The I in Team

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Timeline: set in season 5 of CM after '100'. Haley didn't die. Set in season 7 of NCIS.

Summary: Hotch breaks up with Emily after the drama with Foyet to try and work things out with Haley. Emily unable to be around Hotch gets a visit her friend and one time boyfriend NCIS Agent Tony DiNozzo to cheer her up. While visiting NCIS, Emily helps out his team and is offered a job at NCIS which makes Emily resign from the BAU. How will Hotch react to not only seeing Emily with Tony but leaving the BAU for NCIS?

A/N: I changed around "100" when Hotch faces off with Foyet, Emily tells Ziva about it as does Hotch who tells Gibbs.

Thanks to: DerekMorgansGirlForever, romiross, HPforever-after and all the loyal reader.

James Dean said "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

With the unsub dead, the BAU wasn't needed at NCIS, but that didn't stop Hotch from following the ambulance to the hospital.

And he couldn't get Dave or Tony out of the car either.

"I know what you want." Tony said "She wouldn't tell me what you did, but I know you broke my best friend."

Hotch looked over at the younger man, Hotch wanted to tell him to shut up but he didn't because Tony was right.

Hotch knew he broke Emily's heart and he hated himself for that, he so desperately wanted to fix it, make it right.

Hotch felt it should of been him sitting in the ambulance with Emily not her new boss Gibbs who decided to ride with his injured agents.

'I know, I screwed up' Hotch thought 'But as soon I know she's alright, I will tell her.'

Dave looked over and saw a look of determination on Hotch's face and he mentally pleaded that Hotch not screw this up again.

'I really don't want to have to arrest anyone for his stupidity.' Dave thought.

Emily and Ziva sat in a shared hospital room while Gibbs went to get them some drinks.

"I'd rather have a beer than some hospital coffee." Emily muttered to herself.

"I would like that too." Ziva said chuckling.

"Thanks for not letting me get killed." Emily said "Cause that would of sucked."

"I thank you as well." Ziva said looking over at the BAU agent "How do you like it on this team?"

"It's not bad" Emily said "I miss my old team except for..."

"Except for Agent Hotchner?" Ziva said looking over at the hospital window noticing that man arriving.

"That obvious?" Emily said seeing him but resumed looking out the hospital windows directed at the street.

"What happened between you two?" Ziva said "I know you want to talk about it."

Emily looked over at the younger agent and sighed.

"A few months ago he was attacked by a serial killer in his home." Emily said to Ziva.

"Really?" Ziva said not having kept up on the local news because of her own life's mess.

"George Foyet, the Boston Reaper." Emily said and the brunette recognized the name.

"Oh." Ziva said "What happened?"

"Foyet managed to break into his home, attack him. Steal Hotch's ex wife's home address and dropped him off at the hospital..." Emily said.

"Why would a serial killer drop his target at the hospital?" Ziva said "It defeats the purpose."

"He likes his victims awake to torture" Emily said "He left Hotch with Morgan's credentials that he stole, and a picture of Hotch's ex wife and son covered in blood."

"How horrible." Ziva said "Are they ok?"

"Yea they are now. Hotch had them put into protective custody by the U.S. Marshals." Emily said "But a while later Foyet sent a message to another serial killer Karl Arnold to mess with him and we finally figured out where Foyet was and he killed the U.S. Marshal watching Hotch's family."

Ziva's eyes widen and she asked "And the family?"

"Hotch managed to save them." Emily said seeing the relief in her eyes "We were dating when all this happened."

"Oh?" Ziva said smiling at that "What happened after that?"

"He dumped me." Emily said seeing Ziva's smile fall "He told me he owed it to his family to work things out."

"Well maybe..." Ziva started but saw Emily's face.

"I know that if it was about his son, that I could understand." Emily said "But he had repeatedly told me he was never happy with his ex wife. That she cheated on him and served him divorce papers on the job."

"Oh." Ziva said.

"Sorry to dump this on you." Emily said to her.

"No, it's good to hear other people's problems than my own." Ziva said.

"I know what happened to you." Emily told her "I read about the Damocles."

"I don't want to talk..." Ziva said but looked over to Emily.

Emily noticed Ziva's uncomfortableness "I don't judge you. You can talk about it with me."

Ziva looked over again and said "It began when my position with NCIS was terminated..."

Tony backed away from the door after hearing the whole conversation between his two favorite brunettes.

'My favorite Ninja is telling my favorite profiler.' Tony thought smiling.

Hotch watched the NCIS agent walk away and saw Emily in a hospital gown talking to Ziva with a white bandage on her head.

Tony looked over at Hotch and said "Don't ever hurt her again or you'll have to answer to me."

Tony knew Emily still had feelings for Hotch and Hotch still did for her but if Hotch was still with his ex wife that it would crush Emily.

Gibbs got up walked over to Hotch and said "Follow me."

Hotch looked over to see Dave nod to him while JJ came in with Garcia and Abby waiting for their friends.

Hotch followed the NCIS leader to the elevators and saw him stop it mid floor.

"Ok talk." Gibbs said.

"What about?" Hotch said "The case is solved, I'm just waiting for news on my friend."

"Emily's more than your friend." Gibbs said "Even I know that."

"Gibbs this isn't your business." Hotch said.

"She's on my team and a friend so I'm making it my business." Gibbs said. "I know you loved her and some how you screwed it up."

"Oh yeah?" Hotch said "How can you tell?"

"Three failed marriages." Gibbs said to Hotch.

"Three failed marriages?" Hotch replied "God your like Dave."

