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Warnings- Alright, before you start reading this story, let me make some things crystal clear. This fic is a bloodline Naruto fic, though not overpowered, and contains incest. If you're repelled by that or plain disgusted by it, I suggest you leave. This is also a harem fic, again, just to warn you (NarutoxKushinaxHarem). Oh, another thing, Hinata is in the harem, and I'm sure most probably you're a Hinata-hater, if that's the case, leave. Although you can still try reading this considering there are many readers who like this story except the Hinata part. So if you can ignore it, go ahead. :)

If you're an experienced reader, then most probably you're looking for quality stuff. This first chapter, which I edited on '22-5-2012' previously was poorly written due to me being a new author a year ago. You may find the writing style of this chapter up to your satisfactory level, but be warned that the next few chapters have not been edited yet and you will find several spelling as well as grammatical mistakes in them. So, I don't want you to complain about those mistakes in the coming future chapters (till about ch 5, after that my writing skills started to pick up). Also, in these first few chapters, you will notice several cliché facts, poor character developments and some other facts which may make you roll your eyes if you're an experienced reader.

If you can be patient enough to read through those chapters, then you're in for a ride and you'll know why this story got this many reviews despite containing incest, large harem and Hinata in it.

I know that after these first few paragraphs, I've probably lost about 70% of the readers who were willing to give this story a try, but it's better that I be honest with you readers rather than having to bear some heated flames later on.

And if you're one of those remaining 30% readers, you wouldn't be disappointed by this story- as a whole, that much I'm confident in. ^_^

The story starts during the second part of the Chunin exams after Anko explains the rules. Enjoy!

Chapter 1-The Judgement Day

After passing the first exam, the contestants gathered in front of the training ground 44 nicknamed "Forest of Death." Most of them were nervous while one particular blonde was pretty ecstatic for the upcoming test.

"Hey Sakura-chan! Don't you worry one little bit, I'm sure we're gonna breeze through the second examination. I'll protect you with my life!," said our blond knucklehead as enthusiastically as ever, his spirits undwindled by the mysterious and a dangerous aura that the dense foliage in front of him seemed to be emitting.

"Don't shout you idiot! We don't want to face extra competition because of your blabbering," hissed Sakura angrily as she bonked him over his head.

"But Sakura-chan, I-," Naruto argued before he was interrupted...

"Will you quit it dobe! Seriously you're such a loser," muttered Sasuke in a forced tone, his voice as calm as usual.

"Shut up teme! I was only trying to lighten the mood here. And atleast I'm not scared of that forest like you ," growled Naruto, quite annoyed with the 'I'm better than you attitude' of the last Uchiha.

"Hn! Watch what you say loser. I'm an Uchiha, an elite who has already awakened the sharingan at such a young age. You don't even have a bloodline limit," said Sasuke smugly with an arrogant smirk making Naruto grit his teeth.

"Yeah! Watch what you say Naruto-baka, Sasuke-kun is way better than you!" said Sakura as she defended her crush making the blond sigh inwardly. It was always like this way, he would try to make some kind of a conversation with his teammates and it always resulted in backfiring at him.

'And when we need teamwork the most...', thought the blond jinchuriki bitterly before he retorted back; he couldn't just have his rival always have the last words after all.

"I'll show you that I'm way better than you Sasuke. Just you wait, I'm gonna pass the second exam like creating a shadow clone. This forest of... err, whatever it is...it doesn't scare me one little bit!" said Naruto loudly while thumping his thumb at his puffed out chest, a determined smile on his face.


Suddenly a kunai whipped past Naruto's face cutting his cheek slightly, the sound of the metallic weapon cutting through air reverberating in his ear drums. The blonde yelped in surprise when he felt the tip of a kunai against his neck, a soft tongue licking the blood off his cheek.

"Hm... your blood tastes good gaki," whispered Anko Mitarashi in a seductive tone tone, a sadistic smirk on her face as she had appeared behind him with a shunshin. Naruto though had his eyes wide, her warm hands on his cheek combined with her seductive soft voice made a certain part of his anatomy twitch in response, heat reaching his cheeks as he gulped in a little bit of fear.

