My Calendar Boy

Summary: A-G-S-Z meets their favourite star, quite by accident, and attempt to woo him, but will he fall for their combined charms?


Genesis knew they were all addicted. It was fast process that began with something so simple, and left them all hopelessly and pathetically devoted. Sure, they had each other but this was something else. He was their perfection, he was their wish, and he was also unattainable. Zack and Sephiroth were probably the worst, Zack being so enthusiastic and loud about it and Sephiroth being so quiet but obsessive.

Genesis also knew that he and Angeal were really no better, they just weren't so extreme and preferred to keep their attachment to themselves.

He would never have guessed that that attachment would be given the chance to become more, or that it would be returned in any degree.


Not too long ago…

It was midnight. The glow of the TV and the sounds of gunshots and fake killing filled the room. Four men were crowded in Sephiroth's room because it had the biggest bed and the biggest TV out the four-bedroom apartment they lived in.

"HA! I win," Zack crowed, dropping his controller on the carpeted floor and settling back against the side of the bed.

"It's late, we should get some sleep," Angeal said, turning off the TV.

He moved to turn off the standing lamp but Genesis was still reading and gave him the 'look.' Sephiroth was cuddled up behind Genesis, an arm slung over his stomach and holding him close. Angeal settled himself on the other side of bed, leaving the two alone for now. Zack suddenly jumped up, ripping the book from Genesis' hands and earning himself a glare from his red-haired boyfriend.

"I forgot! I have something awesome to show you!"

He ran to his bag and pulled out a calendar. He sat on the edge of the bed and his three boyfriends gathered around. He opened the calendar and grinned as Genesis sighed, like a schoolgirl.

"Is the entire calendar of him?" Sephiroth asked, one second away from tearing it from Zack's hands and finding out for himself.

"Yes, it's a promotional calendar for his perfume."

They flipped through slowly, taking time to take in every picture and pose. From his platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes, to his pale skin and lithe figure.

"This is a lot more provocative than anything he's done before," Angeal remarked, pointing out a few specific months. The best they all agreed was December; it was a good way to end the year, with Skye sitting in a purple plush armchair without a shirt, in grey skinny jeans, in a white room. The focus was only on him and he was hot.

"You know, I read that Skye wasn't his real name. They fucked something up when he was first starting and he didn't bother to change it," Zack told them.

"Well, of course it's not his real name. He wouldn't want people to know who he was; he's still in school," Sephiroth commented, dragging his fingers down Zack's back. Zack wriggled a little, slapping Sephiroth's hand away.

"Stop distracting me, anyway so did you guys know he goes to our uni? This magazine had an interview with him and he apparently does arts and media at ShinRa University. They post his photography all over the school."

Genesis stopped playing with Seph's hair. "He does those, is there anything he isn't perfect at?"

They first saw Skye on TV, advertising jewellery and his –now trademark– wolf earring. He was just starting out and he was cute and innocent but also incredibly beautiful. Evidently, they were trying to change his look from cute to sexy.

"So what is his perfume called?" Angeal asked.

"Four dreams."

Zack closed the calendar and hung it on a hook on the wall, near the bookcase. They turned off the light and went to bed.


Classes were over but Genesis was dragging his three boyfriends all over the school to look at the photos that Skye apparently took. They were near the music studios, enjoying perusing the photos and listening to the music students doing extra practise.

Loud cursing interrupted the peaceful outing and they curiously turned the corner and found a small, spiky-haired blonde sprawled on the floor, with photos everywhere, a ladder against the wall, and who was cussing violently.

"Fuck! That's hurts, ow! Fuckity Fuck!"

Zack rushed over. "Hey, you all right?"

The blonde broke off his mantra of swearing and exclamations of pain and stared somewhat dazedly at Zack. He blinked owlishly a few times and blushed a pretty pink.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

The blonde got to his knees and looked around, "Damnit!" he swore and shuffled around on the floor trying to pick up the photos and sort them back into order at the same time.

Zack grabbed the boy's hands softly and tugged the photos out them. The other three were already collecting and sorting the photos for the blonde. Thankfully, the photos had numbers on the back.

"Don't worry about it, just tell us what do. You look like you could use some help."

The blonde stilled and looked up at Zack, the blush returning.

"Ah, thanks. I'm just putting them up along the hall."

Zack beamed, "No problem. My name's Zack, that's Angeal, Sephiroth and Genesis."

The blonde smiled. "I'm Cloud."

Zack pushed the kid back to sit against the wall. "Cool name."


