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Ch. 5:

Sekhmet didn't say a word as she and Duncan drove back. They went up to the loft and she still didn't say a word as she climbed into his bed and curled onto her side to stare at the wall. Not knowing quite what to do, Duncan grabbed the phone and called Joe. When the Watcher agreed to come over, Duncan hung up and went to sit next to Sekhmet.

"I'll go if you want me to." She said softly.

"I won't say I'm happy with you at the moment." He replied. "But I'm not going to throw you out. You never hid what you had done, I just never really thought about it. You can stay as long as you need."

Sekhmet nodded.

"Thank you." She said, tears in her voice. "I don't really have any where else to go."

He took her hand and squeezed it gently.

"I never thought he'd send you away." He said after a moment.

Sekhmet laughed without humor.

"You and me both." She told him. "5,000 years of mourning him, 100 years of waiting to be together again, finding each other and being only three weeks away from a wedding, and it's all gone in two days. Maybe he's right. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe we're just too far from who we used to be."

Tears began to fall down her cheeks again and he gently kissed her forehead. He got up and left her alone as he waited for Joe to arrive.

"Joe, you can't defend it." Duncan told him.

"I'm not defending it." Joe replied. "I'm trying to understand it."

He and Duncan were standing in the kitchen, trying not to wake Sekhmet.

"What's to understand?" Duncan demanded. "When he rode into a village, there was life. When he rode out, there wasn't."

"No, you weren't there." Joe replied. "Different times, MacLeod, different rules, different morals. You can't compare it."

"I won't compare it, and I can't excuse it!" Duncan shot back.

"Well, what does she say about all this?" Joe asked, motioning to the sleeping woman.

"She says that she's killed just as much as he has." Duncan replied, sighing. "That she can't ask for forgiveness for her sins and not give forgiveness for his."

"She right!" Joe said. "How many men have you killed? How much blood have you shed in anger?"

"Look, I know what I've done, and I live with it." Duncan told him. "But I'm telling you, this is different."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Joe demanded.

"I'm talking about a bunch of murdering bastards who burned and raped across two continents!" Duncan shouted. "They butchered innocent women and children, Joe! You live with that, you see that!"

"I have." Joe replied quietly. "Vietnam. When we took out a village, we couldn't tell the farmers form the soldiers. You think somehow the bullets managed to miss all the children?"

"This is different." Duncan replied.

"How?" Joe asked.

"Because he loved it." Duncan said, his voice breaking. "Because he had pleasure in killing."

"But he stopped."

The men turned to see Sekhmet sitting up on the bed.

"That's what you're not remembering." She said. "He stopped."

She stood and walked over to Duncan.

"You're so young, Duncan." She told him. "You have no idea what it was like back then."

"That doesn't make it right." He told her.

"No, it doesn't." she agreed. "And neither Methos nor I are trying to say it does. But in that world, the strongest survived, and Methos and I were very strong."

"It doesn't take strength to butcher innocent children and women." Duncan told her.

"No, it takes strength to stop!" she shot back. "It took being locked in my tomb for a century and a half for me to stop. He made the choice! Because he wanted to be a better man! Methos is a good man! I don't care what you say, or what he does, he is a good man. You don't know what it was like, Duncan. To have killed so many, that you no longer see their faces. To know that no good you do could ever out way the evil. We are damned, but we still try for redemption. Methos is stronger than I ever was. He stopped the killing. He won't start again."

Duncan watched as she cried.

"What will it take for you to see that he isn't who we thought he was?" he asked her softly. "Will he have to take my head, your head, before you see that he's betrayed us?"

"Until he is standing in front of me, your blood on his hands, I will not believe he has betrayed me." She told him. "I don't know his plan, but I trust him. The man who did those horrible things is dead. This Methos, my Methos, is a good man. And until he takes my head, I will believe that."

Whatever else they would've said was interrupted by Joe's cell phone.

"Yeah?" he said.

Duncan turned away and Sekhmet quickly brushed away her tears.

"Yeah, I got it." Joe said, hanging up. "Kronos."

Duncan quickly turned back around.

"Where?" he demanded.

"An abandoned power station down at the old South Docks." Joe replied.

Duncan quickly grabbed his jacket.


Duncan turned to look at Sekhmet. Even in her jeans and t-shirt, and her eyes red from crying, Duncan had never seen her look more regal.

"If Methos does not attack you, don't fight him." She ordered.

"I can't promise you that, Sekhmet." He told her.

"Yes, you can." She said, striding forward.