'This proctor is crazy! Just looking at that smirk scares the shit out of me...', thought Naruto, honestly creeped out as he tried to get out of her grip. However, it would seem she was holding him to herself with an iron grip, her generous bust squishing against his back making his blush grow darker in shade.

"Be careful what you say genin-chan, these five days may be the worst days of your life," said a smiling Anko loudly making the other contestants gulp in fear while Naruto's expression darkened upon hearing her.

"I doubt that, I've had worse days in my life. Besides...I entered this forest when I was six and spent a month in there due to the orphanage kicking me out...so scare other contestants with this bullshit!," whispered Naruto a bit angrily, his voice low so that only the snake mistress could hear him.

Anko's face though saddened after hearing him. She knew he held the Kyuubi, she was one of the few people who didn't see him as the prisoner, rather its jailer. She knew what the boy must feel everyday, having to fight that demon to keep it at bay every second of his life, having to withstand the glares of the pathetic villagers, having to be made fun of his dream of becoming hokage. After all, she too held the curse seal thanks to that snake bastard, having nightmares everyday, sometimes the curse seal acting on its own sending bolts of pain throughout her body, having to be called names like 'Snake Whore' or 'Snake Bitch'...it hurt very much and she knew that pain with every fiber of her being.

Anko wore the mask of some physcotic kunoichi enjoying torturing people, but that was far from truth though because every time she interrogated someone, she would just imagine the face of Orochimaru in front of her and would start torturing like there was no tomorrow.

She always followed Naruto whenever she had time, helping him from the mob of villagers who would beat and pick on him, but by transforming into an Anbu. She feared that he would treat her like every villager, so keeping distance from him was the best choice she could come up with...and besides, even if she wanted to meet him, she couldn't. The hokage had prohibited from meeting him after all, along with her other three best friends. She liked the boys attitude, never giving up, never backing down from any challenge, having the strength to pick himself up whenever he failed. He was the only inspiration for her that kept her going, or she would have committed suicide a long time ago from pain the villagers caused her. More importantly, the snake sanin's apprentice along with her friends were the only one who knew of the mask the boy wore, not even the sandaime knew about it.

Also, over the years she had developed a crush on the boy, so latching onto any chance she got of any physical contact with him was in her 'Must Do' checklist, like one at the present.

"Naruto-kun, you should drop that mask of yours, you cannot fool me," whispered Anko letting her mask slip for a second making Naruto freeze at the spot, his eyes widening.

"Wha-," said the blond in pure shock that someone had seen through him.

" I said dro-," she was interrupted when a Kusa nin appeared behind her, surprising her that a genin was able to sneak up to a prodigy jounin like her.

"I think this is your kunai proctor-san," muttered the Kusa nin with a hiss in his voice returning the kunai to Anko with his tongue in a sickly manner making her grin back at him, her mask back on her face.

"Why thank you genin-san. Oh, and if you want to live...you might wanna reconsider sneaking up on me again," said Anko in an sickly sweet tone, inwardly fuming that this brat had interrupted their conversation.

"My apologies...proctor-san" muttered the Kusa nin as he slipped back away. On the other hand, Naruto was lost in his own thoughts.

'How? How could she have seen through me so easily. This is insane, we have only met. Even jiji doesn't know about it.'

After the Kusa nin went back to his team, Anko leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "Take care Naruto-kun and you better come out of this alive," before shunshining to in front of the genin.

"Alright maggots, I've already explained the rules & each team has a scroll. Get in front of your assigned gates in ten minutes," spoke Anko loudly, reverting to the bad ass kunoichi personality.

Naruto just stood there, too shocked to move.

'And also, did she just call me 'Naruto-kun'?'.

" Hey dobe, what are you spacing off about? Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about this exam," said Sasuke while smirking.

"Shut up teme!" growled Naruto with an irritated expression on his face.


Naruto turned around to see a blushing Hinata.

"Huh? Hinata, what are you doing here?."

Seeing she was red he asked, "Are you okay? Your face is all red, you don't have a fever do you? Here let me check," uttered Naruto as he put the back of his hand on her forehead.

'Arrgh, how can that idiot be so dense?' thought Sakura with an exasperated sigh.

'What a loser!'thought Sasuke while shaking his head.

Hinata blushed furiously upon the contact and invented a new shade of red as she started to sway.