They finished putting up the pictures together, with Cloud directing them where to put the photos. They put the last photo up and stepped back to admire their work. A loud, generic ringing interrupted their peaceful contemplation and Cloud checked his caller ID quickly before walking off down the hall to answer the phone.

Genesis and Zack were trying unsuccessfully to eavesdrop on his conversation.

"Guys, leave the boy to talk in peace," Angeal said, to his two boyfriends.

"But he's so cute," Zack responded, clinging to Genesis.

"That doesn't give us the right to intrude of his privacy," Sephiroth told them, before adding, "Yet."

They turned to Sephiroth for an explanation but Genesis interrupted him, distracting them all with something far more concerning.

"Do think we could meet Skye, if we asked Cloud to introduce us?" Genesis asked, clapping a little in glee.

"Why do you think he knows Skye?"

"He's putting his pictures up."

During their conversation Cloud had finished his call and had wandered back over to the really hot guys who helped him out.

"Thanks for your help," Cloud said, with a cute smile. "And I have actually never met Skye, I get given the photos by the art department."

"Oh, we didn't mean–"

"It's all right, I'd have never have pegged you guys as fans though," Cloud said. 'None of the other fans are this hot!' He thought, smiling a little more and walking back the way they came. He paused and turned back, with a small frown on his face. He opened his mouth to say something, closed it and then thought better of it again and spoke.

"Um, I'll be putting up more pictures tomorrow, do you want to help? Since you looked like you had fun today and I could use the help."

The four men looked to each other and then smiled at the blonde. "Sure."

The blonde smiled brilliantly, "Great!"

He left and the four men just watched until he was out of sight, and then high-fived each other. They may have thought four people was enough for their interesting relationship but what was one more person in the grand scheme of things, especially one more very cute, small and friendly person.

"So everyone is agreed."

"Yep, let's do this."


Cloud was waiting for them, with a small cardboard box full of photos that had 'For Cloud' scrawled across the top. He beamed when he saw them and waved.


They smiled, before letting Cloud lead them to where they would be putting up the photos today, and if he noticed that they were sticking very close to him and Zack's arm was always around his shoulder or his waist, he didn't seem to mind.

Cloud didn't need to lift a finger other than to point to where the photos had to go. He had never had help before and it was kind of fun to not have to do anything.

"All right that's all of them," Angeal said, stepping off the ladder and walking over to Cloud. The others joined them, and together they started walking back the way they came.

Cloud beamed, "I've never had help before, thanks so much."

Cloud paused, rubbing the back of his head. A pale pink dusted his cheeks and he stared intently at the floor.

"Um, do you want to have lunch with me? As thanks!"

Sephiroth slipped his arm around Cloud's shoulders and smiled at the small blonde, Zack walked with Angeal and held his hand, while Genesis attached himself to Sephiroth's other hand.

"We'd love that."

They left the University and ended up at a nice café, which was owned by Cloud's friend. It was medium sized, with booths along the big front windows and table chairs placed neatly throughout the space. There were a few plants here and there, yellow and white flowers were placed in vases on the tables, and a gentle humming floated out from the kitchen. The café wasn't busy, nor was it empty. They chose one of the booths and a busty, black haired girl started over to serve them.

"Welcome to Seventh Heaven, my name is Tifa, what would like to or – Cloud?"

The girl stopped mid spiel and pulled the blonde out of his seat to hug him enthusiastically. Cloud returned the hug, beaming at the girl, before resuming his seat between Sephiroth and Genesis.

"It's good to see you back again, you've been busy lately. Too busy to drop in to see us."

"Sorry Tif, tell Aeris I said hello."

"Of course, I will. Don't party too hard while we're not around."

The girl once more returned her attention to everyone else.

"There are specials on the board, and would you like to start with some drinks?"

They ordered and the girl left, winking at Cloud as she did and making him blush furiously. Cloud pulled an envelope out of his pocket and fiddled with it. He didn't make eye contact with them and his blush refused to fade.

"I talked to the guy who gives me the pictures and I have something for you, as a thank you."

"Isn't this the thank you?" Zack asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Cloud shook his head. "No, this is for yesterday." He flapped the envelope through the air. "This is for today."

He handed the envelope to Sephiroth and stared down at the table, still blushing. Sephiroth opened the envelope and pulled out four photographs, one of each of them, with a signature down the bottom.

He handed them, dumbstruck, to each person. They were pictures of them around the University; Genesis in the hallway, Sephiroth in the library with his glasses on, Angeal reading a book under a tree and Zack studying somewhere. Each was signed down in the bottom right corner. SKYE.

"No way," Genesis gasped.