She reached down and removed her dagger from her boot and sliced open her hand.

"Swear that if he does not hurt you, you will not harm him." She said, holding out the dagger. "Swear it or I will stop you now."

"You really would, wouldn't you?" he asked. "You'd risk everything to save him, even when he's left you?"

"I would tear down the world to keep him safe." She told him, her voice serious. "Now swear, or so help me god, you won't make it to the docks."

"He left you, Sekhmet." Duncan told her.

"That doesn't mean I'm letting him go." Sekhmet said, taking his hand and pressing the dagger into it.

Duncan glared at her, but he took the dagger. He cut his own hand quickly.

"I swear." He told her.

"Good." She said, taking the dagger back. "But I thought there was no watcher on Kronos."

"There isn't." Joe told her. "We have one on Cassandra. She led us to him."

Duncan quickly left after hearing that. After a moment, Sekhmet headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Joe called after her.

"There are some things I need." She said, shutting the door.

Sekhmet opened the door to the apartment and quietly shut the door. She flipped on the light and sighed.

"I guess it was too much to hope you'd be here waiting for me." She mutter to herself.

She quickly moved to the dresser and pulled out a long box. Inside was a sword. She gently picked it up and pulled it out of its scabbard, reading the inscription on the blade.

Sekhmet…My Lioness

"Please let this all be part of your plan." She whispered, sliding the sword back in. "Because I can't do this without you, Methos. I need you here, with me."

She set the sword on the bed and picked up a framed picture off the bedside table. It was of her and Methos, a picture she had meant to grab, but had forgotten in the rush. She was dressed in a dark red sun dress and he had his arms wrapped around her, his chin on her shoulder. She had reached up to wrap her arm around his neck and they were both smiling at the camera.

"I love you, Methos." She whispered in Egyptian, gently touching the picture. "Stay safe."

She set the picture back down and quickly grabbed a bag. She reached into the closet and pulled out a few articles of clothing and stuffed them in the bag, along with a few pieces of jewlery. Finally, she took the sword from its box and put it in the bag as well.

She picked the bag up and made her way to the door, pausing to look back once more before flipping off the light and locking the apartment once more.

Kronos was reading when he felt the approach of another Immortal.

"I hope you brought me his sword." He called, thinking it was Methos.

"I brought mine." Another voice called. "It's all I need."

Kronos looked over to see Cassandra standing there.

"You look different somehow." He said, setting his book down and grabbing his sword. "Maybe it because you're on your feet for a change, instead of your back."

He laughed as they began to circle each other.

"Centuries pass." Cassandra sneered at him. "Nations come and go. But you remain the same."

"I try." Kronos replied. "Did you come here for me? I'm afraid Methos is busy. He's out killing MacLeod. Let's see if you've learned anything in the last 3,000 years."

"You're weak, Kronos." Cassandra said, tapping into her power. "Tired. All you want to do is close your eyes. You have to close your eyes."

"Why?" Kronos asked, brushing off her spell. "So you can kiss me?"

"Your sword grows heavy." She said, trying again.

"Make love to me before I kill you." He told her, smiling as he waved his sword. "And cut out the feeble tricks. They won't work on me."

"Well, maybe this will!" Cassandra said, abandoning her magic.

She attacked him and quickly lost her sword to the older Immortal before retreating from him.

"Methos never liked the idea of killing you." Kronos told her, stalking after her. "But I do."

Cassandra looked around for an advantage and landed on a steam valve. She quickly released it, blinding him and running away. When the steam cleared, Kronos gave chase. She climbed down, but froze when she felt the presence of another Immortal. Before she could react, Methos came up behind her and knocked her out.

Above her, Kronos also felt another Immortal.

"You witch!" Kronos yelled to her. "You're dead! Come out now and I'll make it quick!"

Below, Methos quickly carried the unconscious Cassandra outside.

"If you don't, you're going to be begging me to kill you." Kronos continued.

"Then let's make it quick."

Kronos turned around to see Duncan stepping out of the shadows.

"Cause I can't wait." Duncan told him.

Kronos began to laugh as he stalked towards Duncan.

"I guess it's true," he told him, "you wait long enough, everything comes back."

"Come and get it." Duncan replied.

Kronos leapt at him, and the fight began. Sparks flew as their swords connected.

Meanwhile, Methos held Cassandra over the river.

"You should've killed me when you had the chance." She told him weakly.

He ignored her, dropping her into the water below. He stood there for a moment, looking down at her, before moving away and back into the power plant.