'No! I cannot faint, I have to do this for Naruto-kun'thought Hinata.

"Na-Naruto-kun, here ...th-this is f-for y-your ch-cheek," she murmured, blushing at the mention of Naruto's cheek before handing him her self made healing ointment.

"For me? Thanks Hinata!," exclaimed Naruto while applying the ointment on his cheek, healing the cut instantly due to Kyuubi's chakra.

"Wow! That's so cool! Did you made this Hinata?," the blonde asked as he had never seen a medicine like this before. He knew almost all of the healing ointments due to several trips to the hospitals, courtesy of the villagers of course.

" Um, y-yes," replied Hinata shyly.

" Man, you're amazing Hinata!," the whiskered blonde exclaimed with his trademark foxy grin. Seeing her cute blushing face, he couldn't help but comment though.

"You know Hinata, you actually look cute. You know...blushing and all," verbalized Naruto while laughing nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.


"Oi! H-Hinata, are you alright? Oi! Wake up, the second exam is about to start!" articulated Naruto frantically, not knowing what was wrong with her.

'Kami-sama, how can he be so dense? He was flirting with her without even realizing it. Sometimes, I really feel for Hinata', thought Sakura.

Kiba and Shino arrived to see Hinata lying on the floor, blushing up a storm even though she was unconscious. Her face twisted into a smile as if she had just experienced a mind numbing orgasm.

Kiba sighed, " Don't worry Naruto, we'll take over from here."

"Is she alright?" the blonde asked, worry etched on his face.

"Don't worry Uzumaki-san, she just fainted from excitement and anxiety," answered Shino in his monotone voice.

"Oh! Okay, well good luck to you guys!"

"Thanks, see you at the tower idiot," replied Kiba confidently with a smirk.

"You bet dog-breath!," replied Naruto making Kiba growl at the nickname. Sakura giggled lightly to herself whereas Sasuke had a smirk on his face.

"Okay dobe, let's go," uttered the Uchiha while walking towards their assigned gate.

"Alright maggots, time to go wild. At the count of three, the gates will be opened. Oh, and one last advice before you go. Don't Die!," said Anko while putting on the most badass look she could muster.

One common thought running through all the genin except Gaara, ' She's scary!'. (Yeah, even Neji even though he's a stuck up Hyuuga).

"Alright, get ready. ONE…..TWO…," shouted Anko, pausing dramatically as the genin waited with bated breath.

"Meh, get outta here," spoke Anko with a bored expression on her face, doing the 'shoo' motion with her hands.

All the genin sweatdropped, already past the gate as they dashed into the dense foliage.

Team 7

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura blurred through the gate, opting to go through the trees due to possibility of traps on the ground. After sometime, a Kusa nin(You know he's Orochimaru, so no point in creating suspense. I'm gonna use 'Orochimaru' after this instead of 'Kusa nin') started following them after easily dispatching his supposed teammates.

'Soon Sasuke-kun, I will obtain your sharingan,'thought Orochimaru while grinning like a maniac.

After three hours of travelling, Sasuke saw a clearing ahead with his Sharingan.

"Stop!" he ordered with a serious expression.

"What's the matter. Is someone ahead of us Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura with some worry and anxiety visible on her face.

"There's a clearing ahead of us. We've been travelling for three hours now, we should take a break," he suggested with a sigh.

"Who told you were the fucking leader Sasuke-teme?" growled Naruto with a scowl on his face.

"Shut up Naruto-baka! He's right," Sakura interrupted sternly while Sasuke smirked victoriously.

Naruto however gritted his teeth in anger,' If it wasn't for my mask, I would've slapped this pink haired bitch. One day Sasuke, I will show you what I'm truly capable of. Just you wait!'

"Alright, lets go," the Uchiha uttered smugly while Sakura followed him.


As soon as Sasuke & Sakura landed in the clearing, a huge gust of wind approached them at high speeds.

Sasuke's eyes went wide when he saw chakra in the wind with his Sharingan(Copy Wheel Eye).

"SAKURA, NARUTO DUCK!," shouted Sasuke while himself ducking in the process. Sakura barely dodged the powerful current while Naruto couldn't dodge due him being in midair when he was just about to land.