"Spill it." Gibbs said watching Hotch sigh.

"I dumped her for my ex wife." Hotch said watching Gibbs shake his head.

"Why?" Gibbs said "She's a great girl."

"I felt like I owed it to Haley after putting her life and my son's in danger with Foyet." Hotch said.

"Yea I read about that Boston Reaper." Gibbs said "You killed him right?"

"After he nearly shot Haley." Hotch said thinking back on that day. "I broke up with Emily right after that."

Gibbs looked over at the other man and smacked him on the back of the head "Idiot."

"Hey!" Hotch said rubbing the back of his head "What the hell?"

"I don't know your ex wife but I know Emily, have known her for years and any breathing man on Earth would be lucky to have her in their life." Gibbs said.

"Yeah, like you or DiNozzo?" Hotch said.

"She's a beautiful, smart woman. But for me she's too much like my old team mate Kate." Gibbs said thinking about the the women who died on his watch.

"So she's not for you but isn't she seeing Tony?" Hotch said his heart stopping.

"Rule 12." Gibbs said seeing Hotch looked confused "Never date a co-worker. After my debacle with Jen I made Rule 12. Emily wouldn't be on my team if she was still with Tony."

"They're not..." Hotch asked feeling his heart beat again.

"They did awhile ago but they're more best friends now." Gibbs said "If it's because of the flirting, Tony does that with every woman he sees."

Gibbs started the elevator again "If you want Emily back tell her, I never told Jen I did and she died before I got the chance to."

Hotch turned around once he stepped out of the elevator and said "Died?"

"Yeah, I never got to tell her I still loved her." Gibbs said and the elevator doors closed leaving Hotch in the hallway.

Hotch walked back over to see Emily awaiting her test results while Ziva waited with her head bandaged.

Ziva looked up to see Hotch enter and in Hebrew said "Hotch's here."

Emily looked up to see him and felt like her heart was breaking all over.

"I'm going to look for your doctor." Ziva said walking pass Hotch and politely nodded to him.

Hotch watched Ziva leave the room and walked over to the chair next to Emily's hospital bed.

"How you feeling?" Hotch asked hoping she'd not be angry at him.

"Like I've been shot minus the bullet wound." Emily said sarcastically.

That made Hotch smile and he sighed.

"You like being at NCIS?" Hotch asked.

"I like the team, the change in atmosphere and being away from..." Emily said looking over at him.

"Being away from me?" Hotch said "Yeah JJ threw her phone at me and I read the text message."

"Well I'm not going to apologize for that." Emily said wishing someone would interrupt them.

"I'm sorry." Hotch said "I know it's not enough but I am."

"Can you please go?" Emily asked feeling her anger come back mix with her love. "I really don't need this right now."

Frustrated Hotch lost his cool "No we have to talk sometime. And it might as well be now."

"What the hell do you want from me?" Emily said "What do you want me to say? You broke my heart!"

"I'm sorry!" Hotch said placing his head in his hands.

"I took care of you and you left me!" Emily said hating herself for sounding pathetic "Just go! It's what you do best."

"I left her this time." Hotch said "I tried to be there for her better than before but I wasn't with the one who makes me smile, or makes my heart beat faster."

"I don't care." Emily said rolling over on her side away from him.

Hotch got into her hospital bed "I always loved you. I still love you."

Emily whispered "Leave me alone."

Hotch wrapped his arms around her "I know you still love me."

Hotch pulled Emily close to him in the bed and said "Please..."

Emily rolled over to face him and said "The next time you break my heart... I'm sicking Ziva and JJ on you."

Emily looked over Hotch's shoulder and saw Dave, JJ, Garcia, Abby, Tony with his armed wrapped around Ziva.

Gibbs walked by with a cup of coffee and smiled at her.

Hotch looked in Emily's eyes with fear and said "Really?"

Emily smiled and said "Ziva can kill a man 18 different ways with a paper clip."

Hotch chuckled nervously and looked over at Ziva who held up a paper clip and smirked at him.

After being checked out of the hospital Gibbs walked his two injured agents to his Dodge charger and saw Hotch approach them.

"Are you sure you're going to stay on as liaison with NCIS?" Garcia asked loudly to Emily.

"I have a bruised rib Garcia not hearing loss." Emily shouted back.

"No but I do now." Tony said jokingly rubbing his arm when Abby punched him.

"I signed a 1 year contract, Garcia." Emily said looking over at Hotch "We'll see what happens after that."

"You know I could make that disappear." Garcia said but stopped when Abby glared at her.

"No you won't!" Abby told the blonde technical analysis "Emily's a part of Team Gibbs."

Dave chuckled at the two "Girls, girls, girls. There's plenty of Emily to go around."

Gibbs chuckled at that watching the odd group that all had a common interest in the brunette profiler.

Hotch wrapped his arm around her as she whispered "I'm getting a headache."

Hotch looked over at Gibbs and said "I'm taking her home."

Gibbs looked from Emily to Hotch and said "Ok" Gibbs walked up to Emily and kissed her forehead.

Hotch drove Emily to her apartment and walked her up to her door.

After she unlocked it she turned to Hotch and said "Aren't you coming in?"

Hotch smiled at her and said "Yes."

Emily closed the door behind her and say "Let's go lay down, it's been a really long day."

Hotch laid next to Emily in her bed with her in his arms and felt at home for the first time in a long time.

Hotch looked over at the sleeping brunette and whispered "Always, only you."

John Lennon said "Everything is clearer when you're in love."

The End