Glee Fic


Disclaimer: I don't own glee, if I did James Marsters would be guest starring at least once a season.

Reindeer's Dancing

Quinn broke the kiss, gasping for breath. "Listen, don't try to find any meaning in this. I'm horny and I'm almost 100% sure you can't get me pregnant. That's it." That said, she moved in and they started kissing again. She moved a hand down and then under the reindeer sweater. Quinn moved her mouth down the others throat to her collar bone.

"Quinn, while I do appreciate the verification of what this is, I'm going to ask you to stop talking so we can put our scarce time to better use." Rachel pulled the blondes mouth back up and connected their lips once more.

They had been meeting secretly for almost 3 weeks, ever since Sam and Quinn broke it off because she found him making out with Finn in the locker room. It started as a bitchy cat fight in the choir room, but quickly devolved into sex. On the piano. Several times.

The warning bell for the next class rang loudly. Quinn pulled away and swore quietly. They didn't speak to each other, just got dressed and left. Quinn went first with a quick check to see if the coast was clear. Rachel counted to 20 and followed.

Down the hall, Tina was watching from her locker while Mike waited for her to grab her books.

"When do you think they're going to fess up?" Tina asked

"Who? To what?" Mike asked.

"That Quinn and Rachel so in like like." Brittany answered, scaring Mike and Tina.

"What are you talking about?" Mike looked at the two girls in confusion. The girls shared a glance. Shaking their heads, they walked off.

"What? What?" Mike trailed after them.

AN: so I have no idea why I wrote this but it seems like something that Rachel and Quinn would do. Sorry if anyone found this offensive but please keep it to yourself.