'Oh Shit!', thought Naruto before he was swept away by the strong tide of wind, blown away from the clearing.

The blonde skidded across the ground, far from the clearing before coming to a halt.

'That was a Jounin level wind jutsu with a high amount of chakra in it which no genin should possess except me. The one who attacked us is clearly a jounin level or above. I have to warn Sasuke and Sakura before they get themselves killed,'thought Naruto with a grim expression on his face.

Just as he was about to head back to the clearing, a huge snake attacked him. He jumped high in air just in time to dodge the snake as it had lunged forward, intending to eat him.

'Phew, that was close. If it weren't for my keen senses due to Kyuubi, I probably would've been eaten. Clearly this snake is a summon and if my hunch is correct, it's sent by the one who attacked us. Meaning he's after Sasuke as he's the one having Sharingan, the last Uchiha while Sakura doesn't have anything special. He wants to keep me busy for sometime. I better hurry, don't have any time to play', the blonde pondered, landing on a branch in crouched position as he stared at the large reptile with narrowed eyes.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!(Shadow Clone Technique)," he mumbled, creating ten shadow clones.

"Alright guys, I know you're gonna hate me for this but you have to be eaten by that snake," said Naruto making the clones erupt in an outrage.

"WHAT? Are you crazy, there's NO way I'm going in that shithole!" yelled a shadow clone while pointing his index finger at the snake.

"Yeah! If you wanna do it that badly why don't you go in there?" asked another shadow clone in curiosity.

At this, Naruto's eyebrows twitched as he took a deep breath, "I'm the real one. So there's no point in me getting killed if I can use you. NOW GET HELL OUTTA HERE YOU LAZY BASTARDS OR NO RAMEN FOR YOU!"

All the shadow clones paled at this as they jumped towards the snake without any second thoughts.

"YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!" yelled a clone in midair. As soon as they landed in front of the snake, it immediately leaped forward, eating all of them in a swipe.

Naruto grinned as he went through three hand seals before exclaiming, "Kage Bunshin Bakuha no Jutsu(Shadow Clone Explosion Technique)."

Immediately, the snake's stomach began to glow red, increasing in size until...


It exploded in a huge blast, its body fluids spraying all around the area.

"Ugh, I really pity my clones," muttered Naruto, disgusted by the scene in front of him.

"I should get going," he spoke to himself before leaping in the direction of clearing where his team was.

Sasuke and Sakura-After Naruto Was Blown Away

Sasuke and Sakura had some bruises but nothing life threatening.

The Uchiha stood up, brushing the dust of him as he looked around for the attacker.

"Hello Sasuke-kun," greeted Orochimaru, suddenly landing in front of the duo.

Sasuke and Sakura's eyes widened upon seeing the same Kusa nin from before.

"You are that Kusa nin who returned the kunai to the proctor," the pink haired genin pointed out in realization.

"Why yes little girl and I know you guys have the heavens scroll in your possession," said Orochimaru.

"How did you-," the Uchiha trailed at the end in surprise.

"So, you genin want the earth's scroll huh?," asked the snake sanin with a smirk, showing them the earth scroll before gulping it down his throat.

Sakura almost threw up at seeing the sick display.

"If you want it, you'll have to fight me Sasuke-kun," the sanin hissed while grinning, leaking large amounts of chakra.

Sasuke and Sakura were immediately brought down to their knees, not being able to withstand the pressure as they panted due to the strain.

'This guy is way above genin level. We can't defeat him. We'll have to get outta here!' thought the Uchiha in alarm.

Orochimaru lowered his killing intent, wanting to fight the Uchiha. Both the team seven's members were now breathing hard due to much needed oxygen as they struggled to calm themselves down.

"Sa-Sakura, w-when I say, we will retreat," spoke Sasuke shakily with Sakura agreeing with him seeing that they could not handle this Kusa genin.

"Come on Sasuke-kun, don't tell me the last Uchiha is just a lowly genin," mocked Orochimaru, trying to rile up the last Uchiha.

"Sakura, now!" yelled Sasuke as the duo started to run in the opposite direction as fast as they could.

"So, you're weaker than Itachi after all, ne Sasuke-kun?"

Upon hearing this Sasuke stopped dead in his tracks.

