Title: Unhelpful
Rating: PG
Summary: Fai is hot. Kurogane isn't helping. No spoilers.
Author's Notes: A 200 word drabble. Inspired by a couple of similarly-themed drabbles I'd read about Fai being overheated.

"Kuro-wan," Fai said, "It's hot."

"So go open a window," Kurogane said, not looking up as he turned another page of his Maganyan.

He could see Fai pouting at him from the corner of his eye, but he didn't move. After seventeen chapters, he was just now getting to the conclusion of this fight, and he didn't want to stop.

"Kuro-wan," Fai said again, a whine creeping into his voice, "I'm hot."

"So go turn on the fan," Kurogane said, still refusing to move. "It's your own fault for always wearing long sleeves."

There was a moment of silence, then Kurogane startled slightly when a pair of long arms draped themselves over his shoulders. "Kuro-wan," Fai purred in his ear. "You aren't listening to me."

Kurogane blinked, and looked up to find Fai's face inches from his own. "I'm hot... and I want you to do something about it."

"Oh," Kurogane said, then leered at him. "How about I help you out of some of those clothes, then?"

Fai smirked. "Bad doggy," he murmured. "You're no help. You're just going to end up making me even hotter."

Kurogane shrugged. What could he say? He didn't take very well to training.