1. Chocolate

On an ordinary afternoon in an ordinary arcade sat a striking ebony haired man with an extraordinary amount of boxed chocolates.

Motoki, proud owner of said arcade, eyed his best friend from across the counter and his stacks upon stacks of meticulously wrapped boxed chocolates.

"Uhh, Mamoru." Motoki muttered, curiosity shone clearly in his gaze.

"What?", drawled his best friend, all the while sipping his daily dose of black liquidy goodness leisurely. As if nothing is out of the ordinary.

"Umm… what ar-" Motoki asked, pointing to the boxes beside, in front, and on top of Mamoru.

"Godiva had a Buy-one-get-second-one-10%-off sale." Mamoru interrupted, without waiting to hear the arcade owner's question.


"So I bought all of their remaining 18 boxes."


"Because Odango loves chocolates."


"And when she comes in and sees this, she's gonna want chocolates."


"I'll give her chocolates,"


"If she gives me a kiss."

To this, Motoki had no reply, not because he's busy gaping at Mamoru's extremity, but because a certain blonde haired, blue eyed, object of affection is standing directly behind his best friend.

"You know baka, you could've just asked." Her feminine voice resonated through the arcade.

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