'Well that worked', thought the sanin in amusement.

"What did you say?" growled Sasuke with barely contained rage in his voice.

"You are weaker than Itachi, Sasuke-kun. At your age, he was in Anbu while you still are a lowly genin. You have two tomoes in your sharingan while Itachi's Sharingan had fully matured by now. You are nothing compared to Itachi Sasuke-kun. You'll never be able to beat him and avenge your family. Even Naruto-kun is stronger than you."

This made the Uchiha see red as he clenched his fists, gritting his teeth while glaring at the sanin with his eyes blazing with Sharingan.

."..! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!," shouted a raging Sasuke as he dashed towards Orochimaru, eyes ablaze with his clan's doujutsu, hate clearly evident in his eyes at the mention of Itachi and Naruto being stronger than him.

"Sasuke-kun, NO!," shouted Sakura, her plea falling on deaf ears.

Upon reaching him, Sasuke went through a flurry of punches and kicks, going all out.

"Frontal attacks like these won't work Sasuke-kun," spoke a smirking Orochimaru, fluently dodging Sasuke's every single strike like a snake.

Sasuke went for a right uppercut when Orochimaru flipped backwards, landing gracefully before dashing forward again. He aimed a blurred kick at Sasuke's midsection who dodged it barely before jumped backwards using chakra beneath his feet.

"If it wasn't for your Sharingan, you would have the air knocked out of you Sasuke-kun," the sanin mocked with a cold chuckle making Sasuke growl, frustrated that he was not able to land even a single blow on him.

"Let's move this up a notch shall we?" uttered the snake sanin, the smirk ever present on his face.

Sasuke's eyes widened when Orochimaru disappeared from his view.


He felt an immense pain at his rib-section, currently flying back at high speeds before crashing into the bark of a tree getting the wind knocked out of him- courtesy of the Kusa nin appearing out of nowhere to deliver a powerful kick to his ribs.

Sasuke spat some blood from his mouth, trying to stand as his legs wobbled a bit.

'What was that? I didn't see him move even with my sharingan and his kick felt stronger than even Kakashi sensei's', thought Sasuke in surprise.

"Hm, you are a disappointment Sasuke-kun. Do you really think you can kill Itachi at this level? It wouldn't even take him five seconds to beat you like this," the sanin again mocked with a neutral expression on his face.

"Are you alright Sasuke-kun?," asked a worried Sakura. She turned her head to glare at Orochimaru for hurting her crush like that.

"You want something little girl?" asked Orochimaru in amusement, never leaving his eyes off Sasuke.

"How dare you hurt Sasuke-kun like that you bastard!" yelled an angry Sakura.

She dashed towards Orochimaru with a kunai in her hands, intending on killing him. She tried to slash him on the chest when Orochimaru easily dodged her sloppy attack, delivered a crushing blow to her stomach.

"Agh!" Sakura was sent flying backwards as she skidded on the ground to a halt, blood dripping down her chin.

"You are a pathetic excuse for a kunoichi you lowly genin. Your attacks are academy level at best."

"Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu!(Fire Release: Grand Fireball Jutsu)," yelled Sasuke after going through a couple of hand signs, sending a huge fireball towards Orochimaru.

It hit him dead on resulting in the area getting covered with fire where Orochimaru was previously standing.

Sasuke smirked while panting as he had spent a lot of chakra on that last attack.

'That'll teach him to mess with an Uchiha', he thought smugly, a confident expression on his face.

After the smoke cleared, Orochimaru stood there with three degree burns while the skin on his face was currently torn off to reveal a pale skin, eyes yellow with slitted pupils. Sasuke's eyes widened as he saw his face,'What is he?'

"Nice try Sasuke-kun, but you'll have to do more than just basic jutsus," said a laughing Orochimaru before dissolving into mud.

'What! A mud clone', thought Sasuke while frantically searching for the Kusa nin with his Sharingan.

"SASUKE-KUN! BEHIND YOU!," yelled an injured Sakura making his eyes widened upon hearing her.

"You shouldn't let your enemies get behind you Sasuke-kun," whispered Orochimaru in Sasuke's ear from behind.

