Hello everyone! I already said this on my profile but I will repeat it again. I did not die. I lost inspiration to write due to real life problems. I am doing this to get that inspiration back. Starting today for the next 100 days I will be writing and updating something! I will beat this 2 year long writers block and continue where I left off. Thank you for the support and reviews.

Day One.


Warnings: Mild slash.

Disclaimer: I own no characters in this story.

The Epic Pout

Damn him with that persistent pout! For the past two weeks all he seen on his boyfriends face was that ridiculous pouting and it was getting on his last nerve!

"Harry, you will stop that childish pouting this instant! It's been two weeks. If I didn't say yes to you then, what makes you think I'll say yes to you now!"

Harry glared at his blond and turned his head from him. Draco winced as he saw the slight tremble of his lovers bottom lip and his expressive green eyes get a little more shiny. Cursing, Draco sighed and pressed his fingers to his forehead, feeling the oncoming headache.

"Fine. We'll get the damn dog. But it's your's and your responsibility!"

Draco may hate all things cute and fluffy, but seeing that beautiful smile light up Harry's face was defiantly worth it.

Not that he'll admit it of course.

Hmm. That turned out better then I thought. Well one day down hopefully much more to come.