are you doing here and what do you want?" She hissed at us.

"Well miss we need your help on rescuing our friend. We are not here to harm you or your family." I tried to reassure her. It looked like she didn't believe me.

"Why should I trust you? And what benefit do I get from help you and your friend?" she asked us.

"Oh please darlin' ya have to help us. We wouldn't have come if it wasn't life or death. We would owe ya forever darlin' and we are loyal and faithful to our promises." I begged her.

"Now you are sounding like a dog sir." she said.

"I am willing to wiggle my behind if ya would only agree my lady." I told her.

She tried to hide her smile, "And who is your friend we would be helping?"

"That would be The Major he was there that night also." I told her.

She sighed, "Ok as long as it wasn't that bitch Maria I am fine with it, and you are getting my away from my Grandparents and Father for the time being."

"Well such language for a young lady. I like you more already." said Char.

She rolled her eyes then walked over holding out two gloved hands for us to take. She led us to the alleyway. "I am going to have to ask that you picture the destination cause I've never been to where we are going." She said looking at me. I nodded, closed my eyes, and then picture Jasper's tent.

I started to feel a pulling sensation in the pit of my stomach that was gone just as quickly. I opened my eyes and saw we were in fact in Jasper's tent. He wasn't here at the moment but he would be shortly. I heard him walking this way. I made my way over to the entrance, hiding from immediate view. He stepped in and noticed Char and the girl. He was going to call for someone but I covered his mouth.

"Now calm down Major we are here for you. There is more out there other than fighting a war. I am going to let ya speak now, so don't go yellin' for anyone." I told him. He nodded and I removed my hand from his mouth.

"Peter why is the girl here?" Jasper asked.

The girl interrupted me before I could speak. "The girl has a name, which is Isabella. As to why I am here is to help get you out of here." She said angrily but keeping her voice low, not wanting to alert anyone.

"Well my apologies ma'am I don't mean to offend ya." Jasper said to her.

"I advise ya to pack the things ya wanna bring with ya 'cause Maria is going to be headin' here in 5 minutes. Isabella would ya be a dear and close your eyes really quickly so we can get things done quicker without getting you in trouble with our laws." I said. Isabella looked at me strange, but still did what was asked.

Jasper and I rushed around the tent collecting his things and putting them in his trunk. We were done within 2 minutes. He put the trunk on his shoulder. Char and I grabbed Isabella's hands.

"Isabella you can open your eyes I am going to picture another place I want you to take us." I said to her.

"Jasper if possible could you put a hand on my shoulder I don't want to leave you behind." As soon as he touched her, she jumped like she got shocked. She shook her head then said, "Alright go ahead Peter."

I started to picture a farm in San Antonio, TX. It was for sale when Char and I went through there when we made our escape the first time. We gathered our money together from when we were with Maria and brought the house. Just like before I felt the pull then it was over.

Isabella started to lose her balance. I caught her before she fell down. I pick her up bridal-style, taking her into the house and laying her on the couch. Luckily Char had wanted to get some furniture before we traveled elsewhere.

"Is she alright?" asked Char slightly panicked.

"Yeah she is fine. It's just her gift took a toll on her. I don't think she's used it to that extent before. Just give her a little bit to come around. I will travel with her to make sure she is ok." I told her.

"Ok just as long as we didn't harm her. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I harm her after she just helped us." said Char with relief.

"I told ya Char she is going to save us in many ways. I am just not sure how yet. I know in a few years she will come to us for help. That is why I brought her here so she'll be able to get here quickly." I said.

"Do ya think that is wise? It's probably better that she just get on with a normal life." asked Jasper.

"We will know more in a few years. I'd rather stay here and make sure she is safe then leave her without help. We promised her Jasper and as ya told us a Whitlock keeps their promises." Char told him.

"Yeah we do. Alright we will watch from a far and be there for her when she needs it." Jasper agreed.

We all nodded in agreement. After about 30 minutes she finally came to.

"Hello darlin'. How are you feelin'?" I asked her.

"Much better thank you for asking. So this is your home I take it?" she asked.

"Yes it is." I smiled at her.

"It's quite lovely, but it is getting late and I must be getting home. I don't need my father and grandparents worrying about me." she said.

"Well I will be traveling with ya darlin' to make sure ya are ok." I told her.

"You don't have too. I should be just fine." She protested.

"I insist since ya passed out immediately when we got here. I would feel better if I saw ya home safely and Char would kick my behind if I didn't." I said.

"Damn right. Just let him sug it will put my mind at ease." said Char as she walked into the room.

"Ok fine. You ready." She asked. I nodded to her. "Char and Jasper it was lovely to meet you even under the circumstances. I hope if we meet again things are not as bad. But most likely we won't so I guess have a great and happy life."

"You too Isabella" Char and Jasper said in unison.

Isabella took my hand and we ported elsewhere. I guess it was outside of her grandparent's house. I turned to her and said, "Well darlin' thank you for helping us, and remember that if you ever need us ya can come to our home to find us."

"I will remember your kindness today toward me, and if I ever need anything I will come and find you." she said then she hugged me. I stiffened for a second then returned the gesture. She released me and walked towards the front door. I turned and walked down the road towards the forest. Once I reached the forest edge I took off toward home. Within a few minutes I entered the front door.

"She is home and safe." I said.

"Good" said Char. Jasper nodded.

Now we wait to see what will happen though my gift is telling me Jasper won't be here to help. Only time will tell how things will turn out exactly. My gift can only help so much…