The Uchiha quickly turned around to receive a bone shattering punch to his face as he was sent flying back. He flipped several times in midair due to force of the punch, rolling roughly on the ground before skidding to a halt. He could now feel several of his bones crack due to his roughly landing, coughing more blood along some teeth.

"SASUKE-KUN, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" yelled a worried Sakura.

"DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M ALRIGHT!" he shouted back in frustration, wiping the blood off his chin.

"Let me ask you, do you want power Sasuke-kun?" asked Orochimaru with a serious expression on his face now.

"Wh-What..," stuttered Sasuke, taken aback by what he was hearing.

"I can grant you power beyond imagination Sasuke-kun," the snake sanin continued.

"Wh-Who are you?," asked Sasuke, clearly terrified of this mysterious entity. Orochimaru peeled off the Kusa genin's skin to show his pale complexion face.

"My name is Orochimaru, of the legendary sanin," he answered, a grave expression on his face.

Sasuke and Sakura's eyes widened upon hearing this.

'No doubt we were no match for him. He's a freaking Sanin!' thought Sasuke, having read about them in the Academy.

'He must be the traitor the textbooks didn't mention about', thought Sakura in realization.

"Wh-What do you want with me?" the Uchiha asked shakily.

"You'll know in due time Sasuke-kun. For now, I'll leave you a parting gift," said Orochimaru with a smirk before his neck elongated to impossible lengths, giving Sasuke a hickey...err bit him on the side neck before retracting his head.

Sasuke screamed in pure agony, clutching his neck with his hand before falling on the ground unconscious. Three black tomoes forming a circle could be seen where Orochimaru bit Sasuke indicating a Heaven's Curse seal.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO SASUKE-KUN YOU FREAK?," shouted a horrified Sakura.

"Just a little gift. In time, he'll seek me for more power. Now, its time for you to die you annoying pest," spoke Orochimaru before dashing towards Sakura, intent on killing her making her eyes widen in fear.

Orochimaru was halfway through when a kunai attacked with a paper bomb landed just in front on him, though at a safe distance from Sakura.

'A paper bomb!' thought Orochimaru...


...before shunshining backwards just in time to avoid the blast.

"Looks like I made it just in time," spoke Naruto, currently standing on tree branch above Sakura.

"Naruto! What took you so long?" yelled a relieved Sakura, happy to see the blond for the first time in her life.

"I had to take care of an annoying pest, courtesy of our friend Orochimaru here," the blonde uttered as he landed in front on Sakura, who was still lying on the ground due to being injured.

"Ah Naruto-kun, I was beginning to think you died out there. But I'm curious, how did you know I'm Orochimaru. I'm pretty sure the Academy doesn't tell about me except Jiraiya and Tsunade and you were not here when I told Sasuke-kun," asked Orochimaru, intrigued by the jinchuriki.

"Well your pale snake-like face is a dead giveaway...and jiji told me about you too," the whiskered blonde answered.

"Oh...and who is this jiji of yours?" asked Orochimaru in amusement.

"It doesn't concern you snake face. What did you do to Sasuke?," asked Naruto with narrowed eyes.

"He's just unconscious as he couldn't take me on. I'm hoping for a better challenge from you Naruto-kun," the sanin verbalized with a cold playful smirk.

'I am no match for him. I have to stall him and hope the guards around here were alerted due to such high amount of chakra he used in that wind jutsu,' thought Naruto with a grim expression on his face.

"What are you waiting for Naruto-kun? Don't tell me you're scared," mocked Orochimaru, amused by the jinchuriki's lack of answer.

'Shadow Clones & Exploding Shadow Clones wouldn't work against a sanin. Guess I have to use that style although it's quite risky. But it can stall him for sometime due to the element of surprise,' thought Naruto, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead as he closed his eyes.

"Alright Naruto-kun, if you just want to stand there, then allow me to ki-," Orochimaru stopped when he saw red chakra start to leak out of Naruto, his hair becoming more spikier, his whiskers more defined now, eyes turning from cerulean blue to crimson red with black slits in the middle while his nails and canines became elongated, pointed at the edges. The ground he was standing on cracked under the pressure of demonic chakra, creating a small crater- greatly shocking the snake sanin.