Inside the plant, Kronos and Duncan continued to fight. Methos moved above them, lighting a Molotov cocktail and dropping it below. As the other two men continued to fight, he continued to drop bottles, letting them explode all around. Then, he began to pour gasoline, leading the fire towards the other two, who didn't even seem to notice the fire. Finally, he dropped one last bottle.

A wall of fire sprang up between the two fighters, driving them apart. Only then, did Methos pull the fire alarm and disappear into the shadows.

"I can wait." Kronos called from his side.

He turned and walked away, and Duncan did the same.

Sekhmet approached the loft and felt another Immortal.

"Did you find him?" she called as she entered.

She walked in to find Cassandra.

"You." She hissed.

She dropped the bag, and before Cassandra could react, she slammed her into the wall, her hands around Cassandra's neck, choking her.

"This is your fault!" Sekhmet yelled at her. "You and your damn vendetta and Kronos! Why couldn't you just leave us in peace? We were happy! Why could you just let us be?"

They felt another presence as Duncan got off the lift. He quickly moved to them and pulled Sekhmet off Cassandra.

Sekhmet collapsed on the floor as Duncan moved Cassandra away.

"I can't do this again." She whispered. "I can't lose him."

"He's a murderer and a rapist." Cassandra spat at her. "You saw what he did to my people. Why didn't you help us? Why didn't you stop him?"

"Because I didn't give a damn about your people." Sekhmet told her viciously. "I didn't then, and I don't now. I didn't even know that was Methos. If I had, I would've destroyed your people just to get to him. They were nothing to me. You were nothing. Back then, all I cared about was me and staying alive. Now all I care about is keeping him alive. I still don't give a damn about you."

She laughed.

"It's amazing how nothing can destroy your life." She said, her laughter taking on a disturbed edge to it. "You're nothing, and yet you've managed to destroy everything. I had plans. A wedding. There was going to be cake."

She began to mutter to herself in Egyptian and Duncan looked at her with concern.

"Sekhmet." he called softly.

"Did you find him?" she asked, seeming to come back to herself.

"No." he replied.

"Good." She said. "Then his plan is still in motion."

She pulled herself up and walked towards the stairs that led to the roof. When she was gone, Duncan turned to Cassandra.

"Are you alright?" he asked her.

"She's insane, isn't she?" she asked.

"Being away from Methos is…damaging to her psyche." Duncan told her. "I'd stay out of her way if I were you."

He gently touched her face.

"I didn't think you were alive." He told her.

"I'm here." She replied. "Did you find Kronos?"

"Yeah." He answered.

"He's dead?" she asked.

Duncan shook his head.

"Then I've failed." Cassandra said despondently.

"No, you didn't fail." Duncan told her. "You're still alive."

"And so are they." She shot back. "It'll never be over until they're both dead."

"Then we'll find them." He replied, wrapping his arms around her.

"Why did you stop the fight?" Kronos demanded, holding his sword to Methos' neck. "You saved MacLeod!"

"It could've gone either way." Methos told him calmly. "I couldn't take the chance."

"Were you afraid of me losing?" Kronos asked, moving closer. "Or him? Have I been wrong about you?"

Methos didn't answer.

"Maybe I should kill you right now and make absolutely sure." Kronos suggested.

"If you do that, you'll never have the Four Horsemen." Methos told him.

"What are you saying?" Kronos demanded.

"Silas and Caspian are alive." Methos said.

"You're lying!" Kronos shouted.

"I can take you to them." Methos offered.

Kronos hesitated for a moment, but then withdrew his blade.

"Then you live." He said, backing away. "The Four Horsemen ride again."

He moved off, leaving Methos alone.

"If you're hunting Methos, I'm coming with you." Sekhmet said, coming back down the stairs.

She looked much more in control as she walked towards the other two.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Duncan told her.

"If he's really betrayed me…" Sekhmet said, swallowing. "If he's really gone back to Kronos, back to those ways…He's my fiancée. I'll be the one to take his head. Besides, I'm the only one who can lead you to the other two Horsemen."

"That's not possible." Cassandra breathed. "The others are dead!"

"Isn't that what you thought about Methos?" Sekhmet said to her scornfully before turning back to Duncan. "I'm not the first Immortal to fake their death. Methos once told me that if I there ever came a time when I had no options left, I could go to Silas. He was fairly certain that if I told him who I was, and that I was Methos' wife, Silas would protect me. But he also warned me to stay away from Caspian. I know where both of them are though, and I will take you to them."

She walked away and picked up her bag.

"Come on." She told them. "We're going hunting."

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