"This is awesome!" Zack crowed and leapt out of his seat. He pulled Cloud over Genesis' lap and kissed him soundly on the lips. Cloud lay over Genesis' limply, while his brain had a happiness meltdown. Genesis couldn't resist caressing Cloud's hair just a little.

Zack pulled away with a sheepish grin and put Cloud back in his spot.

"Sorry Spiky, I got a little carried away."

"That's okay," Cloud breathed, blush heating his face even more.

"Well, if that's the case," Genesis said and tilted Cloud's chin to try and claim Cloud's lips also. He barely touched the blonde's soft lips before Sephiroth pulled Cloud away and into his body.

"Genesis, what did we say about asking?"

"He said he didn't mind!"

"He wasn't talking to you."

"You're just jealous."

"Must you behave like a child?"

"I don't know, must I?"

The bickering was interrupted by Tifa's arrival with their food and drinks. She daintily placed them down in front of them, before putting her hand squarely on her hip and giving the bickering pair a stern gaze.

"Now, Aeris won't have fighting in here and while it may be amusing to watch you fight it out for Cloud. As his friend, it is my duty to save him."

Tifa, once again, winked at Cloud.

"That boy has the biggest crush on all of you, ever since he saw you in a cafe last spring, so not only is fighting not allowed, it is not needed. Enjoy your meals."

Cloud wanted to melt into the floor, but could only settle for staring at it intensely and not meeting the eyes of the four men sitting at the table with him. His face was flaming, and his blood was pounding in his ears. Damn Tifa, he wanted to tell them in his own damn time. Now he was going to make a fool of himself, and not in a cute way.

"Is that true?" Angeal asked, looking at Cloud with concern. The blonde didn't look so good now that his secret had been spilled. Cloud didn't respond, easing himself out from between Genesis and Sephiroth.

Genesis grabbed his hand, stopping him for running out the door.

"Cloud?" Genesis pulled him closer, but Cloud still refused to acknowledge them. He removed himself from Genesis' grip

"I'm going, I guess I'll see you later."


Cloud vanished out the door before they could stop him. Tifa appeared from the kitchen, took in the dismayed look on the boy's faces and frowned.

"Oh dear, don't even bother paying. He probably wasn't ready for this, I'm sorry." Tifa shook her head sadly at the door and went back into the kitchen.

Zack sighed loudly, "Well then, what do we do now?"

Sephiroth smiled, "We go after him."


They didn't catch Cloud that day, but they found him rushing around on the next. He was arguing with the art department secretary and wasn't able to escape before they cornered him.

"I'm sorry, Vince, but I don't have time! I'm supposed to be gone already!"

Cloud's face was flushed and his entire body was tense like a taught elastic band about to snap.

"Cloud, no one else is able to put them up," Vincent said, with a weary sigh.

"Then nobody will put them up!" Cloud exclaimed exasperatedly.

He turned, about to storm off, but was stopped by Sephiroth standing in front of him.

"Please move," Cloud asked, in a low voice.


"I really don't have time today."

"We really need to talk to you," Genesis said, crossing his arms across his chest.

The generic ring tone came again and Cloud answered immediately.

"Yes, I'm coming as quick as I can. Hold on," he intoned harshly and hung up.

He sighed tiredly and they noticed how stressed he looked. His hair was lifeless and his skin pasty, his clothes were unkempt and he couldn't keep still.

"If you'd like to give me a ride to where I have to be, I'll be glad to talk to you," he said with a tiny smile.

They all smiled back at the small blonde.

"Absolutely," Zack said, leading Cloud to their car by the hand.

Cloud was shuffled into the back with Genesis and Zack, while Angeal rode shotgun and Sephiroth drove.

"So where are we going?" Angeal asked, twisted his body to look at Cloud.

"ShinRa studios."

Four pairs of eyebrows went up, but Cloud dodged the unspoken question by asking on of his own.

"Didn't you guys want to talk to me about something?"

Genesis smirked and patted Cloud's hand.

"In light of your friend's revelation, we were simply wondering if it was true?"

Cloud stared out the window, trying to hide the red that crawled up his neck and into his cheeks. His hand unconsciously linked with Genesis', and Genesis grinned wickedly at the blonde looking out of the window.

"I should never have told her. I shouldn't have told her I thought you were most attractive men I've ever seen, stupid, stupid Cloud" Cloud cursed, before slapping a hand over his mouth. He turned from the window to face the rest of the car with a shocked and embarrassed expression plastered on his face.

Genesis pulled him closer and kissed him soundly on the lips. "We're glad that you did, because we think you're beautiful, cute and perfect for us."