'How is this boy intentionally using the Kyuubi's chakra? It's not possible for any jinchuriki to control a bijuu's chakra at such a young age. This boy is supposed to be the dead last of his generation. How can he control the bloodlust that the Kyuubi is emitting right now? Still, he's no match for me, but the power he's radiating is at least mid-jounin level. It's a relief I created a sound and chakra barrier around this clearing or else everyone in the village would have sensed the foul chakra. I suspected the boy to use a bit of kyuubi's chakra, but not like this!' thought, Orochimaru clearly amazed by the jinchuriki.

'This chakra, I've felt it before in the Wave country while we were on the bridge. It feels so dark & evil. How can Naruto have two types of chakra? Normal chakra is blue & barely visible, yet this chakra is red and clearly visible. Naruto, what are you hiding from us?' thought Sakura in wonder.

'Alright, I cannot remain in this state for long. I have to stall him for as long as possible,' thought Naruto with gritted teeth.

"Alright you bastard, you want a better challenge that's what you will get!" exclaimed Naruto in a demonic tone, getting down on all fours with one tail of red chakra waving behind him.

He dashed towards Orochimaru at such speeds that even Rock Lee would have hard time following him with his weights off and third celestial gate open. To Sakura, he was a blur.

Orochimaru was surprised by his speed but quickly composed himself as he met the jinchuriki in a clash locking both of his hands with Naruto's, forming a crater beneath them due to the force of the impact.

'For a boy, his strength is amazing, even for a jinchuriki,' thought Orochimaru, surprised at the blonde's strength. The sanin's eyes widened when he saw the red chakra tail coming towards him, he immediately ducked down, although barely- releasing the hands lock in the process. Naruto used his tail to support himself on the ground while he was in midair & went for a kick at Orochimaru's face. The sanin caught his leg and hurled him upwards.

Naruto regained his balance while in mid air and placed his foot on a tree's bark. Using it as a springboard, he launched himself at high speeds towards Orochimaru while forming a hand sign(Criss Cross).

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" exclaimed Naruto as ten shadow clones appeared, each having the same chakra cloak and heading onto a collision course with Orochimaru along with the original.

Orochimaru smirked as he just stood there.

"Fuuton: Kuukiburasuto no Jutsu(Wind Release: Air Blast Technique)," he muttered, firing a concentrated blast of wind natured chakra towards Naruto and his clones.



All his clones were dispelled instantly while he was sent flying back.


The blonde slammed into a rock boulder, his eyes widening in pain.

'He didn't even use any handseals for that jutsu! I have to resort to taijutsu, I'm no match for him in ninjutsu and I don't any genjutsu', thought Naruto while standing up shakily, the chakra cloak still covering him.

"I'm surprised you can stand after that blow Naruto-kun," spoke Orochimaru, deeply impressed by the boy's endurance.

Naruto said nothing as he dashed towards the snake sanin, again engaging him in a fierce taijutsu battle. They were a blur to Sakura as they they traded blows with each other, punch for punch, kick for kick, sending strong currents of winds throughout the clearing. Sakura was bracing herself from the violent winds, still lying on the ground.

'I can't even see them. Was Naruto always this strong? Sasuke-kun is no match for him. Am I the weak link of our team', thought Sakura, now regretting every time she hit Naruto and thought of him as annoying on the line to save her or she would have died a while ago.

Naruto winced when he felt his muscles straining under the pressure of kyuubi's chakra.

'I can't last for much longer now. It's now or never,' the blonde thought as he jumped back to create some distance between him and Orochimaru.

"Alright, here we go... Demonic Fox Claw," muttered Naruto to himself.

' I've never heard of a style with that name,' thought Orochimaru in curiosity.

Naruto opened his fists and crouched his fingers making claw-like hands because of his elongated nails. His one arm was in front of him while the other was behind him, pointing it upwards making an approximately thirty degree angle with the horizontal, his knees were slightly bent, demonic chakra(youki) concentrated on his nails which were now a denser red in color, thus settling into his taijutsu stance.

He then dashed towards Orochimaru on all fours and upon reaching, unleashed a flurry of claw strikes with a fox's agility.

'What is he doing? He's only trying to slash me. His nails cannot do enough physical damage,' thought Orochimaru while dodging his strikes.

