The I in Team

Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds or NCIS, they belong to CBS. I do however own both shows on dvd.

Timeline: Set in season 5 of CM after '100'. Haley didn't die. Set in season 7 of NCIS.

Summary: Hotch breaks up with Emily after the drama with Foyet to try to work things out with Haley. Unable to be around him, Emily gets a visit her friend and one time boyfriend NCIS Agent Tony DiNozzo to cheer her up. While visiting NCIS, Emily helps out his team and is offered a job at NCIS which makes Emily resign from the BAU. How will Hotch react to not only seeing Emily with Tony but leaving the BAU for NCIS?

A/N: I changed around a case from NCIS episode 10's "Faith" to show how smart Emily is.

Lillian Hellman said "People change and forget to tell each other."

Emily took a deep breath and looked up at Hotch's office. One month.

It has been one month since Hotch ended their relationship to go back to Haley. His choice.

Emily understood that he would do anything to be with Jack, as evident when he saved Jack and Haley from Foyet.

But to go back to his ex-wife and be unhappy?

Emily went back to her paperwork unaware that she was being watched by Hotch.

Emily sighed as she looked through her case files but was interrupted by her office phone ringing.

"Prentiss" Emily said listening to the caller "Send him up."

Emily swirled around in her office chair feeling happy, still unaware she was being watched by Hotch.

Hotch noticed the smile that graced her face and wondered 'Who called that made her so happy?'

Hotch saw a man enter the BAU bullpen and walked over to Emily who jumped up and hugged him tight.

'He looks familiar' Hotch thought.

Emily sat in the bullpen waiting for him to show up.

"Hey there Supervisory Special Agent Emily." NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo said to her.

"Tony!" Emily said jumping out of her chair and hugging her friend.

"Now that's a welcome." Tony said grinning at his one time girlfriend.

"God, it's been so long" Emily said kissing his cheek.

"So you headed out on any field cases?" Tony asked wrapping his arm around his favorite FBI girl.

"Nope, seems to be a slow day at the BAU." Emily said smiling at her friend.

JJ, Garcia, Morgan, Reid and Dave came in and saw Emily with the NCIS agent.

"Hey, Em?" Garcia said "Who's the eye candy?"

Tony chuckled at this while JJ and Garcia looked approvingly at the man.

"Special Agent DiNozzo, this is SSA Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia." Emily said introducing her girls.

"Nice to meet you. Call me Tony." Tony said flashing a smile.

"Agent?" JJ said "Which agency?"

Dave, Reid and Morgan moved over to Reid's desk watching the encounter, while Dave looked up and saw Hotch watching them.

"NCIS." Tony said.

Hotch watched Emily with Tony and saw how relaxed and happy she was with the younger man.

Hotch walked out to the stairs by the bullpen and saw Emily leaving with Tony.

"Have fun on your lunch date." JJ said teasingly.

Morgan and Dave chuckled as Emily shot JJ a look.

"Who's the guy?" Hotch casually asked the team noticing Garcia and JJ's look of longing.

"Special Agent Tony DiNozzo." Garcia said sighing.

"Emily's lunch date." JJ said smirking at Garcia.

"Oh." Hotch said walking to the break room cursing himself.

"I'm so glad we finally got to catch up." Emily said smiling at her friend.

"I know." Tony said "It feels like it's been forever."

"How are things with Ziva?" Emily asked "She's doing ok?"

"Seems to be," Tony said "Doesn't talk about what happened in Somalia but isn't shutting people out."

"She'll talk when she's ready." Emily said "Bet your glad she's filing to be an American citizen."

Tony looked up surprised at that, and Emily chuckled at his reaction.

"What?" Tony said.

"Oh please, Tony. Who do you think you're talking to?" Emily said "I saw how you shut down when you thought she died on the Damocles."

"Em..." Tony started but was interrupted by his cellphone ringing.

"Yea boss?" Tony said and Emily quietly picked at her salad listening to his conversation.

"Ok, be there." Tony hung up his phone and looked apologetically at Emily.

"Yea I know that look." Emily said smiling "It's alright go on ahead."

"Would you like to come over to NCIS?" Tony asked throwing in his 100 watt smile."See our latest case?"

"What's the case?" Emily asked unable to resist smiling back.

"Dead Marine found by some Christmas tree poachers." Tony said.

"Sure." Emily said following him out to his car.

Emily walked in with Tony into the NCIS bullpen and saw Tim, Ziva and Gibbs giving their report on the victim.

"Marine first Lieutenant Thomas Ellis, married, decorated. Third generation Marine." McGee said.

"Hang back" Tony whispered to Emily and ran up to the group.

"Sorry I'm late boss." Tony said "On a lunch date with her."

The trio turn around to see Emily standing back looking at the team.

"Talk about déjà vu," Emily murmured to herself quietly.

"You brought a date to work?" McGee asked.

"She's not a date, she's a friend." Tony said missing the relieved look in Ziva's eyes "And she's with the BAU at the FBI."

"FBI?" Ziva asked "You know Fornell?"

"Yeah." Emily said. "Hey Gibbs."

"Emily." Gibbs said smiling at the brunette agent.

"Hello, Ziva David." Ziva said introducing herself.

"Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss." Emily said shaking hands with the smaller brunette.

"Timothy McGee." McGee said waving a hand at Emily.

Emily walked over to their flat screen and looked at the photo.

"You see something Em?" Tony asked.

"Your unsub, struck the victim with blunt force trauma to the head." Emily said.

"Yes, this we know." Ziva said turning seeing Ducky come up from the elevator.

"Your victim converted to Muslim?" Emily asked looking at the Islāmic prayer rug in the photo.

"Yeah." McGee said.

"The head wound looks like a stick..." Emily walked closer to the screen.

"Can I see the 8 by 10 photo?" Emily asked turning to Gibbs who nodded.

Ziva handed the photo to Emily and watched fascinated by the profiler.

"I recognize the patterns." Emily said "Your victim had his back turned to the unsub because he trusted him."

Emily held up the photo to show the everyone the head wound "This wound is similar to a lacrosse stick."

"How do you know?" McGee asked.

Ducky took the photo out of her hand and said "She's right Jethro. These similar patterns here are that of a Lacrosse stick."

"Spent my high school years in three different countries always played Lacrosse." Emily said.

Tony picked up the paperwork and said "Boss? Ellis' brother he came home with a lacrosse stick."

"Your victim would turn his back on his brother to start his prayer." Emily said "Because who wouldn't trust their own sibling?"

"Good work Prentiss." Gibbs said "McGee, David with me."

Gibbs left the bullpen with Ziva and McGee.

"You're a profiler aren't you?" Ducky asked Emily.

"SSA Emily Prentiss, FBI." Emily said shaking the doctor's hand.

"Doctor Donald Mallard." Ducky said "Call me Ducky."

Tony was glad to see his friend smile, he watched her turn from uncomfortable at her agency to relaxed at NCIS.

Up by the office Director Vance had watched with extreme relief that the FBI profiler solved their case in less than 20 minutes.

Vance walked into his office with a thought that he'd run by Gibbs when he returns.

To Be Continued...