"So Cloud, would you like to date us?" Zack asked, with a big smile on his face and dancing eyes. Cloud blushed and nodded shyly, giggling when Genesis brought their linked hands to his lips and kissed them.


Cloud was beaming and laughing when they arrived at the studio. Checking the time he cursed loudly and ran to each window to give a hurried kiss to each person. Leaning through the driver's window, Cloud was embraced by Sephiroth and kissed on the head by Angeal.

"What time do you finish?" Sephiroth asked quietly.

"Seven-thirty," Cloud answered, just as quietly.

"We'll see you then."

They drove away and Cloud hurried through the doors of the studio, before being assaulted by people trying to get him ready and brief him at the same time. His manager was berating him for being late and quizzing him on the people who dropped him off, while his stylist was trying to brief him on the shoot.


The four elder men arrived to pick their newly made boyfriend up a little earlier than stated. They happened to be waiting out the front of the studio, when a man in a white suit approached them from inside the building.

As Seph rolled down his window, he was surprised to find that it was Rufus ShinRa, Skye's manager, who had approached them.

"Might I ask whom you're waiting for?" he inquired with a small smile.

"Cloud Strife," Sephiroth answered, which earned him a cheeky grin from the manager.

"Well then, best come inside and see the last of the shoot before you collect him."

Rufus lead them through the lobby to the elevator, the cheeky smile on his face all the way to the studio. The studio was impressive, large and colourful, with rack so clothes nearby and a separate room for the hair and makeup stylists. In the centre was the photographer and…

"Skye?" Zack breathed, confusion clouding over his face.

Rufus threw him a confused look before his eyes alit in understanding.

"Oh, you didn't know?"

All four men turned to the manager, who shrugged and held out his hand with a cocky smile.

"I'm Rufus ShinRa, manager of Skye, and older brother to Cloud Strife. As Cloud was sure to tell you after the shoot, he is renowned actor and model Skye and you are the men of his dreams."

He shook their hands and the shoot wrapped up. Cloud wandered over, with his hands in his pockets.


He was met with silence, until Zack snapped and swept him into a giant bone-crushing hug.

"Oh my God, you're Skye! That's so awesome! It's so awesome to meet you! Even I've already met you and I'm now dating you! Guys! Guys! We're dating Cloud and Skye!" Zack squealed like a girl, still not having set Cloud down.

Angeal gently wrestled Cloud from Zack's grip and put him down, only for him to be attacked by Genesis.

"How do they make your hair platinum?" He asked trying to muss up the slicked-back style that Skye trademarked.

"It's a special Gel, it–"

Cloud's explanation was cut of when Sephiroth swooped down and planted his lips upon the blonde's. Cloud melted into Sephiroth, small hands reached up and grasped the collar of his shirt and larger hands skirted down Cloud's sides to rest at his lower back. Breaking the kiss, Sephiroth passed Cloud of to Zack.

"Genesis, right now, nobody cares."

Genesis huffed and proceeded to help Zack give Cloud a piggyback to their car.


Cloud was watching Zack and Genesis try and kill each other on Xbox, while lounging sideways on the massive bed in Sephiroth's room. Holding him close was Sephiroth, though it would be his turn to play soon and he would be replaced by whoever lost this game. Angeal was sitting on the bed, petting Cloud's washed and drying hair.

Zack lost and Sephiroth got up to take his place. Zack and Cloud snuggled close together and whispered quietly to each other, occasionally giggling and laughing, occasionally kissing and touching. When Zack pointed to something on the wall, Cloud wiggled off the bed and bounded over.

Unhooking the calendar off the wall, he flipped through and laughed. He looked at the elder men and sniggered.


Zack narrowed his eyes and with a war cry charged at Cloud, picked him and threw him on the bed. Cloud yelped, but couldn't help laughing as Zack attacked his sides, his fingers dancing across Cloud's ribs.

"Do you concede?"

Cloud squirmed and thrashed. "Yes, yes, you're not fanboys."

Zack stoped the attack and let Cloud pull himself up to face Zack and leaned in close, so their noses touched.

"You're my fanboys."

Cloud touched his lips to Zack's, allowing Zack to deepen the kiss when his bottom lip was nipped playfully and Zack pushed Cloud down to lie on the bed, only detaching long enough to gulp in air before reconnecting once again.

Genesis glanced back at the two making out on the bed, just as Sephiroth delivered the kill shot.

Sephiroth grinned at Genesis, "I thought you were trying to win, Genesis?"

Genesis scowled at the green-eyed man. "I happened to be distracted by Zack, who appears to be having Cloud for breakfast."


Hope you like it.