Meanwhile, Sakura had slipped into unconsciousness due to fatigue and her injuries.

When one of Naruto's nails slightly slashed one of Orochimaru's hands, Naruto smirked and flipped backwards.

"What's so funny brat?" asked the sanin with a raised eyebrow, getting annoyed with the jinchuriki.

"Let me tell you the essence of my taijutsu style...you would be dying anyway. This style is only useful if someone has demonic chakra. A bijuu's chakra is poisonous to human body but has less effect on a jinchuriki himself as they get adapted to it. I concentrate my youki at my hands and if my nails cuts someone even the slightest bit, then the demonic chakra enters the system of the victim. Meaning when my claw slashed your skin, the youki entered your system and is currently working like a poison. This is just like the gentle fist, meaning even the slightest contact is deadly. However, I only need one successful strike unlike the gentle fist in which chakra points are closed one by one, thus my style is more deadly without the need of accuracy and precision. Hence the name Demonic Fox Claw," explained Naruto with a proud and a confident smirk on his face.

Orochimaru was shocked to the core by the deadliness of this taijutsu & only had one thought running through his mind:

'This boy is a genius!'

'One thing which I didn't tell him is thatstyle requires large amount of kyuubi's chakra & hence every time I use it, it puts huge strain on my muscles and my life span is shortened considerably. It's use is very limited,' thought Naruto with a sigh.

Orochimaru however could feel the poisonous chakra acting and disrupting his normal body functioning and chakra coils.

"Well Naruto-kun, your taijutsu may be invincible but not against me," said Orochimaru while smirking.


His question was answered when Orochimaru's upper body started to become like a balloon and his mouth opened to an impossible size from which another Orochimaru extruded, dripping with saliva.

Naruto's jaw dropped to the ground in shock.

'This guy is a freak!' he thought in horror. Suddenly the blonde started to feel immense pain as he was on his knees, coughing more blood while red chakra began to recede back into his body.

'Damn! Several of my muscles have been torn. I can't even stand properly!' he mused to himself, the bijuu's red chakra now completely dissipated.

"Guess your body couldn't handle anymore of the kyuubi's chakra Naruto-kun," Orochimaru verbalized with an amused smirk.

"H-How c-can you still be st-standing?" asked Naruto who was currently writhing in pain.

"I can regenerate my whole body if it gets damaged...still, it does take a lot of chakra. Why do you think I've been doing human experiments all these years?" he asked in a proud tone.

"Y-Your Sick," spat Naruto, his one eye closed as he gritted his teeth in pain.

Orochimaru walked towards Naruto before picking the blonde by his throat.

"Well, you clearly gave a better fight, a much better fight Naruto-kun. It's time to end this though," the sanin declared with a grim expression on his face, lifting Naruto's orange jumpsuit to reveal jinchuriki's stomach with a spiral like seal.

"O-Oi, please don't rape me!" said a horrified Naruto as chibi Naruto ran in his mindscape while screaming-"HE'S GONNA TAKE OUR VIRGINITY, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!."

Orochimaru sweatdropped while his eyebrows twitched, " I'm not raping you brat. What do you think I am- a gay?," said an annoyed Orochimaru.

Naruto tilted his head to the side in genuine confusion," Um...yeah."

"Argh, that's it brat! I will seal the Kyuubi's chakra so you can't use that taijutsu of yours since it depends so much on your youki!" exclaimed Orochimaru while his right hand's fingertips started to glow with blue chakra, each having a different kanji whereas Naruto's eyes widened in fear.

"It's over gaki," stated Orochimaru, thrusting his hand towards Naruto's stomach.

"Gogyo Fu-," just as his hand was about to connect to Naruto's stomach, it was grabbed by a larger hand.

Orochimaru looked up for his eyes to widen in mind boggling shock.

Standing at the side, holding his hand was a large man, wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it. His complexion was pale blue, pointed teeth and gills-like features on his cheeks. On his forehead was a Kirigakure's protector with a slash in the middle, marking him as a missing nin. A large sword was bandaged in white wrappings on his back.

"Kisame?" asked Orochimaru, not believing his eyes.

"Orochimaru, long time no see!" exclaimed a grinning Kisame Houshigaki, one of the strongest members of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist.

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