But I Do

It was the end of a long, agonizing day and Tobi strode nervously down the hallway toward the locker of his best friend who also happened to be his secret crush. But not anymore. He finally decided to suck up what courage he possessed and confess his feelings to the other boy today. It was the last day before prom tickets went on sale and he prayed his crush would accept his feelings and agree to go to prom with him.

The younger teenager soon came in view; standing at his locker like predicated, and Tobi nearly retreated from his goal at the last second, having to force himself those last steps to meet up with the blonde.

Deidara felt someone's presence beside him and removed his head from his locker where he had been searching for some papers only to see Tobi standing stiffly next to him, mismatched orbs staring intensely at an invisible point on the floor and hands tensed into fists.

The artist blinked as he observed his friend closely. "You ok, Tobi?"

After a few seconds, Tobi finally glanced up at the beautiful blonde and nibbled at his lower lip as he struggled to open his mouth and let his feeling roll out but his jaw felt like it had suddenly been nailed shut.

Deidara raised a dusty eyebrow at the nervous teenager, who was now trembling and ran his fingers through his thick, blonde locks. "Tobi…do you need something, un? If not, I have a bus to catch and…"

"No! Tobi does have something to tell you!"

Deidara frowned at the outburst and Tobi inhaled deeply while squeezing close his eyes and finally, he released the feelings he had confined inside him since the moment his sight fell on Deidara.

"Tobi really likes Deidara-sempai and wants Deidara-sempai to go to the prom with him!" He blurted out, almost too fast for Deidara to catch but he caught it and was left stunned by the Uchiha's quickly spoken confession.

Tobi kept himself braced for the blonde's reaction as his eyes remained close and hands in fists, praying it was a positive one and he agreed like Tobi had always dreamt of.

After several, long seconds, he finally got a reply, but not the one he hoped for. Not even close it. Instead, Deidara giggled. Tobi finally peeked at the blonde through his good eye and frowned as the other continued to snicker with one of his hands covering his mouth like Tobi had just told him a hilarious joke.

"Ok, Tobi. You got me, un."

Tobi's frowned only sagged deeper as his head fell crooked upon his shoulder. "Got you, sempai?"

Deidara nodded, his giggling coming to an end. "Yeah, that was a good one, un."

"Good what?" Tobi asked innocently and Deidara rolled his single, azure eye as he turned back to his locked, shuffled through it to continue to pursuit for his homework. He managed to find it buried beneath his math book and pulled it out before shoving it in his bag and slamming close his locker. Then he proceeded to turn and leave, leaving poor Tobi behind, confused and slowly feeling heartbroken.

The young Uchiha watched at the blonde met up with his other best and much closer friend, Sasori, and the two left for the parking lot to catch their buses. Tobi slumped against the lockers as the two disappeared together and had to fight back tears which burned mercilessly at the corners of his eyes. He sniffled quietly and rubbed a gloved-clad hand over his eyes before pushing himself away from the red-painted lockers and shuffled slowly down the hallway to go home himself.

There could have been a million and one better ways he could have done that and wished he could just do back in time and fix that simple mistake he accidently made. If only he had remembered it was April Fool's Day.

AN: Blah, I know, but I wanted to make a drabble for April Fool's Day before it was over.